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Video: How to Design a Freelance Portfolio Website in 10 Minutes

Updated: 4 days ago

How to Start YOUR Freelance Website in 10 Minutes!!! (WITHOUT EVER Joining Fiverr, Upwork...)? FREE Additional Video for Wix.

To attract clients, you must build a website that showcases your niche expertise in a way that helps you land clients.

You see, I’ve built and rebuilt my website several times throughout my freelance writing career.

I started with a “portfolio” site – just like almost everyone does.

But eventually, I came across a webinar training and realized I needed to present myself as a business owner and niche expert to get freelance clients to take me seriously (and pay me more).

And since I wanted to be able to attract big freelance gigs, I took the time to improve my site, built a personal brand and acted more like a business owner and less like a “freelancer” after about 2 months, I scored a $500 client. 

In today’s training lesson, I’ll show you how to set up a high-converting website for your Freelance business, step by step. But you may be wondering:

“Why can’t one just join freelance job boards like Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour or and just start getting clients without having to design websites at all”

You see when I began looking for freelance clients online, I prefer to stay up all night on Fiverr (Peopleperhour was my second favorite) and hope for the next possible $60 client to come rolling in my inbox.

I was always editing my profile details hoping it would magically send one magic freelance writing client but nothing ever worked!

After about a year, I only got 2 clients that paid me $60 and $90 (that is 2 clients after 100s of email reach-outs with joining about 10 Freelance writing job boards. 

Feels like you?

Was it because I didn’t know how these platforms operated? 

Well, that could be it but think about it…

Fiverr has over 14 million freelancers...

Upwork also has 12 million freelancers just like YOU

How about

It’s got over 25 million freelancers JUST LIKE YOU.

Don’t you think that is way too competitivefavourite especially for beginner freelancers?

Why not save yourself the stress of joining all other freelance websites and simply ,set up a freelance portfolio website for yourself?

Getting started with a website is quite easy, and the very first step is to select a web hosting company and install your website.

Depending on the website type or project, I use and recommend Wix, Hostgator, and Bluehost for my web hosting services.