What is Social Media Advertising?
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What is Social Media Advertising?

What is social media advertising?

In today's world, social media advertising is a multibillion dollar industry. Social media advertising is a form (or type) of digital marketing, whereby marketers, businesses, entrepreneurs, brands, use paid advertisements to serve or target a specific audience on the internet via different platforms and social media networks with billions of users.

Platforms like Facebook, X, Instagram, etc, have 10 billion users combined.

Social media ads allow businesses and marketers to reach their desired customers, promote their brand, drive sales, increase, reach or increase social media followers, engagements, or grow traffic.

Social media today has advanced over the decade. Lets briefly look at how social media advertising became a huge deal today.

The origin of social media ads or social media advertising.

Origin of Social Media Advertising

When we think about the origins of social media advertising, we mostly think about Facebook and Instagram ads, But that really was what made it popular online.

With time, people started creating thousands and thousands of pages online. People started using sponsored stories, mobile apps, messenger, and chatbots ads.

How Social Media Advertising Started in 2006.

According to a report by Adroll.com, Facebook ads platform launched in 2006. In 2007, YouTube debuted its in-video advertising.

In 2013, Pinterest and Instagram also introduced their ads to their various platforms.

Now fast forward to 2014, Snapchat also begins its first ad.

In 2020, TikTok launched their ad features.

Creating a Social Media Ad Today

How do I create a social media ad?

The advertiser (you) decides which social media platform(s) they want to advertise on. Here is what I tell my social media marketing and SEO clients: Before you decide what social media platform(s) you want to advertise on, find out what social media platforms have your ideal target customers.

I have a guide on this so you can click the below link to read the full guide:

Secondly, the business or the brand should create a business account on the social media platform or platforms they want to advertise on. So let's say you want to create Facebook ads.

What you want to do is go to Facebook, create a Facebook business page. This will allow you to create an ad account for your Page.

Next, set your social media advertising goals.

Set your budget, set your objectives and your goals

Do you want to attract clicks? Increase exposure?

Or grow your social media followers for a start?

Whether you want more views, leads, or customers, you should set clear goals for your social media ad campaigns.

This will set your social media advertising on a clear path.

Types of Social Media Ads on Different Social Networks

What are the types of social media ads?

  1. Meta ads (Instagram and Facebook ads):

  2. Carousel ads,

  3. Collection ads,

  4. Video ads,

  5. Image ads

  6. TikTok ads.

  7. In-feeds ads,

  8. Promoted hashtag campaigns.

  9. Branded effects.

  10. Pinterest ads,

  11. X ads

What are the benefits of social media advertising?

Benefits (and Disadvantages) of Social Media Advertising

What are the advantages of advertising on social media?

There are so many benefits of advertising on social media. This mostly depends on various factors like;

  • your type of business or brand

  • the results you want

  • objectives, etc.

Increase Brand Reach Fast

Now, with billions of people on different social media platforms, you can easily use social media ads to reach them.

Audience Targeting

With advanced audience targeting on various social media platforms, businesses can easily go specific and target the very customers they desire.

Low cost (as opposed to billboards, radio and TV ads)

If you're comparing the traditional media advertising methods we used to have (TV, radio ads, newspaper ads, Billboards, etc), social media ads are way cheaper.

You can literally pay a cent (depending on your target location) for every qualified lead your business gets.

You also get in-depth ad dashboards which will also help you increase conversions. With traditional advertising channels, businesses had to guess.

What are the Pros and Cons of Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising offers a wide range of importance, benefits and cons as well.

What are the cons of social media advertising?

  1. Fast results,

  2. improved brand recognition,

  3. super targeted advertising,

  4. cost effective.

  5. social media engagements,

  6. leads,

  7. measurable results,

  8. direct customers, etc.

What are the cons or disadvantages of social media advertising?

Social media advertising requires consistency, budgetting, and effective management.

The moment you stop paying for these social media ads, your results stop.

Another disadvantage of social media advertising is the cost. No matter how little, it is still money. Without it, your social media ads won't run.

Other disadvantages are;

  • people's ignorance,

  • negative comments and lots more.

Another thing is with social media advertising, you need to be a pro. Or at least have some experience in social media advertising. This will save you a lot of ad budget in the long run.

If you are just starting out, you may have to test different ads that MAY not work. So the risk is you may need to use real money to learn.

If you're a beginner, startup or a new business, then the risk is a bit higher as you may not have budget to spare for that.

Frequently Asked Questions Around Social Media Advertising?

What is social media advertising?

Social media advertising is a type of digital marketing is a form of digital marketing that utilizes budget on different social media platforms and networks in order to target a specific audience using digital advertisement.

Why is digital social media advertising important now?

Social media advertising is important and provides super fast results. Businesses can target any audience fast.

How much does social media advertising cost?

Now, there is no one size fits all when it comes to social media advertising cost. Depending on the type of campaign you want to run, Facebook, Instagram X, Pinterest and TikTok all charge different depending on your target audience and all of that.

How effective is social media advertising?

Social media advertising is one of the most effective and fastest way to reach your target customers or clients. Once you have a budget and create a campaign, you see results immediately you kickstart your social media ad campaigns.

What are some examples of social media advertising?

Here are social media adverts on different major social media platforms that you can learn from:

YouTube's In-Video Ads
YouTube's In-Video Ads

Instagram Image Ads
Instagram Image Ads

Google Ads advertising on Facebook to reach a wider audience.
Google Ads advertising on Facebook to reach a wider audience.

Are you currently running any social media ad campaigns?

Drop a comment and tell us your experience advertising on social media as a business.

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