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Starting a Startup Blog in 5 Easy Steps (+ Examples)

Did you know that 43% of marketers surveyed reported that “blogging” is the most important content they produce? (SiegeMedia).

Most business owners think blogging is only for authors, articles and texts.

A startup blog is an online community and content platform for companies or startups to post blogs or vlog content consistently to educate, attract, and captivate a specific target audience and hopefully convert them into customers.

Startups use blogs to engage their target audience. Either to attract traffic, convert leads, or educate them on a specific blog niche.

How do startups use blogs today?

Businesses and companies today are leveraging startup blogging to attract traffic, generate leads, boost sales or increase reach. By creating blog content consistently in a particular market, you can establish your startup as a leader and attract high-converting traffic from search engines and social media platforms.

Startups have been able to successfully harness blogging to attract millions of targeted traffic and convert those into sales.

But to do this, startups do not just open or start a blog and post hoping to make sales.

There is a system. You must plan, have a strategy, hire the right experience, and execute.

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How to Design a Startup Blogging Plan - 5 Steps

How do you write an effective blog strategy?

How do you create a defined content strategy for your business or startup? (Click to Navigate)

Step 1: Have a Plan, an Objective and a Goal

What is a startup blogging (or content) strategy?

A startup blog or content strategy is a document that contains the road-map, activities, and tasks required to generate leads, increase sales, or generate traffic through startup blogging.

What is included in a typical blogging plan for a startup?

An effective startup blog content strategy aims at achieving all your content marketing goals, expectations, and overall business objectives as well. This may include in-depth or detailed goals for every content or digital marketing campaign.

Also, an in-depth content calendar to stay on track and be consistent, the different variety of content you want to publish, content channels for promotion, writers, and automation/marketing tools.

And in a lot of cases the necessary budget that is needed to hire talent like content creators, SEOs, writers, if need be.

To be able to create a defined content strategy for your business blog or your startup, you must be able to lay down a plan that includes your business objectives and goals - And exactly how you plan to reach them.

This could include the type of content you want to publish, the number of content you want to publish, content formats, content channels, etc.

You must be able to outline specific goals and objectives that are realistic.

You should be able to set traffic goals, and SEO goals as well.

For example;

‘’We want our startup blog to hit 10,000 monthly organic visitors after eight weeks’’, Or;

‘’We should generate 10 leads or subscribers daily after four to six weeks of consistent startup blog pieces’’.

This will help you have a clear road-map on how your content efforts are going and be able to measure/focus on what is working and what is not.

Having an effective plan for your startup blog is crucial.

Step 2: Define Your Target Audience

The next thing is to define your target audience.

After you've laid down your plan, you must define a target audience.

Most times, marketers start creating content for every type of audience out there, which is wrong and can attract the wrong traffic.

For example, while working with a past content client, he insisted that we created content on specific topics that were not in alignment with the startup niche but were 'trendy' (to attract fast clicks)

As a result, the content ranked very well on Google but never got clicks, converted leads, or generated any sales because it didn't relate to our target customers.

1m impressions with just 3000+ clicks
1m impressions with just 3000+ clicks

This leads us to the third step, which is to research blog ideas and write for your customers and not for search engines.

Step 3: Research Lucrative Startup Blog Ideas & Write for Your Customers

How do you generate blog post ideas for your startup?

Researching blog startup blog ideas is quite interesting because it can help your blog grow to thousands or even millions of impressions and clicks from search engines.

simon zaku testimonial seo client
One of my client's 28-day Google clicks after a few weeks

A client's Google search results after a few months by simon zaku
My clients' 28-day Google search clicks

I use 3 tools to get or find out what my audience is looking for on the Internet - which is my target customers. Some of these tools are;

- Quora

- Facebook Community Groups, and;

- Google Search Console.


With Quora, I go there and then I search in a few keywords around my niche to be able to see what my people, my target customers are searching for online.


With Google Keyword Planner, I do the same thing. I insert certain niche keywords to get even more content ideas for my blogs.


Finally, I go to Facebook groups, ask questions, and create polls to see what my audience is asking online.

Here is an In-Depth Guide to Generating Dozens of Startup Blog Post Ideas for Your Business in Minutes:

Step 4: Highlight 3 to 5 Content Distribution Channels for Your Blog

The next step is to highlight 3 to 5 content distribution channels that work for your business blog.

This is crucial because even the best startup blog content will not generate leads, traffic, or customers if you do not do the content promotion right.

You need to be on the right channels!

This also includes social media channels. Luckily, I have a short but actionable blog post that explains the step-by-step process of selecting the perfect social media channels for your specific type of business.

Other content content distribution channels I use include;



Facebook Groups

LinkedIn Blog



Step 5: Use Tools (Google Search Console) to See What Works

Finally, I use free tools like Google Search Console to see what works for my client’s startup content marketing plan to continually grow.

Search console results
Search console results

You need to focus on what works especially if you're starting, you are going to make mistakes.

Thus tools like Google Search Console help me see what works for our startup blogs.


What I do is I head over to Google Search Console and then I log in with my Google account.

And if you've not linked your Google Search console to your website, you can do that - it is very easy. Here is a guide to help you do that:

What does Google Search Console do?

Google Search Console shows you a breakdown of your Google performance or your website's performance on Google.

It shows you the number of clicks, the number of impressions, your conversion rates, your highest-performing keywords, the highest-performing articles, the highest-performing links, and more stats.

search console by simon zaku
My Revived website of 7 weeks

Thesame website right now (June 18th) - this is what happens when you are consistent with SEO
Thesame website right now (June 18th) - this is what happens when you are consistent with SEO

Updated search console results
Updated search console results

This will give you a good insight as to what content to focus on and what content to put less pay less attention to.

We then frequently revisit your startup content marketing strategy. After the first 30-40 days, revisit the content marketing plan to check what has been implemented, what worked, what failed, and what needs improvement.

I hope this post on startup blogging has enlightened you :(

Before you go;

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Simon Taki Zaku - Hire Me for Your Startup's Blog
Simon Taki Zaku - Hire Me for Your Startup's Blog

Starting a Startup Blog in 5 Easy Steps (+ Examples)
Starting a Startup Blog in 5 Easy Steps (+ Examples)

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