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"How to Triple Your Traffic in 60 Days Using SEO"

My name is Simon Zaku from Nigeria and I want to teach you how to grow any website's traffic without having to spend a dollar on Facebook Ad and I am certain that your head is filled with a lot of questions for me. 


Like what results and how quickly should you expect after reading this book?

Around 10 years ago, when I got into digital marketing and website promotion, I felt "those with the higher social media following gets to drive the most traffic". 


I “thought” huge brands (like Forbes, Inc) with millions of visitors majorly survived because they had a firm social media presense that they always post on.


Well, in some cases but definitely not all. 


After years of trial and error, with lots of failed websites, I became frustrated then I decided to work for brands for free until I figured how this traffic thing worked.


I worked hard and about 3 years later, I was hired by an Instagram marketing agency where I worked for free!


In less than six weeks, traffic tripled, and in about two months, we had attracted over 10k unique visitors through blogs. Without paying a penny to Google, Twitter, Instgram, or Facebook Ads.


I wasn’t so sure, so I tried it on my website and my traffic went from 0 to over 7,000 monthly visitors in less than eight weeks.


Fast forward to today, I’ve used the same strategy I’ll be revealing to you (in the free webinar) to attract 1,000,000s of organic visitors to different webpages on the your website and I want to help you do the same within the next 60 days.


(Yes, some of my clients blog articles have done millions in traffic)


If you struggle to get traffic to your website or you are scared your website traffic might fall off at any moment then I invested some extra time to create this "tag-along" product which is an ebook to help you get fully equipped for SEO and blogging for business! 


This book will help you understand the deepest traffic myths and secrets that you most marketers and bloggers still believe right about now. 


Years back, I always thought that I needed to continually share my website link on Facebook, buy ads, send countless tweets and drop my links everywhere but... I was completely wrong! 


I also thought my website needed to be a "top authority" in my niche to get enough traffic to run a sustainable business. 


Through trial and error, I finally figured the 3 unique traffic strategies that REALLY work. 


This ebook which is available for just $4.97 will help you dissolve the current deadly traffic beliefs you have and install a better one. 


This $4.97 ebook, will lay out the basic foundation of traffic generation and give you a headstart against other registrants during this webinar who wouldn't grab this one-time offer. 


This $4.97 book reveals the exact traffic blueprint that will keep your website traffic below 5,000/month (kept mine below 5k for months). 


I used this same blueprint for,,,, and many more. 


You see, if you want to ensure you get the most value out of search engines in 2023 today, then my book, How to Attract 10,000 People to Your Client's Website WITHOUT Creating a Single Fb Ad, Instagram Image or Tweet, is simply a great piece to get started with. RIGHT NOW!


Now this is for agencies, B2B startups, bloggers, freelancers.


Do you have digital marketing, content, SEO, social media or coaching clients? 


How happy would your clients feel if you helped them increase traffic by 10,000 monthly unique visitors? 


Ready to help your clients increase their website traffic without demanding huge advertising budgets? 


Here's how to get a copy:


Click here (or the button below) to go to the checkout page. 


Enter your name and email then choose your preferred payment method (paypal, debit, credit cards). 


Make payment (secured by Paystack, Flutterwave) and I'll send a copy to you immediately.


Here's what the book covers:


  • The 3 most deadly traffic myths 99% of digital marketers believe. Without breaking the false beliefs you already have about generating traffic, you'd be stuck at 3k to 5k monthly visits - Worth $47

  • The 3 correct traffic mindset every digital marketer must posses before thinking of helping - Worth $47

  • My story. Here I share tell the story of how I broke these false beliefs and worked with new ones that helped me make my clients happy. I’ll show you real love screenshots of my client traffic growth and the step by step process I used. I’m literally giving you an insiders-look - Priceless!




for $4.97 only (less than $5)


For now, stay safe, and have a productive day!



Simon Zaku

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