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[Lesson 1/5]: How I Generate 50+ SEO Content Ideas in Minutes (Fast Rankings)

Updated: Jun 9

Hello and welcome to the first lesson in this ZAKU SEO Course I created for you.

Now according to the previous lesson, we need to create blog pages to rank fast. At least that IS HOW I RANK MY WEBSITE PAGES IN LESS THAN A WEEK.

I gave about 3 real LIVE blog pages that started ranking in less than 7 days of publishing. In fact, one of the posts started ranking on Google search just 2 day after it went LIVE!

Yes, 2 days!

So if you missed that, be sure to read it first before proceeding here.

Now, how can you create a blog post page that ranks?

One of the most challenging aspects of creating SEO blog pages that rank very fast (and well) on Google is generating rank-able content ideas.

You can write a blog post that is really good but may not drive enough traffic to your website. And on the other hand, you can also write an averagely good article but because that is what search engine users are looking for, you get great rankings and a lot of traffic.

Questions people ask on Quora about generating content ideas for SEO
Questions people ask on Quora about generating content ideas for SEO

Questions people ask on Quora about generating content ideas for SEO2

You must find a balance and this is what this entire SEO course is all about - I'm going to show you how to create blog content that suits search engines and is what your audience/customers want.

But to begin with, how do websites actually rank?

How I Rank on Google in Days - My Hidden SEO Approach Revealed

I have a lot of people sending me emails about what search engine optimization is and how businesses actually leverage that to generate a lot of traffic, customers and clients from search engines.

Search engine optimization in (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website, a video

or any web page in order to rank high in set on search engines for specific targeted keywords.

To be able to rank for keywords, your website must create pages that target these keywords.

I am an SEO writer and what I do is I help digital businesses like yours create content that ranks fast on search engines.

What I do is I write blog post articles that targets keywords like;

  • hire a blog writer,

  • hire an SEO

If my posts are able to rank for these keywords then I am able to easily attract my target customers (people who need blog articles written with customer in mind).

Get the idea?

It is the same way YouTube channels, websites, agencies, or organizations generate traffic from search engines.

So now that we have a basic idea on how websites rank, how do you actually

generate these blog content ideas your target audience are interested in.

How I Generate 50+ SEO Content Ideas for Fast Google Rankings in Minutes Using Quora [Quick Hack]

How do I generate SEO content ideas fast?

I have a very simple strategy I will share with you. 

Basically, I use community forums online to generate most of my content ideas and my go-to tool is Quora.

Quora is a question and answer is to social media platform that allows

entire users to ask questions and get a response from experts or any user around the world. There are millions of questions on Quora that are content ideas.

Go to and sign up for a free account. Once you sign up, your dashboard should look something like this:

My Quora Feed/Dashboard
My Quora Feed/Dashboard

At the top of the page, click on the search bar and search any keyword or phrase in your space. So let a gym instructor. I will search things like;

  • lose weight (once I type "lose w", I am already getting a lot of content ideas).

  • how can I lose weight quickly

  • what is the best weight loss diet

  • does your face get prettier when you lose weight

Begin by searching for keywords on Quora (Quora search)
Begin by searching for keywords on Quora (Quora search)

When we search the term "weight loss" we can see a lot of questions that can turn into great blog pages. Questions with a lot of answers show a lot of people are interested in the topic or question.

I use 'weight loss' as an example
I use 'weight loss' as an example

Organic questions that can easily be turned to blog posts
Organic questions that can easily be turned to blog posts

More content ideas generated in minutes
More content ideas generated in minutes

More content ideas generated in minutes2

More content ideas generated in minutes3

Content ideas
Content ideas

Focus on content ideas with lots of answers. This way, you know that people are actually interested in learning about the topic or not.

Here is the tricky thing about generating content ideas using Quora...

Not every question on Quora are actually popular on search engines like Google or Bing.

This leads us to the next step. For this lesson, I want you to follow and do this step by step as it is very important.

Here's a quick reminder where we are;

The first lesson broke the myths around how websites rank. I then showed you the easy way generate content ideas on Quora. Now, not all of these questions are searched on Google.

In the Next SEO Lesson, I Reveal My Exact Secret SEO Keyword Research Hack.

Ensure you carry out every step discussed as I try to make them as actionable as possible. Be sure to generate at least 20 content ideas.

(let me know in the comments section below)

How many blog content ideas you were able to generate?

The next lesson shows you how to validate each blog content idea before writing or publishing. The lesson answers the question:

"Is this topic, question, or content idea worth writing?"

Click the link below to begin the next lesson (LESSON 2):

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lena john
lena john
Jun 06

Love this first lesson but have a few questions. Does tjis mean every question on quora is good for a post? Ive searched lots of blog posts but a bit overwhelming. Thank you

lena john
lena john
Jun 06
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