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Thrive Leads Review: How I Design WordPress Forms and Pop-Ups

Updated: Jun 7

How do I create a pop up in WordPress without Plugins?

Is Thrive Leads a good WordPress plugin for list building?

In this Thrive Leads plugin Review, I look at how the 'thrive leads' WordPress plugin works. I go through every Thrive Leads features, Thrive Leads integrations, Thrive Leads pricing.

And if it's still an effective email list-building tool for WordPress users in 2024.

What is Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin?

What is thrive leads for WordPress?

thrive leas review: thrive leads homepage
My Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin Homepage Logged In

The Thrive Leads WordPress plugin is a list-building tool used to put together a database of like-minded people online, usually called email subscribers.

Thrive Leads plugin builds this database by providing effective opt-in forms in which users can input their details (name, email, phone number, or address…) to get in.

Here are some sign-up forms designed using Thrive Leads WordPress plugin:

An example of a thrive leads form simon zaku

An example of a thrive leads form simon zaku 2

Other opt-in form types provided by this Thrive Themes' lead-generation plugin are Pop-up, slide-in, in-line forms, “sticky” ribbons, lightboxes, scroll mats, and many others.

A Detailed Thrive Leads Review: How Effective is Thrive Leads for WordPress List Building?

Detailed Thrive Themes and Thrive Leads Review: How Effective is Thrive Leads for List Building?
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A regular, free opt-in form builder could get you a handful of email addresses to your database (or email service provider, ESP) but an effective opt-in form builder would get you up to 10 times more.

With the thrive leads plugin, I was able to more than quadruple my email signups within 2 weeks.

I'll also be showing you exactly how I was able to boost my sign-up rates with thrive leads so you could even copy my strategies even if you use a different lead generation tool - More on this later :)

Thrive Leads Features: What Makes this Plugin Different?

When I got started on this blog, I couldn't afford a premium list-building tool, and guess what happened?

I ended up with about 200 email subscribers after a long year of blogging!

That’s not so good for the traffic I was getting :(

I was using about 3 different opt-in form builders interchangeably at the same period on my blog. Primarily, I had 3 opt-in form builders installed on my WordPress admin base. These were;


MailMunch and;

(can’t recall the name)

For features that one did not have, I’d switch to the second to get that feature. For example, I mostly used Rapidology to create all my content upgrades while the last plugin (which I can’t recall the name of) to create popups and slide-ins.

This was such a complication that created a difficult situation for me and my whole blogging experience. That’s where Thrive Leads comes into play.

With thrive leads, I never had to pair two (2) or more plugins to supplement each other.

Without wasting much time, here are the four (4) distinct features of Thrive Leads that sets it apart and makes it one of the best, cost-effective list-building plugin on the internet.

What are Some Distinct Features of the Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin?

Here are some of the most popular thrive leads features for WordPress users looking to design opt-in forms with Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads Feature 1: Drag & Drop Editor for your Forms

With Thrive Leads, you get to create the best and perfect designs for your forms using a slick drag & drop editor. In a nutshell, this was one of the features I was attracted to at first.

How fast can you build a high-converting opt-in form?

Well, it takes me about 5 minutes to set everything up and I’m almost certain it is because of the ease that comes with thrive leads designs.

Thrive Leads Feature 2: Effective A/B Testing

Thrive Leads A/B testing feature is pretty much the most effective in the market that I have tried yet. With thrive leads, users can A/B test different types of opt-in forms in lead groups too.

Lead groups are made up of opt-in form types which display based on how you set them.

For example, I could A/B test my Ribbon and Slide-In form easily on my thrive leads dashboard.

Thrive Leads Feature 3: Advanced Targeting

Thrive Leads offers a very effective targeting feature where users can target specific visitors using specific opt-in forms. With this list builder, I can set certain forms to appear only on specific pages, blog posts, and also where I do not want them to display.

This feature helps me to display certain forms to only specific blog posts on this very blog. For instance, I set specific pop-ups (or sometimes slide-ins) to appear on every single blog post I publish.

How’s this important?

I get to send specific opt-in freebies that are relevant to what my visitors are currently reading. Basically, on a post about “Growing your Twitter followers”, I send pop-ups like “How to get 17 Twitter followers in 2 minutes”.

Increases my sign-up rates dramatically!

Thrive Leads Feature 4: Pretty Cool and Actionable Insights

Frankly, Thrive Leads reporting and insights are not the best I have tried but it reports every necessary detail & insight that I ever need for my blog.

I tend to see that as a good thing rather than a downside.

The VIEW MORE links provide even more detailed insights into your forms, impressions, and conversion rates.

8 High-Converting Opt-in Forms You Can Design with Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin

One thing I am fascinated about Thrive Leads is that it focuses on achieving the “all-in-one list-building solution”.

