Prepare an SEO Audit Report + Free Audit Checklist
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Prepare an SEO Audit Report + Free Website SEO Analysis Checklist

How do I do an SEO audit on my page?

My name is Simon Zaku and on this page, we go through the ins and outs of performing a full website SEO audit report or a blog SEO analysis report for any website.

We look at the importance of a website SEO audit and why you need to perform an SEO audit on your website.

I also include practical examples of SEO analysis reports, and audit PDF files/audit videos for some of my clients within this very resource guide.

By the end of this guide, you should be able to perform an extensive website SEO audit (also known as SEO Analysis Report) for your website without having to make mistakes or pay huge sums for a detailed website SEO analysis report.

Apply for a Free and extensive SEO Audit: Talking about getting an extensive (and free) web SEO audit without paying, I am currently offering a free website SEO audit to only a few websites. I'll look through and analyse your website's current SEO status, its search presence, brand, and social media pages, and prepare you a detailed website SEO analysis report sheet. Click here to apply for a free SEO audit from me (Simon T. Zaku).

Without wasting much time, let us go into the "how to".

How to Perform a Complete Website SEO Audit in 3 Steps

How to Prepare an SEO Analysis Report + Free Website SEO Audit Checklist
How to Prepare an SEO Analysis Report + Free Website SEO Audit Checklist

What is an SEO audit or what is a blog SEO audit?

An SEO audit is the process of checking and analysing a website, and evaluating opportunities for organic growth by noting possible opportunities, errors, or site SEO improvements to improve the website's organic search rankings and traffic.

Typically, an extensive website audit should aim to improve search traffic by a good percent after implementing.

This whole process of SEO audit involves different SEO tasks typically run by an SEO professional to identify errors, possible corrections or opportunities that can help the website gain more visibility on search engines.

What is an SEO content audit?

A content audit on the other hand is a typical process of an overall SEO Audit process. A content audit or website content audit is the process of evaluating the content of a particular website for recommendations on how to improve content, update content, repurpose content, or optimize content to rank higher for more targeted SEO keywords.

Many SEOs focus on the SEO performance, the SERPs, or keyword performances of a website, and forget about the content aspect, which is actually the pillar for most websites doing well on search engines.

Why is a website SEO audit important?

The primary purpose of conducting a website SEO analysis is to identify room for organic growth on a particular website. The goal of an SEO audit or a content audit is to find loopholes that will allow organic traffic growth of a particular web site.

A complete website SEO analysis report allows website owners to analyse the overall performance of a specific website, the content of the specific website, errors, corrections or possible opportunities for improvement in order to attract thousands of organic traffic without PPC or Paid Ads.

The purpose of running a Web SEO audit is to find loopholes or errors to improve a website's search performance.

This could be technical SEO errors.

This could be spelling errors.

This could be grammatical errors.

This could be design improvements.

This could be UX or UI improvement or improvements within the content of a website, or any recommended fixes that a particular website needs to improve the search engine performance of that very website.

Now, how do you perform a website SEO audit today?

How do I perform an SEO audit on a website?

The 3 Steps to Performing an Extensive SEO Analysis Report for a Website - the HIDDEN "OOF" HACK

There are easy steps required for an effective SEO or content audit and I will be sharing with you this step by step process.

I made this powerful SEO Audit strategy that works and is easy to remember. I call it the "OOK SEO Audit Strategy"

What does an SEO audit cover?

  1. Step One: (O) On-Website SEO Analysis - This simply involves all the detailed analysis that you run for your very website.

  2. Step Two: (O) Off-Website SEO Audit (Competitor Analysis) - All the detailed SEO tasks to perform on competitor websites to find possible areas to improve your website's SEO.

  3. Step Three: (K) Keyword Analysis - Using the data from the first and second steps which is the (I) website analysis and (II) competitor analysis, we will carry out an extensive keyword analysis to come up with lucrative (and hidden) SEO keyword ideas to target.

I'm going to reveal this hidden approach to get powerful SEO keywords for any specific website in five minutes or less.

So if you're ready, let's get into it.

Step 1: (O) - On-Website SEO Audit

This is the first step I carry out for each of my SEO clients during our periodic SEO and content Audit processes.

What is On-Website SEO Audit?

