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How I Use Twitter DM’s to Drive FREE Visitors to Startup Blogs (Step by Step!)

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Want to learn how to drive traffic to your startup blog using Twitter DM’s? Here's a simple Twitter marketing approach for you.

Twitter Traffic
How I Use Twitter DM’s to Drive FREE Visitors to Startup Blogs (Step by Step!)

Smart content creators know that to be able to grow their traffic exponentially, they need to drop their links at the right places, to the right people, and in the right manner.

When most marketers come across hacks like “drive traffic using Twitter DMs” most feel "it has to be some sort of spammy automation!”

In this week's blog post, I'll be walking through how I get my Twitter followers to check out my blog for free without being spammy. It is the same strategy and approach I use for my content clients.

It works pretty well on Twitter, which is why I decided to create this article for marketers and startups.

But before is unique Twitter traffic strategy, what is a Twitter dm?

What is a Twitter DM? Or what is a Twitter direct message?

“a Twitter dm AKA direct message is a feature that allows users to send private (or secret) messages to users they wish to”

For example, if you want to connect with me, Simon Zaku, on Twitter, all you need to do is head to my Twitter profile and hit the message button. My Twitter handle is @realsimonzaku_

You can then hit the message (or DM) button to start typing and sending whatever text message you want to pass across to me.

Simon Taki Zaku Twitter Profile - Twitter  Traffic
My Twitter Profile

Get an idea of what Twitter DM’s are?

Now how can you leverage this medium to drive visits to your new business, startup, or blog?

How to Use Twitter DM’s to Drive Visits to Your Blog

Are you on Pinterest? Pin to your favorite boards ;)

Twitter Traffic: How I Use Twitter DM’s to Drive FREE Visitors to Startup Blogs (Step by Step!)
Twitter Traffic: How I Use Twitter DM’s to Drive FREE Visitors to Startup Blogs (Step by Step!)

I used to hate the idea of automating any form of social media dm’s but I've found a secret strategy that;

  1. Isn't spammy AT ALL!

  2. Converts effectively.

Yes, automating direct messages might sound spammy but can be done right with this strategy I'll reveal to you here. 


It's a simple strategy that works with the idea of “to be loved, you need to love”.

To get something, you need to plan out something in exchange first.

I used this simple idea to build my Twitter DM strategy and have since seen good results from it.

What I mean is, to get people to check out your startup blog, you need to do something for them first. For FREE!

That's exactly why “train engagements” on social media get loads of engagements every time. 

What are train engagements?

“Train Engagements is a social media trick used to gain more followers, likes, retweets or reshares”

You probably know it as;

“Like for Like Train”

“Retweet for Retweet Train”

“Follow for Follow Train”


People will be more likely to retweet your tweets when you do theirs first. People are more likely to follow you when you follow them first.

Most importantly, people will most likely check out your blog website link if you check theirs first.

People tend to return favours on social media and that's one thing you should understand and leverage.

How do you use this to drive visits?

Your first offer is to read people's blogs and let them know your thoughts then ask them to return the favor.

This works pretty well!

There are 5 steps to using this strategy;

  1. Coming up with a quick “do me I do for you” idea.

  2. Reaching out to your followers using auto-DMS with your proposal. Don't worry I'll show you how to avoid being spammy.

  3. Doing as you've promised. 

  4. Telling each user to return the favor.

  5. Getting more followers, leads, and visitors.

First Step: Come up with your unique “do me I do for you” idea.

For this, you need to come up with something unique that would get your followers to visit your blog. Think of it as a Twitter superpower.

Or think of it as a magnet for r attracting real visitors to your blog.

In my case, I thought about reading their most recent blog article and letting them know what I genuinely felt about it.

People love feedback - honest ones!

So I came up with something like this…

  1. Asked my followers to drop a link to their blogs.

  2. I told them I'd check it out and I read their most recent blog post.

  3. Sent them my feedback. 

  4. Politely asked them to do the same for my link too.

Think of something that would make them excited to return the favor.

You can work with something like this…

  1. Ask them to drop a link to their product pages.

  2. Tell them you'd check it out and let them know what you think about it.

  3. Ask for the same favor.

This works very well!

Just make sure you keep up to your promise or else people wouldn't take you seriously.

Step 2: Creating a Template.

You need to carve out a high-converting message for your DM.

The whole point of this would be jeopardized if your message doesn't convert well.

Here's the exact template that I use…