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Thrive Leads Review: What I Learned Using The Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin for ALL My Opt-ins Forms

Updated: May 21

Thrive Leads Review Using Thrive Leads Plugin
Thrive Leads Review: What I Learned Using Thrive Leads Plugin for My Opt-ins, Slide-ins, Pop-ups...

In this Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin Review, I look at how the 'thrive leads' wordpress plugin works, some features, and if it's still an effective list-building tool for wordpress users in 2023.

Have you heard any of these?

“The money is on the list”

“Your email list should be your number #1 priority”

That's true because:

  1. I was able to make my first dollar on this blog from my email list.

  2. My email subscribers are my biggest fans to date.

What is Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin?

The Thrive Leads plugin is a list-building tool used to put together a database of like-minded people online, usually called email subscribers.

Thrive Leads Review
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Thrive Leads plugin builds this database by providing effective opt-in forms in which users could input their details (name, email, phone number, or address…) to get in.

Here are some sign-up forms designed using Thrive Leads WordPress plugin:

An example of a thrive leads form simon zaku

An example of a thrive leads form simon zaku 2

Other opt-in form types provided by this Thrive Themes' lead-generation plugin are Pop-up, slide-in, in-line forms, “sticky” ribbons, lightboxes, scroll mats, and many others.

How Effective are Thrive Leads Forms for Businesses - My Personal Thrive Leads Review?

A regular, free opt-in form builder could get you a handful of email addresses to your database (or email service provider, ESP) but an effective opt-in form builder would get you up to 10X more.

With the thrive leads plugin, I was able to more than quadruple my email signups within 2 weeks. Yes, you read that right; 2 weeks.

I'll also be showing you exactly how I was able to boost my sign-up rates with thrive leads so you could even copy my strategies even if you use a different lead generation tool - More on this later :)

Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin Features: What Makes this Plugin Different?

When I got started on this blog, I couldn't afford a premium list-building tool, and guess what happened?

I ended up with about 200 email subscribers after a long year of blogging!

That’s not so good for the traffic I was getting :(

I was using about 3 different opt-in form builders interchangeably at the same period on my blog. Primarily, I had 3 opt-in form builders installed on my wordpress admin base. These were;


MailMunch and;

(can’t recall the name)

For features that one did not have, I’d switch to the second to get that feature. For example, I mostly used Rapidology to create all my content upgrades while the last plugin (which I can’t recall the name of) to create popups and slide-ins.

This was such a complication that created a difficult situation for me and my whole blogging experience. Now that’s where Thrive Leads comes into play…

With thrive leads, I never had to pair two (2) or more plugins to supplement each other.

Without wasting much time, here are the four (4) distinct features of Thrive Leads that sets it apart and makes it one of the best, cost-effective list-building plugin on the internet.

Four Distinct Features of the Thrive Leads Wordpress Plugin:

Feature #1: Drag & Drop Editor for your Forms

With Thrive Leads, you get to create the best and perfect designs for your forms using a slick drag & drop editor. In a nutshell, this was one of the features I was attracted to at first.

How fast can you build a high-converting opt-in form?

Well, it takes me about 5 minutes to set everything up and I’m almost certain it is because of the ease that comes with thrive leads designs.

Feature #2: Effective A/B Testing

Thrive Leads A/B testing feature is pretty much the most effective in the market that I have tried yet. With thrive leads, users can A/B test different types of opt-in forms in lead groups too.

Lead groups are made up of opt-in form types which display based on how you set them.

For example, I could A/B test my Ribbon and Slide-In form easily on my thrive leads dashboard.

Feature #3: Advanced Targeting

Thrive Leads offers a very effective targeting feature where users could target specific visitors using specific opt-in forms. With this list builder, I can set certain forms to appear only on specific pages, blog posts, and also where I do not want them to display.

This feature helps me to display certain forms to only specific blog posts on this very blog. For instance, I set specific pop-ups (or sometimes slide-ins) to appear on every single blog post I publish.

How’s this important?

I get to send specific opt-in freebies that are relevant to what my visitors are currently reading. Basically, on a post about “Growing your Twitter followers”, I send pop-ups like “How to get 17 Twitter followers in 2 minutes”.

Increases my sign-up rates dramatically!

Feature #4: Pretty Cool and Actionable Insights

Frankly, thrive leads reporting and insights are not the best I have tried but it reports every necessary detail & insight that I ever need for my blog. I tend to see that as a good thing rather than a downside.

The VIEW MORE links provide even more detailed insights into your forms, impressions, and conversion rates.