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Why I HATE Google Paid Ads, Google PPC - Thoughts from a 10-Year SEO

**Why I Hate PPC Ads**

Well, "HATE" is a strong word so let's use "DISLIKE" (in capitals).

Hello, this is your favorite SEO specialist and SEO blog writer. This post is going to be one of those controversial posts. This is my opinion, based on my experience in the SEO field.

A popular question is, "are Google Ads better than SEO?"

The short answer: I DISLIKE PPC. I hate DISLIKE Google Ads.

But I'll explain.

(Disclaimer: you might end up hating PPC too)

The long answer is, it depends. But basically, I DISLIKE PPC. And I hate Google PPC even as a professional SEO. And this is my personal opinion.

Which is better, SEO or PPC?

The average Google spend on PPC (Google PPC) is significantly increasing by day. Small to medium-sized businesses budget and spend anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month on Google PPC campaigns.

That's roughly $12,000 to $130,000 per year for small to medium-sized businesses.

Yes, that is a lot but the next thing you might be wondering is how small businesses are able to affird PPC ads.

I mean, is $500 enough for Google Ads?

Yes, $500 is enough because there is no one-budget-fits-all when it comes to digital advertising. There's no "minimum requirement" for PPC Ad-spend when using Google Ads. So, yes, you can start with as low as $500, to run your ads.

But, according to, the average spend is $1,000 to $10,000 per month, which is $12,000 to $120,000 every year for small to medium-sized businesses.

How about the huge companies (the big guys!)?

This shows how much people are willing to pay to get INSTANT RESULTS!

From small to medium-sized and large companies. All budget huge sums for Google PPC campaigns.

But here's the thing: is Google PPC worth the budget?

Is Google Paid Ads or Google PPC Worth the Ad Spend?

Does Google PPC affect or boost SEO?

What do you plan to do as a business with your PPC campaigns?

1. Continually spend $12,000 monthly to generate INSTANT RESULTS? (Sales, leads, DMs, or Messages). But stops the moment you don't spend $1 for Ads.


2. Invest in SEO? Listen...

According to WebFx, the average cost for good SEO is anywhere around $2,500 to $7,500. But think about it;

How much value will your website get after1-3 years of consistent SEO?

100k Organic Traffic Monthly?

50K? Or 1M?

Sounds impossible?

One of my previous SEO client, Cyberbackpack, which is a store that sells Cybertruck and Tesla-related products and accessories, hit a record 40k clicks from Google alone in 28 days, months after creating SEO content.

How much would 40K clicks cost your business on Google PPC?

Why do businesses love PPC?

Why Website Looove Google Paid Ads

The first reason people go for PPC is because of the fast and immediate results they get.

Unlike SEO, which takes time to see results, PPC gets INSTANT RESULTS (I call this the GET-RICH-QUICK OF SEO).

As soon as you start running your Google PPC campaigns, you get results immediately. On the other hand, SEO takes time, effort, and consistency.

PPC delivers results quickly.

Ask yourself;


This consistency builds your business community, your brand voice, and influence with time.

What are some LIVE examples of brands and businesses crushing it with Organic Search Traffic (or SEO)?

  1. (Digital Marketing and Ad agency - 600,000 organic clicks monthly)

  2. (SEO Agency - 2,000,000 organic click monthly)

  3. (Social media management application/software - 9,000,000 organic monthly traffic)

Ubersuggest report on
Ubersuggest report on

SEO Example: Ubersuggest report on
SEO Example: Ubersuggest report on

SEO Example 3: Ubersuggest report on
SEO Example 3: Ubersuggest report on

Think about it...

How much budget would PPC require for forty thousand clicks? How about a million clicks?

It's like an ambitious boy who wants to build a business and make 6 figures.

Should he find the quickest way possible (that might end up ruining his life) OR

Build a business the right way (takes months, most times, years).

The latter is approach SEO while the other, PPC!

Local SEO can range from $2,000 to $6,000 per month. Hourly, most SEO specialists charge from $100 to $400 per hour. Small businesses tend to spend at least $500 every month on SEO to see results, according to

This shows the difference between PPC and SEO. PPC costs more but delivers fast results, while SEO relatively costs less but takes longer to give organic long-lasting results.

