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Blog Writing: How to Write a Blog Post (+ Blog Writing Examples)

How do you write a blog post article?


How do you write the perfect blog post for your website?

Writing the perfect blog posts for your website requires effort, time, and research. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have this luxury.

I'll walk you through my unique tested and trusted 3-step plan to write the perfect blog posts easily.

We'll discuss how to create better blog content for your website visitors and potential customers.

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How to Write the Perfect Blog Post: My Unique 3-Step Plan for Writing Blog Posts

The Perfect Blog Post: How to Write B2B Blog Articles for Your Clients & Customers

How then do you write a perfect blog post article?

There are 3 major steps from scratch to a well-written blog post that is perfect for my clients or personal brand.

These are;

Step 1: Ideation: Brainstorming Random Blog Content Ideas.

Step 2: Analysis: Detailed Keyword Research for Each Blog Post Idea.

Step 3: Execution: How to Write the Perfect Blog Post for Your Website Visitors!

Step 1: Ideation: How to Brainstorm Perfect Blog Post Ideas for Your Business.

The process of creating only the best blog content for your website visitors depends on the initial ideas you brainstorm.

This will help you publish only the best blog posts that your potential readers, clients, and customers want to read.

What's the first step?

For my content writing clients, we usually begin by spending 20-30 minutes juggling post ideas that are perfect and putting them down.

I also ask my clients to send their blog ideas on what we could write about.

This step requires you to think in two ways;

  • your products and;

  • target customers.

What are they searching for online?

Your blog post topic ideas must be able to;

  • Attract potential customers or clients for your business,

  • Educate them with utmost value and;

  • A Call to Action (CTA) for your products or services.

What's a perfect blog post?

Each blog post must take every visitor on a marketing or sales journey.

I use a strategy that I call the '3 E's of writing the perfect blog posts'.

What are the 3 E's?

  • Entice the target audience to read.

  • Educate them on a particular subject.

  • Excite them about your products or services.

When I was working on UniclixApp's blog;

The 2 objectives for our content writing and blog marketing efforts were to;

  1. To get small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for social media management tools.

  2. Businesses are already using a social media management tool but need a cheaper alternative.

A quick brainstorm would yield great results you can build on.

In a few minutes, you should have brainstormed dozens of perfect blog post ideas that follow the 3 E's of writing the perfect blog posts for your website.

Get it?

Step 2: Keyword Analysis - Detailed Keyword Research for Each Blog Post Idea.

Most times, we try to think for our buyers.

This leads to a ton of content assumptions hence you may end up creating blog posts your customers don’t need.

Use any keyword tool (Google Keyword Planner is free and great) to find out what your potential buyers are searching for. This would help eliminate blog content ideas your audience doesn't want.

Let’s learn how to evaluate your ideas by doing keyword research using Google Keyword Planner (GKP).

  • Identify the main keyword or phrase on each blog post idea.

  • Run it on GKP (or any keyword research tool).

  • Select all keywords with at least 100 monthly searches.

I like to target “low-hanging fruit” in search engine optimization or keywords with low keyword difficulty in Ahrefs and increase as we create better blog posts.

By doing this, you will be targeting keywords your target customers are searching for on Google.

Want me to handle your company’s blog and get great results while you focus on working with your clients? Contact me here!

We then think of 5 to 10 different headlines for each blog content idea that we’ve selected and pick the best possible one for each blog topic.

You have to be careful because every headline on your blog must;

  • Speak directly to your target audience. That's your customers and clients,

  • Not exceed 75 characters. This should be perfect for SEO.

Aim for 50 characters per headline and write. With practice, you will be writing perfectly written blog post headlines for your website or business.

Step 3: Execution - How to Write the Perfect Blog Post that Your Website Visitors, Customers, and Clients Will Love!

Let’s talk about how to write high-converting or persuading blog posts for your company.

Most businesses run away from writing blogs.

Nobody loves to stay on their computers thinking of the next letter, word, or sentence to write. And then most turn to AI or ChatGPT.

The whole process of writing perfect blog posts makes businesses turn to cheap freelancers.

“OH, I hate writing, let’s just hire a freelancer on Fiverr for $5 to get this done”

You then end up getting mediocre blog posts that barely convert.

Let me show you my secret hack to writing exciting blog posts in just 30 to 90 minutes.

I use this same technique to write anywhere around 10,000 to 20,000 words worth of blog posts every month for my clients.


First off, before I begin writing, I like to follow an approach to writing any blog content. These are;

  • I first put down a miniature (outline) of the main article.

  • I then begin writing (or voice recording with my call to action in mind).

  • Finally, I proofread (Grammarly helps), edit, and do SEO.

Essentially, putting or writing down a blog post outline before the main blog content is a crucial part of my content-writing strategy and has made writing blog posts easier and better for me.

Here’s what my ideal blog article outline or template looks like for a perfect blog post:

"INTRODUCTION (200-500 words discussing the problem) ARTICLE BODY (1600-2000 words of pure value) CONCLUSION (200-500 words with a call to action)"

Having a plan or blog post template like this is what allows me to write 1000s of words very quickly.

Next, you want to set out 15 to 30 minutes to put down better ideas for each blog post easily.

Write down a quick post outline of the article's introduction and conclusion.

This would help you to know your starting point and the objective or goal of that blog post.

Your introduction should point out a unique problem, describe this pain, and lay out a foundation on how the article will help your audience tackle this problem.

On the other hand, your conclusion should mention the problem you've solved and the next step(s) you want them to take.

There are 3 checklists I recommend every writer to check before writing anything.

  • Quiet environment

  • At peace and calm.

  • Not hungry, tired, or exhausted.

You are 10 steps ahead of most writers when you work with this checklist.

Here are some technical writing tips to ensure an excellent blog post:

  • Remember your target customer or clients in mind all through the process of writing.

  • Ensure enough paragraphs to increase reading time (very important for SEO).

  • Keep it short and straight to the point.

  • Consider including expert quotes within your blog content.

  • Include an irresistible call to action (CTA) for your prospective readers.

Final Step: Proofread, Edit, and Do SEO.

Your first blog post draft will always have a lot of errors, mistakes, missing sentences, etc.

It is always very important to go through your articles after writing before publishing.

Here's a hack:

If you wrote the blog post on your laptop computer, view and proofread it on your phone or any other device.

You will have a different perspective on the article and can spot improvements faster.

Format your blog posts such that;

  1. Your target readers, potential customers, and clients would love it.

  2. Search engines will crawl and rank it quickly.

Now, After Publishing a Perfect Blog Post, What is Next?

You’ve learned how to write the perfect blog posts for your business or company blog but do you have the time to make this happen?

From writing to researching, editing, promoting, SEO and so many more.

I mean, you have other aspects of your business or company to run.

This is why I want to offer you a spot to work with my awesome team and me to write and publish perfectly written blog posts and articles weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for your awesome business or startup.

You can fill out the form using the button below and I will personally get back to you within 24 hours to see how I can help your business write and publish perfect blog posts that attract traffic, leads, and customers without extra stress on your side.


Founder: SimonWrites Agency

Simon Taki Zaku

The Perfect Blog Post: How to Write B2B Blog Articles for Your Clients & Customers
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