Unlike other list-building tools I have tried, all Thrive Leads aim for is to see that marketers are relieved of the need to use multiple plugins (or tools) to generate leads effectively.

One plausible way Thrive Themes does this is by making provisions to build any type of opt-in form. This way, you would not have to supplement with other plugins to build all your forms.

What forms can you create with the Thrive Leads WordPress plugin in 2023?

Here’s a list of different thrive leads forms;

  1. In-Content form

  2. Lightbox

  3. Post-Footer

  4. Ribbon

  5. Screen-Filler

  6. Scroll-Mat

  7. Slide-In and

  8. Widget forms.

In-Content Forms:

Thrive themes in-content opt-in forms are forms that are built to be displayed between your blog articles or web pages. In-content forms as the name implies, are displayed in between your blog content (or webpage).

in-content thrive leads form example

In-content forms are a little different from widget forms.

In-content forms are set to appear in between all your blog articles automatically and they follow a specific display rule. For example, “display after every 4 paragraphs”.

This means, your form appears in between your blog posts after every 4 paragraphs.

Thrive Leads Lightbox:

What is a thrive leads lightbox form?

A lightbox is simply a small pop-up opt-in box that appears on your web pages. Most bloggers display light-boxes immediately after a user lands on a webpage (or blog post) or is about to leave (exit-intent forms).

an example of a lightbox thrive leads form

Post Footer:

What are Post Footer forms in Thrive Leads?

These are forms created to be displayed after every blog post on your website.

These forms are mostly general giveaways or “bribes” that your blog visitors could easily sign up for.

For example, if you blog primarily about Affiliate Marketing, you could build a “Post Footer” form that would read “How to earn your first $1,000 from Affiliate Marketing”.


What are thrive leads ribbon forms?

Ribbons are sticky opt-in forms that appear either above or below your web pages.

Unlike other opt-in form types, the primary aim of Ribbon is to attract email subscribers without taking up screen real estate.

Ribbons are undoubtedly one of my favorite opt-in forms to create and they tend to convert higher than most opt-in forms I create (thanks to the A/B testing feature I have).


What is a screen-filler form in thrive leads?

As the name implies, screen filler forms are pop-ups that appear and cover your content until the visitor takes action; this could be to sign up or close the form.

An eample of a screenfiller thrive leads form thrive leads review

Screen filler forms are also very effective when displayed to first-time visitors immediately after they land on your blog or webpage.

Scroll Mat:

A thrive leads scroll mat form is more or less like a screen filler. Both forms are pop-ups that take up screen real estate but the slight difference is that Scroll Mat forms disappear when the visitor scrolls down the page or blog post.


What are Thrive Leads Slide-ins?

As the name implies, these are forms that also take up website space (though not as much as screen-filler forms) by sliding into your blog pages.

Your readers see a slide-in on your webpage which offers your freebies or giveaways.

Most slide-in forms that I have seen tend to allow the reader to access or read your blog articles without obstructing his or her view even without taking action or closing the form.

Widget Forms:

What are Thrive themes Widget Forms?

These are universal forms that can be created and embedded for a single purpose.

You can create three (3) widget forms to be placed in just a single blog post.

One form could be at the beginning of your article and read “Download the checklist mentioned in this Post” while another could be at the end of the article reading “Join this free 3-day email course”.

Other Distinct Form Features You Can Create Using Thrive Leads

  • PHP Insert

  • 2 Step Opt-in Forms

  • Content Lock

  • Yes/No & Multiple Choice Forms

  • Smart Exit & Exit Intent

  • SmartLinks

PHP Insert:

How does the PHP insert work in Thrive Leads?

PHP insert is a feature that allows users to create and build opt-in forms which can then be displayed using PHP codes.

As an experienced WordPress user myself, I do not fancy the PHP insert feature as I prefer to use easy HTML or CSS codes.

2-Step Opt-in Forms:

What are thrive leads 2-step opt-in forms?

2-step forms are engageable forms that allow visitors to engage or click on a link (or button) before signing up for your newsletter.

2-step opt-in forms tend to have a higher signup rate because research shows visitors are more likely to complete a process they’ve started.

Here’s an example of a live 2-step opt-in form designed with thrive leads WordPress plugin.

thrive leads review thrive themes reviews

When you click the button, it loads up this form:

thrive leads plugin thrive leads

The reader has to consent to get your freebie even before seeing the form signup form itself.

Content Lock:

What is Content Lock in Thrive Leads?

This allows users to lock out some part or portion of content that requires signup to be unlocked.

For example, if you write a post like “10 tips to make money from your blog”, you could lock away (or hide) three (3) of those tips with the content lock feature.

This way, readers have to sign up for your newsletter to gain access to the remaining three (3) tips in your blog post.

Yes/No & Multiple Choice Forms:

This is a multiple-step opt-in form feature Thrive Leads offers which allows you to create multiple, Yes/No Choice sign-up forms.

