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Q: What Services Do You Offer as an SEO and Blog Manager?

I offer a comprehensive range of services, including keyword research, blog post ideation, SEO writing, social media copywriting and design, email outreach for backlinks and traffic, blog/WordPress management, and compelling landing page copywriting.

Q: Can You Explain Your Monthly Plans and Pricing Structure?

I offer monthly plans ranging from $700 to $1,500, which cover a variety of services based on your business needs. These plans are designed to provide a cost-effective solution for ongoing SEO and blog management. And if you are ordering a blog article written, it costs around $150 to $300 depending on the blog article's project type.

Q: How Can Your Services Help My Business Generate Leads and Customers?

With 10 years experience as a blogger, I offer effective blogging services. Through strategic blogging, SEO optimization, and content marketing, I create engaging and shareable content that attracts your target audience, increasing your online visibility and ultimately driving more leads and customers to your business.

Q: What Does Your Blog or WordPress Management Entail?

I take care of various aspects, including regular content updates, plugin management, security monitoring, and performance optimization, ensuring that your blog or website functions seamlessly.

Q: What is the Significance of Keyword Research in Your Services?

Keyword research is crucial for understanding what your target audience is searching for online. By incorporating relevant keywords into your blog content, I ensure that your blog ranks higher in search engine results, leading to increased organic traffic.

Q: How Do You Approach Email Outreach for Backlinks and Traffic?

I conduct personalized and strategic email outreach to relevant websites and influencers, aiming to secure quality backlinks that enhance your site's authority and drive targeted traffic.

Q: Can you Provide Examples of Successful Projects you've Worked on in the Past?

Certainly! I share case studies and examples of previous projects where my strategies and efforts have resulted in increased traffic, improved search rankings, and business growth on my blog; https://simonzaku.com/blog/.

Q: What is your Approach to Handling Revisions or Updates to Published Content?

I am open to feedback and revisions to ensure that the content aligns with your vision and goals. Whether it's updating information or making improvements, I strive for results and client satisfaction.

Q: Can you Provide a Content Calendar Outlining the Topics and Publishing Schedule?

Yes, I create detailed content calendars that outline the topics, keywords, and publishing schedule for your startup blog. This helps in planning and maintaining a consistent flow of high-quality content.

Q: How Do you Customize your Strategies to Fit the Unique Needs of Each Client?

I conduct a thorough analysis of your business, industry, and target audience to tailor my strategies accordingly. Each client receives a personalized approach to meet their specific goals and challenges.

Q: How Do you Measure the Success of your SEO and Blog Management Efforts?

I use a combination of tools to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversion rates, and social media engagement. Regular reports are provided to keep you informed about the progress.

Q: What is the Typical Timeline for Seeing Results from your SEO and Blog Management Services?

The timeline varies based on factors such as industry competitiveness and the current state of your online presence. However, many clients start seeing improvements in search rankings and traffic within the first few months of implementation.

Testimonial on Simon Zaku's SEO services Amy

“Wow, Simon! This is the best article I have ever read on Twitter and I have PAID good money to learn more about it. You gave this for free, I can’t wait to learn more from you and am subscribing to you today! I am going to start trying these steps one by one as I have time and I can’t wait to see the results.” - Amy Marohl, Neededinthehome.com

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