Just like on-page and off-page SEO. This term, I coined, is the necessary SEO processes carried out on your website (or your SEO client's website) during a thorough SEO Audit or web SEO analysis report. Thus On-Website SEO Audit is the process of evaluating your own website (not competitors) for possible SEO or technical errors and/or opportunities for improvement on your website (or client's).

This on-website analysis tells you everything you need to know about your website at the time of performing the SEO audit.

There are certain key indicators for the On-website SEO Audit process. These are the key SEO indicators that any website owner should evaluate on their website:

  1. Site speed,

  2. Mobile responsiveness or AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

  3. Website backlinks,

  4. Current traffic data (Google Analytics).

  5. Duplicate content,

For each indicator, I will share free tools to help you check. So you can easily go through each and put down what you find in a document.

1. Site Speed

Site speed plays a crucial role in search engine optimization.

Search engines pay attention to the time visitors wait for your website to load.

It plays one of the top roles in search engine rankings today. If a site visitor has to wait a long time before your site loads, then they probably will bounce out of your website.

Thus one of the first steps to performing an extensive SEO Audit is to check your site speed.

I use a free tool called Google page Insights that allows users to check the speed performance of any website and also recommend improvements to boost your site speed.

google page speed insights for

google page speed insights for simonzaku.com2
google page speed insights for simonzaku.com3
google page speed insights for simonzaku.com4

google page speed insights for simonzaku.com5

google page speed insights for simonzaku.com6

google page speed insightsseo suggestions

google page speed insightsseo suggestions2

2. Mobile Responsive.

Search engines also pay attention to the mobile responsiveness of any website. This is because there are lots of search engine users who are using mobile devices.

In fact, around 96.5% of global internet users accessed the internet via mobile phones.

So if you cannot provide your web pages in a mobile responsive structure, search engines may de-rank your web pages.

You can use Browserstack to see how responsive your website is.

browserstack responsive design testing on real devices

This free tool allows you test live versions of any website.

browserstack responsive design testing on real devices live

Depending on your web hosting service provider, you can also allow AMP (accelerated mobile pages) on your website, which is a more simplified version of every page or blog post on any website.

3. Backlinks

How do you check your backlinks on a website?

There are several SEO backlink checker tools (free and paid) but here is an example of how to use the SEMRush tool to see your most popular backlinks.

Semrush free website seo audit checker

But since most great backlink tools are expensive, you can use a mix of Semrush, Ahrefs, Majestic, and Neil Patel's free SEO backlink checker to get a good feel of websites linking to you.

ubersugest free website seo audit checker

majestic free website seo audit checker

Semrush free website seo audit checker2

ahrefs backlink checker free

ahrefs backlink checker free3

This will give you an idea of how your website is performing.

4. Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority (DA) in SEO Analysis processes?

Domain authority simply tells how well or how trusted your website is to search engines. The higher domain authority you have, the higher rankings for your website.

To check your domain authority you can use the MOZ Domain Authority checker or DA Checker Tool.

moz domain authority checker

You can do this for any website as well to know the level of trust search engines, especially Google, has for that website.

You can also find out your Spam Score which is also really important.

5. Duplicate Content.

There are free tools that allow website owners check for duplicate content.

Duplicate content slows rankings and can hurt your website in the long run.

This could be duplicate content on your website or plagiarized content. Either ways, search engines frown at duplicate content and every complete SEO audit must include a detailed content audit as well.

Most content creators assume duplicate content can only happen when it is from a third-party website.

When you have two or more similar or identical web pages, you can confuse search engines on which to rank. To avoid this, create unique content and target unique keywords for every page.

How do you check duplicate content on a website?

You can use Plagiarismdetector which is a free tool that allows users check for duplicate content using any URL.

duplicate content plagiarismchecker

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics actually breaks down your website traffic, but I'll only list important Google Analytics data you need during web SEO analysis:

duplicate content plagiarismchecker

  1. the number of visitors you get per month.

  2. the number of users you get per month.

  3. your traffic sources,

  4. devices

  5. countries in which most of your traffic comes from.

-page seo audit

google analytics seo audit key indicators2

google analytics seo audit key indicators23

google analytics acquisition overview

google analytics engagement overview
google analytics reports snapshot

google analytics users by country views by

Use Google search console to find out data about your website's current performance on Google.

Google search console is a free tool that allows users process and analyse their Google rankings and search performance.

