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How I Got 90+ Email List Subscribers From a Single BLOG POST - My Unique Hack

Updated: 4 days ago

Want to be able to generate leads or email list subscribers from your blog posts? Use my step-by-step process to build an email list for your blog from scratch and start making money or generating leads for your business fast. I reveal how I hit my first 100 email list subscribers using this very blog tactic using Thrive Lead WordPress Plugin.

In today’s lesson, I’ll be showing you how I converted 100s of my blog visitors to become email list subscribers using Thrive Leads.

This strategy will also boost your current sign-up rates even if you’ve been blogging for a long while now.

Even if you’ve been blogging for a while and already have a flow of email subscribers from your blog or website, this guide is also for you!

Side Note: Here's an entire review guide on the Thrive Leads WordPress plugin for email list building. Here's the link;

Thrive Themes Review: What I Learned Using Thrive Leads Plugin for My Opt-ins, Slide-ins, Pop-ups...

How to Turn (or Convert) Your BLOG TRAFFIC to Email Subscribers

What's this strategy called?


Heard of that?


For those who might’ve not heard of the term “CONTENT UPGRADES”, just as the name implies, it’s simply an upgraded resource, lead magnet, freebie, or giveaway to a free version.

When I was starting, I had just one way people could get into my email list (a big mistake) which was content upgrades.

I only had a single post thus there was just one way people could get into my list which was if they signed up to receive the bonus I had put together to support my round-up blog guide.

It turned out to convert 100+ into email subscribers which are super, super great for a start-up blog!

Creating a content upgrade or a content freebie can be challenging because most times, our minds get blank on what to offer; this blog post will erase that and make sure you offer an irresistible freebie for your blog visitors.