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Thrive Themes Review: What I Learned Using Thrive Leads Plugin for My Opt-ins, Slide-ins, Pop-ups...

Updated: 4 days ago

In this Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin Review, we look at how the 'thrive leads' wordpress plugin works, some features and if it's still an effective list-building tool for wordpress users in 2023.

Have you heard any of these?

“The money is in the list”

“Your email list should be your number #1 priority”

That's true because:

  1. I was able to make my first dollar on this blog from my email list.

  2. My email subscribers are my biggest fans to date.

What is Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin?

Thrive Leads is a list-building tool used to put together a database of like-minded people online, usually called email subscribers.

Thrive leads builds this database by providing effective opt in forms which users could input their details (name, email, phone number or address…) to get in.

Here's a typical Thrive Leads opt-in form:

Other opt-in form types provided by Thrive Leads are Pop-up, slide-in, in-line forms, “sticky” ribbons, lightboxes, scroll mats and many others.

How Effective are Thrive Leads?

A regular, free opt-in form builder could get you a handful of email addresses to your database (or email service provider, ESP) but an effective opt-in form builder would get you up to 10X more.

With thrive leads, I was able to more than quadruple my email signups within 2 weeks. Yes, you read that right; 2 weeks.