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"I Just Published My Blog Post; Now What REALLY is Next?" [My Unique, SECRET Approach]

Updated: Apr 28

Hi, Simon Zaku here.

Today, I woke up a little earlier than I usually do thus I felt the need to give away some really good content for free.

Four years ago, I was frustrated about my blog's growth. I was lost!

I didn't have a direction to follow. I didn't have a goal or objective to chase so I almost gave up. I did give up several times!

I think this was so because I wasn't helping enough people with what I was blogging about.

I then figured I was doing the wrong thing!

I was targeting “EVERYONE” to not "miss out on traffic".

After a while, I started creating content around my results, clients' results, stories, case studies, etc. What'd I notice?

A lot of marketers and entrepreneurs were finding real value in what I was teaching on the blog.

I started feeling complete and fulfilled.

After Publishing a Blog Post, What Do You Do Next?

This is a chapter from my premium book (learn more about it here) but I decided to add it "ere for free.

I've gotten questions from you guys asking what to do after publishing every blog post but I'll only be revealing one strategy to promote a blog article in this guide.

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After publishing my first blog post which was a huge expert roundup article, I reached out to people who've shown similar interest.

These were either people who've shared similar content, commented on similar content or even engaged with the tweeted content (I use Buzzsumo).

For the sake of this guide, I'll be showing you how to find and reach out to users who've tweeted or shared similar content to yours.

The goal here is to find and effectively reach out to 20 to 100 people (per blog article) interested in the type of content.

As I said, these are people that have tweeted similar blog content to yours.

You find them, pull out their email addresses and reach out to them.


The first thing to do is to find similar articles to yours and I recommend using Google searches here because it's the fastest; don't use tools.

Head over to Google and search for the keyword(s) your blog article is targeting. If you're targeting “beauty for teenagers”, run the phrase on Google to find content that already ranks for it.

So let's say the title of your post is “10 Ways to Make Money Online”, I'll Google search “Make Money Online”.

Pick the top 5 results and keep them in an excel file.

The next step is to find people that have tweeted out those 5 articles and when starting out, I used buzzsumo to pull out these users FOR FREE!

Buzzsumo offers a free trial period which I jumped on.

Head over to and sign up for their free trial. After setting up your account, you'll be able to log in to your dashboard using the email and password you used.

On your dashboard, navigate to the “Content Analyzer” tab and insert any of the 5 article links above then search.

Click on the “social media sharers” tab and export to excel (or CSV).

Repeat these for your articles above and you should have a long list of 100-250 people that have tweeted similar content.


Reaching out to 250 or even 100 people weekly is a lot of work because you need to find their contact details, email addresses, websites, etc.

What do I do?

I may hire freelancers to find email or contact addresses for me and it's absolutely worth it.

You can find good and super cheap freelancers on or to find contact details. Both websites are great and I use them a lot.

Want to hire a freelance writer? Hire me and my team to research, write and promote powerful blog content for your business. Send me an email or use the contact form.

But if you're like me, you shouldn't outsource everything (including reaching-out especially to influencers).

Freelancers could take care of finding email addresses, social links, contact links, and websites while you do the reach outs.

What is the Process of Email Reach-Out for Blog Traffic?

There are two main tips for running a successful email reach-out campaign that converts so well:

  1. Respect the fact whoever you are reaching out to is busy.

  2. Do not use templates!

  3. Put in mind that people PAY ATTENTION when you care or give value first.


Respect the fact that they're busy: write really short emails and don't make it about yourself because it actually isn't.

People are really busy and don't have time to read through long emails from people they don't even know.

Skip introductions, and long stories and go straight to the point.


Put it in mind that people only care when you show care.

If you want them to read, comment and share your blog post, you have to do something first. The internet is all about "do me, I do for you too".

One way I do this is I go through each person's website or blog and drop thoughtful comments on their most recent post or tweet out something from their websites.

This way, they'll be more likely to do a favor back.

Here's a free template I work with:

Hi, [Name]. I'm Simon. I was doing some digging and noticed you shared this awesome article by [Name of the Person that wrote similar content]. It's great and I especially love how [one specific thing you loved about the similar post].
In fact, I recently published a more detailed guide on [your topic and how it is better].
I've also gone through your website (or blog) and even dropped a comment on your recent article about [mention title of the article] and even tweeted it out.
Here's the link to the article: [URL].
I'll appreciate your honest review about it. And if it's worth it, I'll appreciate a tweet. THANKS!
PS: I understand you might be tight at the moment and can't go through the post which is totally okay. Just reply back and I'll be happy to connect :)

Reach out to 10-15 people every day. (Or any number you feel comfortable with).

Loosen this number to 5-7 if you don't have much time.


Purchase the Full Book for Less than $10.

I hope you've learned a thing or two from today's blog. And like I said, this is just one chapter out of the many from my very book, "How I became friends wit 100+ expert bloggers in 1-year blogging".

The Story Behind the Book:

After publishing the first blog post (an expert round-up post), I remember tweeting it out a few times and sharing it on Facebook and Linkedin too. I closed my laptop computer and I slept (it was around 2 am in the night).

I woke up the next morning and refreshed my post. ZERO shares, ZERO comments, and about 10 visits.

I expected it so I reached out to all the popular/influential bloggers that were in the blog post with the link to the post asking them to share it if they liked it.

And within the first seven days, the post was already at 1,000 social shares with 1,000s of visits.

That’s great it was a new blog with just a single blog post published!

How did I do that?

I leveraged my network and promoted the blog post to as many people as I could! (Thank Goodness for Automation Tools today)

Without the strategy discussed in this book, I may have been stuck at ZERO shares, ZERO comments, and ZERO traffic.

Have tried emailing influential bloggers? Then you know it is not easy and most times, they do not read or reply!

You may even get "deleted", SPAMMED, or sent “harsh” replies.

Nevertheless, I devised a means to get these busy (social media) influencers to open my emails, reply to them and also build long-term relationships with them.

In fact, I still reach out to some of these influencers today anytime I publish a new article and most of them still happily share it with me. Everything all boils down to the one secret strategy that I used…

I have never seen, read or watched it anywhere on the internet yet and that is exactly what is packed in my book, How to Become Friends with Popular Bloggers (as a new blogger).


  1. How I easily get on any influencer’s radar [no matter how popular or busy he or she might be] - WORTH $47

  2. Actionable strategies that I used to make popular bloggers notice my new blog [with one post] - WORTH $197

  3. How I began exchanging emails back and forth with 15 popular bloggers in less than a week [with just 1 secret strategy] - WORTH $197

  4. How I got some of the most influential bloggers and marketers on the internet to share my first blog post - WORTH $97

  5. The strategy that led to over 1,000 social shares on my FIRST blog post [on this very blog] in less than a week of publishing - WORTH $47

TOTAL - $585!

For $9.97!

Already pumped to get your copy?

Use the button below this blog post to purchase a copy of my book for just $9.97 and start building the (meaningful) relationships that matter in your blogging career.

Now, I want to help even more and more marketers and entrepreneurs just like you get deeper into getting the desired results you've always wanted on your personal or branded blog.

I wouldn't teach you how to make money through your blog because there are a lot of experts doing that already.

But you might be interested in something different which is why I took the leap to create premium content ($9.97 e-book) for people who want it.

Here's the link:

Here's the thing;

Also, by getting this book, you get added to OUR EXCLUSIVE VVIP Forum where you get even more insights on this topic.

Here's the link once again;

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