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Who is Simon Zaku? SEO & Content Specialist for B2B Startups with OVER 10 Years of Experience

Updated: May 18

Hello, thank you for checking out my (newly revived) b2b startup content marketing blog for startup founders, marketing professionals, and content creators ;)

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Simon Zaku

My name is Simon Zaku and I've been writing for blogs and businesses for the past 10 years. Here's one of the first blog articles I tried writing years ago:

Simon Zaku SEO Specialist

A very old article written by simon zaku
A very old article written by me

A very old article written by simon zaku 2

Not too bad for a starter from Nigeria, right?

Now, every startup wants to achieve one goal or another. Every business or b2b agency dreams of achieving at least one goal.

This could be to get more sign-ups, registrants, leads, booking, and sales, or acquire paid users for your b2b startup.

Startups could also want to increase brand authority, reach, and a loyal fanbase.

Side: Take a second to think about that one goal your b2b startup wants to achieve this year. (Feel free to share in the comments).

Can Social Media Platforms Like Instagram or Twitter Drive Free Traffic to My B2B Startup Blog?

Oftentimes, Startup founders ask;

How do you get B2B leads on Instagram?

Does Twitter work for B2B marketing?

But truth be told; people barely click links on Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram and Twitter could get you a handful of clicks (from your social shares) to your startup website or a few users here and there. Except you a budget of $1000s for paid social adverts.

LinkedIn is also SUPER amazing for generating potential leads, clients, and users and creating value for your b2b startup niche audience.


Does Content Marketing Improve SEO?

How can I improve your SEO with content marketing?

Effective startup blogging or b2b content marketing can get you 10 times more organic traffic, sign-ups, leads, and customers than most social networks without having to break to bank or waste hours daily.

You see, 30% of digital agencies don't have a blog.

Most of those that do, either publish a few times a year or most times don't publish at all.

Think about the ideas behind every Google search.

Today, there are over 8 billion Google searches every day. Yahoo's search engine gets over 1 billion.

That's a lot of possibilities for your brand objectives through search engines.

Here's my short Nigerian story :(

About 3 years ago (during the pandemic), I wanted to grow my traffic and leads and eventually sell a book from my blog (ended up publishing this book and sold a few copies).

How I Became Friends with 100 Expert Blogers in One Year - Simon Zaku

How I Became Friends with 100 Expert Blogers in One Year - Simon Zaku2

Plus, I got this email out of nowhere!

How I Became Friends with 100 Expert Blogers in One Year - Simon Zaku3

Fun fact: I hadn't set up the payment method before this email because I never thought anyone would buy my book.

How did I do that?

I started writing and publishing SUPER detailed and engaging blog content each week.

The results?

  1. Within 6 to 8 weeks, my blog totaled about 12 posts.

  2. Each blog post had a minimum of 2,000 words. One article was a 5,000-word guide. Then a few posts around the 3,000-word mark.

  3. This caused tremendous growth in my traffic (went from literally nothing to 5,000 organic (search engine) visitors monthly) on a new blog.

  4. This also tripled my email newsletter SignUps in less than 2 weeks.

To achieve this traffic and #SEO results, I did 3 basic things;