Use your Gmail to log into your search console and connect your website.

Here are key indicators to pay attention to in your search console during your extensive SEO Audit report:

  1. your website's top ranking pages

  2. your top performing search keywords

  3. indexed and non-indexed pages on your website

  4. total web search clicks for your website

  5. broken links, 404 errors, and other page errors

  6. used devices, search queries, and top countries

  7. your website's sitemap

google search console free website seo audit checklist

google search console free website seo audit checklist2

google search console free website seo audit checklist4

google search console free website seo audit checklist45
search console seo keyword analysis for simonzaku

search console seo keyword analysis for simonzaku2

search console seo keyword analysis for simonzaku5
search console sitemaps
search console error pages

These entire steps are included in your website analytics which is the first step in carrying out an extensive SEO analysis report for any website.

(Don't forget the OOK SEO Audit Approach stands for 'On-Website', 'Off-Website', and 'Keyword Analysis')

(O) SEO Audit Report, Step 2: Competitor Website Analysis (aka OFF-WEBSITE SEO Audit)

The second step evaluates what works in your unique industries.

You're checking out similar websites (or competitor websites) to understand what works, analyse their backlinks, and top ranking pages, evaluate organic keywords they currently rank for and more.

(Don't know your competitors? Keep reading, I'll show you a simple way to find similar websites to yours in seconds)

This will help you better position your website and SEO strategy.

Here is how to check or get an idea of your competitors.

SimilarSites is a free tool that lets users find websites similar to any website. Head over SimilarSites and insert your website URL and search.


similarsites seo competitor search


similarsites competitors for seo

Another free tool you can use to find great websites similar to yours is Use the Semrush website analyser tool and search your website.

semrush website analyzer free

Next, here are the key SEO indicators that you need to check from your competitors websites (Off-website SEO Audit Strategy).

  1. Domain authority,

  2. Top ranking pages,

  3. Most shared pages,

  4. Content type and content frequency,

  5. Top ranking keywords (for competitors).

1. Competitor Domain Authority

When it comes to domain authority, you can use the MOZ free tool to check the domain authority for your competitors and have a feel of how well they are doing on search engines.

moz domain authority checker free website seo audit checklist tool

2. Your Competitor's Top Ranking Pages, Most Shared Pages, and Top Keywords.

You can use Umbrellum, Ubersuggest, or Ahrefs site explorer tool to check the top ranking pages, keywords, and Buzzsumo to see their most shared web pages.

umbrellum top content of a domain
seo keywords for simonzakucom from neilpatel ubersuggest free tool3
seo keywords for simonzakucom from neilpatel ubersuggest free tool2

seo keywords for simonzakucom from neilpatel ubersuggest free tool

The next is the type of content that is mostly popular or mostly shared. You do this by checking their top ranking pages, most shared pages or most talked about posts on their websites.

bloggingio seo backlinks

This leads us to keyword analysis, which is the next step.

3. Competitor Keyword Analysis.

For competitor keyword analysis, I use mainly Google Keyword Planner (GKP) with a mix of other free keyword research tools as well.

Tools like Ubersuggest does a great job of showing your competitor's highest ranking keywords.

How do I know what keywords my competitors are ranking for?

I use free tools like Thehoth's Google rank checker, Ahref's free keyword rank checker to extract all the keywords my competitors rank for. I then create something even better and more engaging for my target audience.

thethoth free gogle rank checker

thethoth seo audit free tool 2
thethoth seo audit free tool 1

Pay attention to these SEO keywords as you will be creating pages and blog content around these keywords in order to compete with competitor websites just like yours.


seo audit tool

on-page seo audit

This is going to give you an idea of the keywords you should not be wasting time on.

(K) Website SEO Audit - Final Step 3: "Keyword Analysis"

Head over to Google Keyword Planner and sign in using your Google Keyword account or your Google AdWords account.

You don't need to be running PPC ads to have this account. You can have it for free using your Gmail account.

Insert the keywords that you've extracted from your competitors (in the previous step) and put in your target countries as seen from your Google Analytics data.

website audit checklist

seo audit report

Google Keyword planner will give you a detailed report on related keywords you can use.

Examples of SEO Audit Report (Real SEO Analysis Reports Included)

How do I create a SEO audit report for a client?

