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Who is Simon Zaku? Why You Should Hire Me for Your Blog?

Updated: 4 days ago

Hello and thank you so much for checking out my newly revived website (or blog) ;)

My name is Simon Zaku and I've been writing for blogs and businesses for the past 10 years. In fact, here's one of the first blog articles I tried writing years ago:

Not too bad for a starter from Nigeria, right?

Now, every business wants to achieve one goal or another…

Every agency dreams of one thing or another…

Every startup wants to get more signups...

More paid users...

This could be more clients, more brand reach, more traffic, leads, brand authority or brand exposure.


Instagram and Twitter could get you a handful of clicks to your agency website or bring you, users. LinkedIn can be amazing for leads, and users and even creating value.

But Business Blogging (or content marketing) could get you 10 times more traffic.

Think about the ideas behind every Google search.

Today, there are over 8 billion Google searches every day. Yahoo's search engine gets over 1 billion.

That's a lot of possibilities for your brand objectives through search engines.

30% of digital agencies don't have a blog.

Most of those that do, either publish a few times a year or most times don't publish at all.

About 3 years ago (during the pandemic), I really wanted to grow my traffic, and leads and eventually sell a book from my blog (ended up publishing this book and sold a few copies).

(I sold a copy on the first day and I was super excited).

How did I do that?

I started writing and publishing SUPER detailed and engaging blog content each week.