These forms allow your readers to answer a few questions (by clicking buttons) before getting the sign-up form itself.

Smart Exit & Exit Intent:

What is an Exit-Intent pop up form?

An Exit Intent form triggers or displays when a visitor is about to leave your blog or webpage.

This trigger is caused by the upward movement of the reader’s mouse pointer towards the ‘close’ button.

Thrive Themes knows how powerful exit intent sign-up forms can be thus it is not left out in the Thrive leads package.

Smart Exit is pretty much an upgrade to the traditional Exit Intent technology you know. With a few smart tech adjustments, you can set your exit forms to display better and convert more.


What is Smartlinks in Thrive Leads?

Smartlinks are custom links created in thrive leads (or thrive themes) that trigger a pop-up form when clicked.

With smart links, you can place sign-up links all around your write-ups, pages, and blog articles. Cool isn’t it?

Thrive Leads is Responsive on ALL Devices

Thrive Leads is effectively responsive on all devices including Desktop, Mobile, and Tabs.

Here are Thrive Leads mobile responsive features to get you even more interested;

  • Show or Hide Certain Opt-In Form Types - You can easily choose to show or hide certain opt-in forms on any device.

  • Show or Hide Certain Elements on the Opt-In Form - Thrive builder allows you to show or hide certain form elements on any device.

  • You may choose to add social share buttons for Desktop users but Hide these elements for mobile users.

  • Tweak Any Detail with Mobile Responsive Editing - This allows you to edit and change font size, button size, text color, and even form size to suit any device screen perfectly.

Thrive Leads Email Service Integration

Email marketing service integration is a crucial aspect of any list-building tool today.

Besides what’s a list-building plugin or tool that does not integrate with your email autoresponder service (MailChimp, Convertkit…)?

The Thrive Leads plugin integrates perfectly with almost every major email service provider on the internet.

Here’s a long list of email marketing tools that integrate perfectly with Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads integrates seamlessly with:

  • ActiveCampaign

  • Mailchimp

  • ArpReach

  • iContact

  • ConvertKit

  • InfusionSoft

  • Drip

  • GetResponse

  • Aweber

  • Facebook

  • MadMini

  • CampaignMonitor

  • Mailerlite

  • MailPoet

  • MailReplay

  • Mautic

  • Ontraport

  • WebinarJam

Thrive Leads Pricing in 2024: How Much Does it Cost to Get the Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin from Thrive Leads?

How much does thrive leads WordPress plugin lifetime license cost?

Pricing is one of the major reasons people choose to buy or not buy a product or service. It is no different from the list-building plugin we’re discussing here.

I have checked and seen dozens of opt-in form builders for bloggers but Thrive Leads is the most cost-effective one among all the tools I’ve seen yet.

How much does the thrive leads plugin cost?

Thrive Leads Pricing:

Today, Thrive Themes charges $99 per year for the standalone Thrive Leads Plugin and the Thrive Suite which is $299 per year that gives Thrive users access to all Thrive Themes products.

thrive leads pricing

Now here’s how to get started with Thrive leads today!

Getting Started with Thrive Leads Today

How to get started with Thrive Leads?

Are you already pumped to check out Thrive Leads and give it a try? Here’s how to get started with Thrive Leads (Step by Step):

How do I install thrive on WordPress?

Step #1: Purchase the Thrive Leads License through the Thrive website. You can use my link or the button below.

Step #2: Download and install the Thrive leads plugin on your WordPress website. The download link will be sent to you immediately after your successful license purchase.

Step #3: Activate your unique license from the installed plugin. Here’s how to go about this;

After activating your thrive leads plugin, the next thing is to begin creating your forms but before that, you first need to get familiar with the thrive leads dashboard.

Getting Started with the Thrive Leads Dashboard

If you are completely new to thrive leads, the dashboard may seem confusing but trust me, it is as easy as anything and what you need to know is the terms used on the dashboard;

Lead Groups:

What are Thrive leads Lead Groups?

Lead groups are a thrive leads feature that allows you to create different types of forms (slide-in, pop-up…) with the same display rules.

This means a particular set of opt-in forms have the same display settings.

Thrive Leads Lead Short-Codes:

What are thrive leads Short codes?

Short codes are embeddable codes that you can use to display opt-in forms on any given webpage or blog. With short codes, you can display forms at any point in your blog articles.

This could be after ‘Introduction’, immediately after every ‘Bullet Point’, or before your ‘Conclusion’.

Have a productive day,

Simon Taki Zaku

Founder: Sim

Simon Zaku thrive leads review post

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Jun 04

I would have liked to try thriveleads but im on wix, does wix have a thriveleads plugin or something?

Replying to

Hi, Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin for WordPress users but if you're on Wix, Wix offers other great optin forms. You can access these on the "Apps" section on your Wix dashboard. Use the search box and search "optin forms". Thank you for the comment :)

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