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Content Strategy Defined: What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

What is a content marketing strategy?

55% of marketers surveyed said they are still not clear about what an effective startup content marketing strategy looks like (CMI Reports)

Additionally, only 39% of B2B startups say they have a documented content marketing strategy.

You may be wondering;

What is the term content marketing?

How can businesses leverage content marketing?

What are the stages of building a content marketing strategy?

To begin with, what is a content marketing strategy?

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective digital marketing channels for businesses and startups today. A startup content marketing strategy (or content plan, or content strategy) is crucial for any startup or business growth online.

What does an effective content marketing strategy look like?

To understand what and effective content strategy looks like, you should understand some of the most important elements. Here are the 3 most important elements of a content strategy:

  1. Attract and provide the utmost value to your target customers or clients.

  2. Inform your audience about your products or services.

  3. Educate your customer with niche-related information (news, BTS...) that isn’t directly promotional to your startup product.

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy: How Do You Design a Content Strategy or Plan for Your Business?

How do you design an effective content marketing strategy?

I have worked with over a dozen startups to build

Every content marketing plan must tie to your overall brand goals and objectives. Every content you publish should;

  • Solve (or address) a question, problem, or concern frequently asked by your target customers or clients.

  • Take potential customers or clients on a buyer's journey (sales or marketing funnel).

  • Discuss exactly how your products or services can help solve their problems.

  • Get sign-ups and convert leads to customers.

The three (3) principles I use for my content marketing clients are what I call ‘the 3 E’s of writing blog posts that perform so well’.

What does this mean?

Each blog content you publish MUST;

  1. Excite your target readers to read or watch/listen to your blog content.

  2. Educate your target readers on a specific topic/question/complaint.

  3. Entice them to purchase or try your products and services.

With an effective content marketing strategy, you may not need to depend so much on paid or social media ads.

Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing?

Also, 82% of businesses with a blog see a positive return on their investments (ROI) from their content marketing efforts.

Benefits of a Startup Content Strategy: Why is Content Marketing Important for Businesses and Startups?

Why is content marketing important for startups today?

These are the top features or characteristics of an effective content marketing strategy as well:

1) An Effective Content Marketing Strategy Attracts, Captures, and Engages Leads (on Autopilot).

Lead generation is one of the biggest returns you can ever get from content marketing.

Your content marketing plan/strategy must include strategies to attract leads or email subscribers daily from your published content.

Now, you could have a company blog OR an educational blog for your startup.

What’s a company blog?

What is an educational blog?

Which one attracts more leads?

What is an educational blog?

An educational blog simply educates your readers. Examples are;

  • How to’ posts

  • 'Why’ posts

  • Guides

  • Infographics.

On the other hand, what is a company blog?

What is a Company Blog?

A company blog focuses on updating your customers about company updates, new software features, job openings, employee updates, and other company-related news.

A start-up blog should efficiently generate and attract leads.

An effective content marketing plan converts readers into leads and customers or clients.

This is mostly possible with an educational blog (‘How to’ posts, ultimate guides, infographics...).

Research reveals that blogs that educate gain 14% more organic traffic Vs company-focused blogs.

This indicates that company blogs do generate traffic and leads but educational blogs gain 14% more on average.

Also, it is generally easier to attract traffic with an educational blog than with company-focused blogs (company news, press releases, new updates, etc).

2) It Boosts Your Website's Recognition (or Reach).

Content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy that will also increase brand awareness for your business. This means, your content marketing plan must focus on promoting each content piece you put out effectively.

Today, there is a lot of b2b content published every day.

This study shows customers read around 5-11 product articles before making a purchase decision. 

This study shows customers read around 5-11 product articles before making a purchase decision. 

Consistent and quality content that adds value to people will attract high-converting blog traffic.

Your content plan should highlight the following:

  • Content length for each piece (depending on content type).

  • All promotional strategies and channels for every content you publish.

  • Analytics and tools to measure attracted traffic (sources, forms, referrals).

  • Improve search rankings (SEO).

3) Improves Search Engine Rankings (SERPs)

Does content marketing improve SEO?

Search engine marketing is a long-term game and from my experience working with about 20 startups, new startups should focus more on direct, referral, and social traffic as they tend to yield faster (and sometimes better) results during the early stages of your new software business.

An effective content marketing plan should;

  1. - Include search engine optimization strategies to attract and build backlinks,

  2. - Optimize every content or blog post,

  3. - Run keyword research, and;

  4. - Other useful SEO & content strategies that will gradually build your SEO power in the long run.

SEO may also take backlinks and a strong domain profile to rank high and outrank your competitors.

These may take time to happen.

For these to build, you must apply strategies, put out exceptional startup blog content, and promote it like hell!

Rather than focusing solely on SEO, I always advise new startups to invest considerably good time in both SEO AND building influence, joining communities, creating content, and adding immense value to their readers and customers.

4) An Effective Content Strategy Must tell Stories that Connect with its Target Customers/Clients

A proper content marketing plan must tell stories and build a community around your software brand - I believe these 2 work hand-in-hand.

People connect with stories and a great brand is remembered not by great features but by the stories the audience remembers them for.

Storytelling is key to selling anything and has always been this way.

Why is storytelling important in a content marketing plan?

I’ve found storytelling to be the most effective top-notch to build a community around your brand and also convert readers to customers.

Most startups today depend on data statistics and analytics to convert customers through content.

Your content strategy should clearly define your brand message with a strong foundation that connects with your customers.

Yes, buyers still purchase products based on data and facts but building an emotional connection using powerful storytelling is an important approach.

Finally, Content Repurposing!

An Effective Blog Content Marketing Strategy Must be Diversified across other Content Channels.

Why is it important to diversify your content?

Not every content piece must be written - video, audio (or podcast), and other content formats are also effective.

54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

Also, 70% of the US population is familiar with the term ‘podcasting’ and 22% of the US population is to podcasts at least every month.

These are great platforms and could be a part of your startup content marketing plan.

Content marketing should be diversified into various forms for more impact and ROI.

How a Startup Can Develop an Effective Startup Content Marketing Strategy?

Before you go, do you want me to research, plan, write, and promote your startup content marketing tasks?

Contact me to create SEO content for your b2b startup blog.

Over the years, I’ve worked with 20+ startups, agencies, teams, and other writers and have deep experience with content writing and marketing.

See you soon :)

Simon Zaku

CEO: SimonWrites Agency

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