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What is the Freelance Niche Bible (PDF) & Why Should You Care?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

I still don’t know what Freelance skill or service to offer and make money. It seems I'm out of ideas" - I made the Freelance Niche Bible specifically for YOU!

What is the Freelance Niche Bible and Why Download this File?

Get the Freelance Niche Bible.

The Freelance Niche Bible is a PDF book that Contains 50 of the internet’s most Lucrative Freelance Skills and Jobs that are Guaranteed to Make You 5 Figures and I Prepared it Specifically for starter or average FREELANCERS!

My name is Simon Zaku and as the owner of this blog, over the years, I've been able to start and build a five-figure freelance business with no budgets or experience whatsoever.

I decided to put in over 19 hours of work (and a few dollars) to get this long resource file that I call the “Freelance Niche Bible” package.

What is the Freelance Niche Bible (PDF) and why Should Every Freelancer Get this Book?

What is the Freelance Niche Bible (PDF) & Why Should You Care?

Picking a specific niche as a freelancer to serve will allow you to:

- To easily dominate and become an expert.

- Charge high rates as an expert.

- Avoid much freelance competition and;

- Attract easy-going freelance clients on auto-pilot.

It’s always so tempting to target a broad market for “more clients” but to succeed as a freelancer today, you MUST do the opposite!

For me, I started getting clients when I targeted a specific audience.

Rather than targeting “businesses who need content writing”, I targeted “b2b software businesses who want to generate leads and sales through effective content”

Finding this sweet spot for my freelance blog writing business allows me to:

- Charge between $300 to $700 for a 2,000-word article.

- Design a website that continually attracts my target clients on autopilot PLUS;

- I only work 2 to 3 hours weekly on my client projects.

The Freelance Niche Bible is simply a long resource list of 50 of the internet’s most lucrative freelance jobs and services that are currently hot in the market.

This will help you to juggle ideas and find the real thing your mind truly wants.

You see when I got started, I never had anything or any help so I WASTED about 6 years promoting a freelance skill that no one wanted.

As a beginner freelancer, I wanted to make as much money as I could.

Is that your goal too?

I jumped into cold calling and emailing and after about 3 years of struggle, hard work, fails & wins, do you want to know how many freelance clients I got from all the cold emails and calls I’ve done?

Guessing 12?



All not correct!

I got just 2 clients (in 6 years!)

I never got a single client that paid me even after sending outreach emails to over 500 cold leads.

Can you imagine if that happened to you?

“This book file package will save you the stress of promoting a freelance service or skill no one wants to pay for…”

This package, which I call the Freelance Niche Bible + all the bonuses, will help you save time by giving you online job ideas that have already proven to make at least 4-5 figures for a single gig.

“If you want to earn an extra $10,000 in side income then you need this…”

Here’s what the Freelance Niche Bible package contains:

- A long list of 50 extremely profitable freelance services that businesses & individuals are willing to pay thousands of dollars for:

the freelance niche bible by simon zaku

- Each freelance skill includes little details on the market AND;

- The freelance niche workbook:

the freelance niche workbook by simon zaku

freelance niche bible package preview

The freelance niche bible view.

In this package, I’ve also included:

1) The Freelance Niche Guide:

The Freelance Niche Guide:

This is a free detailed ebook on how to find a profitable freelance job market with literally zero competition. Thus you can easily set up your freelance portfolio and crush the competition.

2) The Freelance Niche WORKBOOK

The Freelance Niche WORKBOOK

After going through the Niche Bible, this FREE workbook will help you position your freelance job market.

It will help you:

- Find your perfect niche (by answering just a few questions).

- Figure out your ideal client!

That's not all!

Bonus 3: You Get an Exclusive Invitation to Our VIP Freelance Online Community Forum:

In this forum, you can engage with like-minded freelancers just like YOU!

You can ask questions, create polls, or share your freelance journey.

You can also:

- Tell us what Freelance idea you’ve picked.

- You can get support and or motivation from other freelancers in the group.

- And also see what other freelancers are doing (we’ll all be sharing our wins, projects, and fails)

I’ll also be active daily in the freelance forum to answer all of your questions.

ALL FOR $4.99 (less than a Netflix sub :)

This will ease you a lot of stress if;

- You want to build a Freelance business but are not sure what to offer.

- Need some ideas to build off of.

If that is you and you ready to get an unfair advantage over other freelancers out there, here’s how to download the book and all the PDF bonuses.

How to Download the Freelance Niche Bible Files - Step-by-Step

To get instant access to the Freelance Niche Bible + all bonuses, click the button below (or any of the links on this page).

Step #2: You will be taken to the purchase page.

The Freelance Niche bible payment page

On that very page, enter your details which are your first and last name then your primary email address (I'll be sending you a series of follow-up emails here to help you grow as a freelancer).

Next, select your preferred payment method (all payments are 100% secured and encrypted by Flutterwave - a trusted global payment) and confirm your details before moving to the next step.

Place your order and confirm your purchase.

Flutterwave will securely process and make your payment safely within a few seconds.

You will then be redirected to a download page with all the good things I’ve promised you (and even more!)

Here’s what it looks like:

If you are struggling to figure out exactly what you want to offer as a freelancer online, this resource file is for you…

Once more, here's what you get:

- A long list of 50 extremely profitable services that businesses & individuals pay thousands of dollars for.

- You also know all the skills needed to get started with each of the 50 freelance jobs listed in the Bible.

- Bonus 1: The Freelance Niche Guide which is a free ebook on how to find a profitable freelance job market with no competition.

- Bonus 2: The Freelance Niche WORKBOOK.

- Bonus 3: You get an Invitation to join our Exclusive Group of beginner and expert freelancers & service-based business owners, just like YOU!

You can get support and or motivation from other freelancers, see what other freelancers are doing, and just get to ask questions whenever you have one.

I’ll also be active daily in the group to answer all of your questions.

Here’s the Action Step:

Click this link or the button below to Grab the “Freelance Niche Bible” + all bonuses to get an insane amount of advantage today.

Here's the screenshot of the first $500/month client I closed when I first decided to go into freelancing by selecting a niche and harnessing:

Chat with my freelance client

chat with my freelance content client 2

500 US dollar pay simon zaku got for freelance writing

The Freelance Niche bible Author

You just need the right person to explain each step, in the easiest way possible.

And since I’m someone who has;

- Started and closed more than 20 different online businesses because they all failed.

- Sent cold reach-outs to over 1000 cold leads,

- Gotten and lost countless clients.

- And most importantly, have built a side income that allows me to enjoy a pretty comfortable life.

I’ve decided to take things deeper and created this package for serious-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to change their lives by building a 4-5-figure freelance business within the next few weeks.

“Stop stressing your brain thinking of what to offer as a freelancer, just download this book right now for less than $5!”


About Me?

The Freelance Niche bible author2

My name is Simon Zaku and I still remember the very first time I knew one could make 4-to 5 figures as a freelancer without having to join Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, or Freelancer by following a tested blueprint that I learned from epic fails. Over the years, I have been fortunate to be able to start and build a five-figure freelance business with no budget, mentors, courses, or programs and as a result, I wasted about 6; years of “Freelancing”. Now, I have a goal to help 100 people go from zero to $1,000/month Freelancing. You can join my FREE blog forum here to learn the SECRETS to building a successful Freelance business without having to join Upwork, Fiverr, and, OR send petty cold emails that sound like you’re seeking a job.

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Mar 22

Thank you for this list Simon. I was skeptical at first but glad I got it. So many freelance skills I never thought about. Great resource I recommend.

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