As an SEO freelancer, I offer free website audits at intervals within the year (currently offering but won't be on by month end). Here is a website SEO and content audit report and video I for for:


  2. Roger Pederson,

  3. Alex Belov (Belov Digital Agency), and;

  4. Micell Peru.

The first example of a website SEO audit report I performed was for I was contacted by Sarah Ize-Iyamu to run a detailed SEO analysis of her website.

Sarah Ize-Iyamu is an entrepreneur, business, and relationship coach over at

Here is the SEO Audit Report I prepared for

Here is the SEO Audit Report I prepared for

Here is the SEO Analysis Video I prepared specifically for

Secondly, Roger Pederson is an author with several books on different book stores and online stores like Amazon.

Roger applied for the Free Website SEO Audit here and I prepared this SEO analysis report for Roger:

the Free Website SEO Audit here and I prepared this SEO analysis report for Roger:

Next example of a content audit I performed is for Alex Belov.

Alex is the founder of Belov digital agency and has been dropping real thoughtful comments on my posts on LinkedIn.

As a thank-you, I decided to offer Alex a free SEO Audit. Here is the detailed Content Audit I prepared for Belov Digital Agency.

the detailed Content Audit I prepared for Belov Digital Agency

Now, what is the next step?

After performing a complete SEO audit, what do you do next?

How to Use an SEO Audit Report (after Running the 'OOK' SEO Audit Strategy)

How do you make use of your SEO audit reports or SEO analysis reports?

The aim of a web SEO analysis is to allow website owners better plan a more effective SEO strategy to rank more and easier on search engines by leveraging loopholes within the website's current search and technical performance.

Using the data from your SEO analysis or SEO audit report, you are able to do the following:

  1. Create or better plan a better SEO strategy for your business or website.

  2. Design a better backlink strategy

  3. Update old content

  4. Remove duplicate content.

  5. Generate tons of lucrative blog content ideas for SEO.

  6. Create better content than your competitors.

  7. Assess and analyse your technical SEO (site speed, AMP, bounce rate, etc.).

An SEO analysis report improves organic website traffic for any website.

Free SEO Audit Tools

How can you get an SEO analysis of your website?

Is there an SEO Audit tool that is free?

Yes, there are a few good SEO Audit tools that are free to use. Some powerful free website SEO Audit tools are;

  1. Semrush Site Audit free tool.

  2. Seoptimer free SEO Audit and reporting tool.

  3. Ahrefs free Site Audit tool.

  4. Seomator Free SEO Audit tool.

  5. Thehoth free SEO Audit tool.

  6. AISEO SEO Analyzer.

Here is an exclusive offer specifically for you. For your website.

A Completely Free Site, SEO and Content Audit from me.

Get a Free Website SEO Audit + Video Critique Directly from Me

How do I do a free SEO audit?

How long does an SEO audit take?

This entire guide took time to put together and carrying out each of these steps (performing a complete SEO audit) takes time, requires some sort of expertise and experience too.

So, can you get a quality SEO audit for free?

Yes. You can get a detailed SEO audit and analysis report (video analysis included) for free by visiting and filling the application form. My team (at Simonwrites SEO Agency) and I are currently allowing website owners tell me about their websites for a detailed SEO Audit report and analysis. COMPLETELY FREE!

This also includes a content audit report with a personalised video from me detailing your website audit.

My name is Simon Zaku and I am an SEO professional (and founder of SimonWrites Agency) with 10 years of hands-on experience and I can help you carry out an extensive SEO audit for free for your website, company, SaaS startup, or digital marketing agency.

So all I need you to do is I need you to fill out this very form. It is completely free.

I'll then go through your website, and send you:

  1. A detailed PDF with all the actionable steps to take for more search traffic on your website.

  2. An technical errors or loopholes.

  3. Broken links.

  4. A detailed video walk-through of me walking you through exactly how to improve your website's organic traffic.

Use this link to apply for this free website SEO audit today while spots are still open.

I will also send you a personal message and I'm always super happy to build long-lasting relationships with all my readers.

On the other hand, if you need an SEO and blog professional, feel free to email me at [email protected] or [email protected] to inquire about my SEO and content services.

Once more, use this form to apply for this exclusive (and limited) SEO audits I am offering to my amazing readers just like you.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog. Share this image on Pinterest and X :)

What does an SEO audit cover?

Have a productive day,

Simon Taki Zaku

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