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"I Just Published My Blog Post; Now What REALLY is Next?" [My Unique, SECRET Approach]

Updated: 4 days ago

Hi, Simon Zaku here.

Today, I woke up a little earlier than I usually do thus I felt the need to give away some really good content for free.

Four years ago, I was frustrated about my blog's growth. I was lost!

I didn't have a direction to follow. I didn't have a goal or objective to chase so I almost gave up. I did give up several times!

I think this was so because I wasn't helping enough people with what I was blogging about.

I then figured I was doing the wrong thing!

I was targeting “EVERYONE” to not "miss out on traffic".

After a while, I started creating content around my results, clients' results, stories, case studies, etc. What'd I notice?

A lot of marketers and entrepreneurs were finding real value in what I was teaching on the blog.

I started feeling complete and fulfilled.

After Publishing a Blog Post, What Do You Do Next?

This is a chapter from my premium book (learn more about it here) but I decided to add it "ere for free.

I've gotten questions from you guys asking what to do after publishing every blog post but I'll only be revealing one strategy to promote a blog article in this guide.


After publishing my first blog post which was a huge expert roundup article, I reached out to people who've shown similar interest.