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"I Share My Personal SEO & Nigerian-Entrepreneurial Experiences Here' - Simon T. Zaku

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SEO CASE STUDY!!! Ranking on GOOGLE in 7 Days (through Blog Content)!

SEO CASE STUDY!!! Ranking on GOOGLE in 7 Days (through Blog Content)!

SEO CASE STUDY!!! Ranking on GOOGLE in 7 Days (through Blog Content)! Apply for a FREE Website SEO Audit from me here - Apply to HIRE ME for your website SEO here - My email: simonzakucom at OR simon at Video transcript: --- Hey, what's up guys? Simon Zaku here from Thank you so much for clicking and watching this video. I'm really excited to talk about this video because it is more of a case study or a result-oriented post. On February 7th or 8th, I published a blog post titled "SEO versus PPC versus Content Marketing" after conducting my keyword research. This video serves as a case study on how I was able to get this blog post, published less than two weeks ago, to rank for relevant keywords on Google. Let's dive into my search console account. Search Console is a free tool where you can connect your site to get detailed organic search analytics for your website. It's completely free and very useful. Currently, my organic search traffic breakdown on Google shows total impressions, total clicks, and the articles that are ranking. I'm currently ranking for 420 keywords on my blog. For the post I mentioned earlier, let's see if it's already ranking. - "PPC versus Content Marketing" has 22 searches. - "Content Marketing versus PPC" is also ranking. - "SEO versus Content Marketing" has only one search. This is impressive considering my site is relatively new. I recently revived it after years of being down, resulting in a high spam score according to Mozbar. I'll drop the links to this blog post in the description below so you can check it out for yourself. I properly optimized and created the best possible content around the topic of search engine optimization versus PPC versus content marketing, which is a hot topic in the business world. Let's quickly analyse the performance of each keyword. For "PPC versus Content Marketing," it has a total of 22 impressions but zero clicks. I'll work on optimizing the headline to improve the click-through rate. This video and blog post challenge the notion that it takes a long time to rank on Google. Despite being less than two weeks old, my post started ranking quickly. This is one of the fastest Google ranking results I've had in quite some time, which is why I'm super excited to share it with you here on the blog and this YouTube channel. Be sure to check out the link in the description to read the entire guide, and don't forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel for more detailed updates on this post. Thank you so much for watching. Have a great day! Bye. ----- #SEOCaseStudy #SEO #SimonSEO #searchengineoptimization
How to Prepare an SEO Analysis Report + Free Website SEO Audit Checklist

How to Prepare an SEO Analysis Report + Free Website SEO Audit Checklist

How to Prepare an SEO Analysis Report + Free Website SEO Audit Checklist #SEO #FreeSEOAudit ~WebsiteAudit #SimonZakuSEO Useful links: Link to the SEO Audit Guide: FREE Website SEO Audit Application Form - Video Transcript: "You. Okay. So, hello guys. Welcome to this very blog post on how to prepare an SEO audit for your very website or any website. So let's say you run a digital agency, an SEO agency, or you are a software company or you're a blogger. This entire guide is going to walk you through the ins and outs of performing a complete and extensive SEO audit for your website or any website. So you could be an SEO freelancer as well. This guide will help you to be able to perform extensive SEO audits for your client's website. So basically, this is breaking down a three step formula that I use every time for my SEO client. So this three steps formula that I coined is called the OOK SEO Audit strategy. It's very simple and I'm going to break it down for you for this video. And at the end of this short video, I'm going to offer you a link to get a free SEO audit directly from me within 24 hours. So the OOK SEO audit strategy simply means the O stands for on website SEO analysis. The second O stands for off website SEO audits or competitor analysis. And then the third step is the keyword analysis. So the first, which is on website SEO analysis, simply talks about all the detailed SEO tasks, SEO analysis that you are going to run for your very website. Now the second step, which is the off website SEO audit, on the other hand, talks about all the SEO tasks that you're going to perform off your website, which is your competitor websites, to find possible areas for improvement on your own website. Now the top step, which is the keyword analysis, is now based on the data and information we're going to get from the first step. And the second step, we are going to do an extensive keyword analysis that will help you find lucrative and hidden SEO keyword ideas that your website can target. Now this formula is very effective and I've been using this for loads and lots of my clients. Now in this very guide, I also include examples of SEO analysis reports that I have done for some of my clients. So when you scroll down, that is after the three step formula. I also include examples of SEO audit reports that I've done for three or four of my clients right here. Now, one is Sarah Sugar. We have Roger Peterson and Alex as well. So some of these reports include video SEO analysis report directly from me. So for example, this is the video for the SEO audit analysis report that I prepared for So you can watch this as well by going to this very link and learn everything. Now here's a very simple offer. Now, if you want an SEO audit for your very website, the whole OOK SEO audit strategy may require some sort of experience and then time as well. And I took my time to break everything down on this very blog post. So you can go to this very link. I'll drop it below this YouTube video description so you can click it. Now when you click this free SEO blog audit, you'll be redirected to this very form. Now this is completely free. I'm offering a free SEO audit for a couple of website owners. So if you are looking for free website audits from a freelance professional that has been doing this for more than ten years, then you can simply click on the link after this very blog post. At the end of this blog post you see the link. Or you can simply use this to go there now to come to this very form. Now, when you fill out this form, I'm going to go through your website and I'm going to actually send you a detailed PDF of your SEO analysis for your very website and also a detailed video just like this explaining every detail about your website's SEO. So I look forward to hearing from you. You can drop a comment and don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Thank you very much for watching this and I hope to see you don't forget you can check the YouTube description for the link to the blog post and the free audits as well. So thank you so much. Bye." Email - simonzakucom @ gmail dot com Website: SEO Blog -

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What I Do?

My name is Simon Taki Zaku and I write blogs.

Let me help you take your blog to the next level with my engaging and SEO optimized content. As a professional blog writer, I specialize in providing top-notch blog writing services. I understand the importance of engaging and SEO optimized content, and I go the extra mile to ensure my content meets your requirements. My high-quality writing will help you maintain a strong online presence and keep your readers engaged.

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