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How to Find a Freelance Skill with High Job Offers (+ 50 HOT Freelance Jobs in 2023 PDF)

Updated: 4 days ago

What is a Freelance Niche (or skill, job, market)?

A freelance niche is a focused, targetable portion of a broader freelance market in which specialized services can be easily sold.

A lucrative freelance business niche should:

  • Have a specific hungry audience,

  • Meet underserved or unmet needs. 

  • Be profitable in terms of business. 

  • Be easy to penetrate because of little to no competition.

How do you go about finding a lucrative niche for your service business?

Step 1: List Your Passion: What are 15 Topics You’re Knowledgeable In?

Do you happen to know more about wealth, financing, accounting or savings than your friends, colleagues, or even family do?

Are there certain questions your friends rush to ask you when they’re lost about specific things?


Put them down. (Don't have any? Keep reading, I have a long list for you below).

Ask people around you questions like:

How can I help you?

What problems can I help you solve?

Simple steps like these can help you unlock hidden freelance skills you may have that are pretty in demand. (Don't worry, I'll show you a simple way to verify your skills are in demand).

Step 2: Identifying Your Ideal Freelance Client: Who You’d Prefer to Work With?

Your ideal client is the perfect person you want to work with. 

How do you know your ideal client?

Who were you before learning this skill?

Someone out there weaving big money looking for your skills, put yourself out there!!!

For example, my ideal freelance client(s) will have these characteristics;

  • A start-up making 6-7 figures in revenue yearly from the software.

  • Is in the B2B space.

  • 1 to 15 employees.

  • Is willing to pay me anywhere around $500 to $3000 monthly to write articles for them.

  • Understands the importance of blogging but needs a professional team behind it.

  • Does not understand the ins and outs of blogging but wants to give it a shot to open doors for growth.

  • Simple and easy to work with.

  • Stays a minimum of 3 months working with me.