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SEO Course [Lesson 5/5]: My Post-Publish Checklist ("After Publishing, What Next?")

Thank you so much for getting this far in this free SEO course.

I'm glad you are putting in this time and effort to see that you are able to create blog pages or blog posts pages that rank super fast on Google.

Course Recap: At this point, we talked about generating content ideas, keyword research, and SEO writing. I also revealed some secret SEO hacks I use to boost my blog's organic performance.

I then shared my Google & Bing search console hack that helps me to really take my blog pages to rank on Google fast. Without this, my blog pages will not rank in days on Google in days.

(If you've missed any of the lessons, then be sure to go back). Here are the links to the previous lessons:

After implementing the search console hack, the next question is;

"What do I do after I publish a blog post?"

What are those things that I do to ensure the right signals are sent to search engines quickly?

There are certain things that I do every single time.

I call this "The SEO Post-Publish Checklist".

Without these things, chances are I may not rank on Google.

The SEO Post-Publish Checklist - by Simon T. Zaku

The SEO Post-Publish Checklist - by Simon T. Zaku

Even if you create great content and submit to search console without the post publish checklist, you'll still be missing out.

Like I said, I call this the post-publish checklist and I decided to make this a list of 12 powerful SEO post published checklist or strategies or hacks. These include the step by step action-steps I take whenever I publish a blog post page.

If you found this free course interesting, then this is definitely for you.

This exclusive ebook is not free because there are lots of SEO secrets I put in this book. Thus would prefer it remain exclusive.

I am inviting you to download and carefully read this ebook because if you really want to create blog posts that rank, then this book is definitely for you.

What directories should I submit my blog posts in 2024?

Where should I submit my blog posts online?

I'll be revealing SEO secrets I have never revealed anywhere online.

If you are considering doing SEO but lack the knowledge you need to create, write and rank blog posts, this book is for you.

And even better, you can hire me to write your blog content. By emailing me through simonzakucom at gmail dot com.

If you're looking for a professional SEO ghost writer use this page to order bespoke blog posts directly from me.

Are you an SEO agency, a startup, a digital business, or an online store looking to expand your search engine performance but don't know how to? Feel free to schedule a 1-1 SEO consulting call with me.

Asking questions like; how can SEO help my specific business?

What ways should my small business approach organic SEO?

Should my specific business consider PPC? Or should I just focus on SEO for the first few months?

How do you go about this?

If you have these burning questions, then be sure to contact me and we'll schedule a one on one consulting call where we talk about all of this specifically for your type of business.

This will help you plan a better SEO strategy for your business. This way, you're able to craft a better strategy or approach for SEO for your specific website.

Thank you so much for coming to the end of the FREE SEO Course. Be sure to share share this free SEO course with your colleagues via email, via LinkedIn, Twitter, social media platforms.

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The SEO Post-Publish Checklist - by Simon T. Zaku
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