My SEO Experience Growing an Online Store to 40K Clicks from Google Alone.

Let me give you a practical example.

I worked as an SEO specialist for $2,000 every month, and within a year, we were able to hit 40,000 organic clicks from Google alone. This converted to about 4 to 25 sales every week.

I no longer work with but they are still around 40K clicks from from search engines.

SEO Organic Result for even after working with me (Simon Zaku)
SEO Organic Result for even after working with me (Simon Zaku)

How much would you have to spend on a Google PPC Campaign to generate 40,000 to 60,000 clicks?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars, right? Typically, it costs around $2.50 to 3.50 per click for PPC depending on your budget, ad spend, and campaign/audience type.

Roughly $75,000 to $180,000 for 40k to 60k PPC Campaign Clicks.

Why else should you invest in longterm SEO over expensive PPC campaigns?

Other Reasons to Go For SEO and Ditch YOUR PPC Campaigns

SEO (or Organic) traffic is more buy-ready than PPC or even email marketing.

Let me explain...

Here's an example:

Let's say you are looking to buy trainer shoes to begin jugging daily. You head on Google and search something like "best trainers for men jugging daily".

Most times, search engine users are more buy-ready than a social media user who's enjoying reels and gets interrupted with annoying long-form video ads that cannot be cancelled.

When a search engine user searhes on Google for example, they have something in mind already. They have a problem and are already looking for a solution (where your products, blog post pages, come into play).

That's how powerful Search Engine (or Organic) traffic is!

What other reason do I DISLIKE Google PPC or Google Paid Ads?

Extremely Low CTR from Search Engine Users!

How many people search for something on Google VS how many people actually see and click on the Ads?

Search Engine (and internet) users are generally repulsive to Ads, hence a low Click Through Rate (CTR) for Google Paid Ad Campaigns.

Don't believe?

According to this report by Cliff Sarcona reveals that 71.33% of searches clicked on an Organic result. While a mere 15% to all Google Paid Ads (or Google PPC).

Depending on the type of search, search engine users are more 71.33% likely to click on organic search results rather than Paid Ads.

Why then do companies still invest so much into Google PPC?

Not to entirely cancel Google PPC as some businesses can devise effective PPC ad campaigns that attract amazing results in the short run.

A while back, I worked with an online store that spent $5,000 to $7,000 weekly on Google Paid Ads and made $40,000 to $45,000 in product sales. That's the idea of Google PPC.

SEO on the other hand aims at longterm organic results.

Think millions of clicks from search engines organically. Or hundreds of thousands of ORGANIC, BUY-READY CLICKS from Google and Bing each month.

SEO can get you that; PPC can't - your ads stop the moment your budget stops.

Why SEO Crushes PPC Every Single Time - Simon Taki Zaku

If you're able to consistently create SEO blog pages on your website for a few months or a year, you should be able to see great results on autopilot. Google will reward your website as long as you update your web-pages or blog post pages.

So, why pay $5,000 a month for a PPC campaign when you invest in great longerm SEO for as low as $500 to $2,500 per month for an experienced SEO specialist?

For, let's say, 6 months to 3 years.

This is one reason I am interested in companies and websites that invest heavily in PPC.

Yes, PPC gives fast results, but fast results are not always sustainable. SEO gives a huge advantage in the long term.

So, as a businessman, why are you scared of investing (in SEO) long term for shortterm, quick results?

Schedule a call with me to discuss how you can pivot away from Google PPC to long-term organic SEO.

Thank you for reading this (controversial) blog post I just recorded specifically for YOU.

This is my personal opinion from my experience working with startups and business websites as an SEO blog writer. I am no PPC or Google Ads expert.

You can let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. And I'll be able to help your business or website if I believe I can.

Want to start getting into SEO but not sure how?

Join my FREE SEO course that reveals my tested STEP by STEP process for writing SEO blog pages that rank on Google in less than seven days.

Yes, in 7 days! I also included 3 LIVE blog posts published on this very website that started ranking in less than a week of publishing (all screenshots and dates included).

Have a productive SEO and PPC day, my friend.

The SEO Blogging KING!

Simon Taki Zaku

Want to see if we can work together to grow your website? Contact me here!

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