Elementor WordPress Page Builder: A Detailed Elementor Review
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Elementor WordPress Page Builder: A Detailed Elementor Review

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

What is Elementor used for?

How do I start building web pages with Elementor?

Elementor WordPress Page Builder - All You need to Know

All you need to know about the Elementor WordPress plugin is here.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress Page Builder plugins.

Elementor is a WordPress page builder that was launched in 2016. It is used by over five million professional web designers/developers.

It is a unique webpage WordPress builder popularly known for its visual drag-and-drop features on its interface.

Elementor assists its users in creating, customizing, and designing beautiful WordPress sites effortlessly and straightforwardly.

This website page builder has a well-loaded template library, numerous useful widgets, intuitive UI, mobile-friendly features, and other incorporated design toolsets that make building your website a seamless ride. 

It also features a friendly live-designed user interface, compatible with many extensions.

Elementor Wordpress page builder

6 Distinct Features and Benefits of Elementor WordPress Plugin

Have a look at some of these features:

1) Elementor Template Collections

Elementor provides you with a wide catalog of templates. These templates cover eCommerce websites, websites for organizations, sporting websites, and a lot more. These templates save you time and eradicate stress that would have been expended assuming you were to build your website pages from scratch.  

Elementor templates are in two forms;

  • the pages and;

  • the blocks.

These pages are complete-page designs that you can insert and make adjustments to suit your taste. However, the blocks are templates built for specific subsections on a page, such as the Team section, Contact Us forms, or FAQ blocks.

2) Elementor Content Widgets

The formation of the pages, designs, or functionalities depends hugely on combining one or more widgets and how you use them. With Elementor webpage builder, you have full control of how your webpages appear. You can fit in any widget you want and works perfectly for any part of the page.

3) Elementor Theme Builder

Depending on the version of Elementor you are using, you can build and design your WordPress themes from scratch. Ranging from single to archive templates, search pages, headers, and footers. Users can edit theme template files, adjusting them to suit their needs. The free version of Elementor also has its themes.

4) Elementor WooCommerce Builder

Especially for eCommerce merchants, the WooCommerce builder is a fascinating tool, just like the theme builder. It is used to build product pages needed by business merchants to promote their products on WordPress.

This is possible with the aid of Elementor WooCommerce editor widgets. It includes product price, upsells, adds to cart button, product rating, and lots more.

5) Drag and Drop Feature

The drag-and-drop feature is arguably one of the best features of the Elementor WordPress page builder. You can drag and drop widgets or tools with this feature while using it on the same page. This element or feature makes the design, building, and correction of web pages effortless and straightforward.

6) Elementor Popup Builder

With the drag-and-drop tool, you can create pop-ups using the pop-up builder. Users can create advertisements, promotional offers, upgrades, announcements, email opt-ins, and a lot more. Thus, the Elementor popup builder aids interactions with users, fast communication, etc.

You can also preview the way it will look on various devices on the user interface. You might choose to hide some features for some devices; this is also possible.

Is Elementor Mobile Friendly?

Using Elementor webpage builder allows compatibility of your designs and layouts with all devices. A large percentage of internet users use mobile devices to surf the internet, so the worry of how large images or bulky designs would appear on mobile devices is eradicated

Pros and Cons of Elementor Plugin

Pros of Elementor WordPress plugin:

- Users do not need coding knowledge. You can design and create layouts for custom pages without learning CSS, HTML, or PHP.

- The free package serves well, so users on a budget do not need to upgrade to the pro version.

- Availability of tool finder. You can get any tool or widget you want with the search button.

- Compatibility and availability of lots of marketing integrations

- Compatibility with third-party extensions

- It is flexible and adjusts perfectly to suit the view of either mobile or desktop devices

- The real-time design user interface keeps you calm, as you see all others will see when a page is live without surprises.

- Customization is limitless with enormous freedom

Cons of Elementor WordPress plugin:

- It might not be easy to locate the exact margin value when there is misalignment on a page.

- Absence of white label.

-Sometimes, there are issues with custom styling.

How to Start Using Elementor Step by Step

To get started with Elementor, the first thing to do is to install the plugin on your WordPress site.

Install Elementor and Activate:

How to download the Elementor WordPress plugin?

To download Elementor, visit Elementor.com, where you will click free download.

Log into your WordPress dashboard, Plugins. Then Add New.

You click to upload the .zip file you downloaded, and then install it. Or; from the dashboard, click Plugins. Find Elementor using the search bar.

Click the install button and activate.

The second step is to Edit a new page using the Elementor plugin

Go to Pages, then click on Add New.

You will see the Edit with Elementor button which you will click on. This takes you to the Elementor editor.

Inserting Elementor Templates and Editing

Click Add template present in the Elementor editor which gives you access to choose from a variety of paid and free templates.

Based on your preferences, it is possible to adjust any page in the Elementor to full width.

Elementor Pricing

How much does it cost to use Elementor?

Elementor is free for life but depending on the features you need and how innovative you want your website to look like, you could go for paid plans for more features.

As a site builder, the number of websites you intend to build using Elementor would also influence the pricing. You can get the Elementor plugin in both free and pro versions.

Free vs Pro Elementor:

Some of the features available on the free Elementor plan are:

• Over 30 widgets available: You can use it for multimedia files

• Over 40-page templates available

• The drag-and-drop feature

• Over 100 block templates

• Real-time design in the user interface

• Access to previous version history and a lot more.

Upgrading to the Pro Elementor type gives added features with the flexibility and freedom to customize for great webpage designs but at different prices. The prices depend on the number of sites you want to use Elementor to build.

The Pro Elementor plan has three versions;

  • the personal plan,

  • plus plan, and;

  • the expert plan.

Some of the features of the Pro Elementor plan are:

• Over 100 Block templates

• Over 50 widgets

• Over 300-page templates

• Adjustable and easy access to your website's lines of CSS codes

• Round-the-day support from the Elementor team

• Availability of numerous integrations accompanied by many known tools for marketing

• Availability of Pop-up Builder to showcase promotions or other offers.

• Availability of WooCommerce builder

Elementor Unveiled: A Final Verdict on the Ultimate WordPress Page Builder

Do you still have doubts about the credibility of the Elementor WordPress page builder? Or are you short on budget? Perhaps, you want to build sites that attract traffic, leads, and even conversions.

You can try out the free plan and from your experience, you could try the pro version too.

What do you think about this Elementor Review?

Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Have a productive day, my friend!


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Founder simonzaku.com, SIMONWRITES Agency.

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