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Who is Simon Zaku? SEO & Content Writer for Businesses with 10 Years of Experience

Updated: Sep 17

Hello, thank you for checking out my (newly revived) b2b startup content and digital marketing blog for startup founders, marketing professionals, and content creators ;)

9 year old simon taki zaku


Simon Zaku

My name is Simon Zaku and I've been writing for agencies, startups and businesses for the past 10 years. Here's one of the first blog articles I wrote years ago:

Simon Zaku SEO Specialist

A very old article written by simon zaku
A very old article written by me

A very old article written by simon zaku 2

Not too bad for a starter from Nigeria, right?

What Exactly Do I Do for Digital Businesses?

You see, every startup wants to achieve one goal or another. Every business, organization or agency dream of achieving at least one objective.

This could be to get more sign-ups, registrants, leads, booking, and sales, or acquire paid users for your startup or application.

Businesses also want to increase traffic, brand authority, reach, and build a loyal fanbase.

Quick Action Note: Take a second to think about that one goal your company wants to achieve this year. (Feel free to share in the comments).

Can Social Media Platforms Like Instagram, Facebook or X (formerly Twitter) Drive Free Traffic to Your Website?

Oftentimes, Startup founders ask;

How do you get leads on Instagram?

Does Twitter work for B2B marketing?

But truth be told; people barely click links on Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram and Twitter could get you a handful of clicks (from your social shares) to your startup website or a few users here and there.

Except you a budget of $1000s for paid social adverts.

LinkedIn is also powerful for generating potential leads, clients, and users.


How can you improve your SEO with blogging and effective content marketing?

Effective startup blogging or b2b content marketing can get you 10 times more organic traffic, sign-ups, leads, and customers than most social networks without having to break to bank.

30% of digital agencies don't have a blog.

Most of those that do, either publish a few times a year or most times don't publish at all.

Think about the ideas behind every Google search.

Today, there are over 8 billion Google searches every day. Yahoo's search engine gets over 1 billion.

That's a lot of possibilities for your brand objectives through search engines.

About 3 years ago (during the pandemic), I wanted to grow my traffic and leads and eventually sell a book from my blog.

I ended up publishing this book and sold a few copies. You can click this link to check the book.

How I Became Friends with 100 Expert Blogers in One Year - Simon Zaku

How I Became Friends with 100 Expert Blogers in One Year - Simon Zaku2

Plus, I got this email out of nowhere!

How I Became Friends with 100 Expert Blogers in One Year - Simon Zaku3

Fun fact: I hadn't set up the payment method before this email because I never thought anyone would buy my book.

I simply started writing and publishing SUPER detailed and engaging blog content each week.

The results?

  1. Within 6 to 8 weeks, I had published 12 blog posts.

  2. Every blog post had a minimum of 2,000 words. One article was a 10,000-word resource guide while a few posts were around the 3,000-word mark.

  3. This caused a tremendous growth in my search engine, social and direct traffic.

  4. This also tripled my email newsletter SignUps in less than 2 weeks.

Side Note: I will be publishing about 3 case studies on how I helped generate over 1 million visitors just by writing, publishing and promoting weekly blog posts. Be sure to sign-up for my community forum here to be the first to know when it's LIVE.

Here's what I did to achieve this traffic and SEO results;

  1. To begin with, I published well-researched, valuable content (mainly how-tos) & detailed blog posts.

  2. Each post has between 2,000 to 5,000 words and I publish once each week.

  3. I promoted the heaven out of each blog post I published. This includes cold reach-outs, social marketing, content repurposing, etc.

  4. I rinsed and repeated every week! (A/B Testing)

All my blog articles had at least one hundred (100) social media shares with the highest having 6,000 social shares followed by a 3,000-shared article. (At the time, before my blog crashed due to technical error).

Past Clients I Have Worked With?

I've gone over to apply the same techniques for other startups like,,, and more!

A b2b blog post with 500k visitors written by simon zaku
A B2B Blog Post with 500k+ Visitors Written by Simon Zaku

My content has been shared by some of the top & most influential marketing minds in the b2b industry.

Think Evan Carmichael, Noah Kagan, Sam Hurley, Rebekah Radice, Mark Schaefer, Samantha Kelly, Ryan Biddulph, and many more.

Tweet by Shane Barker on Simon Zaku
Tweet by Shane Barker on Simon Zaku

Tweet by Dan Gingiss on Simon Zaku on Twitter

How will my unique blog content writing and promotion strategy grow your startup or agency?

Do blogs help with Google ranking?

Research by HubSpot shows that companies who Blog receive 97% more backlinks to their websites.

Even though Google is starting to think less about backlinks, it still plays a huge role; especially links from credible (and related) websites.

I've used blogging to attract over 1,800 backlinks to a single blog post on my website, causing it to appear on several #1-page rank for top competitive keywords beating sites like HubSpot, SocialMediaExaminer, Jeffbullas, etc. which was an article on Twitter automation.

Now, what do I do as a startup SEO & content writing specialist?

Simon Zaku - B2b Startup SEO & Content Specialist: How I Can Help Your B2b Startup Grow without Wasting Extra Time

I can replicate my tested and proven blogging and content marketing approach for your b2b startup, blog, or agency!

But, I have just 3 questions for you:

Question #1:

Do you want to reach 10X more people from search engines without breaking the bank on paid social media and Google Ads?

Question #2:

Would you love to see your startup or agency become a top resource and an authoritative website in your niche? This will allow you focus on more important aspects of your company like sales, clients, prospect meetings, etc?

Question #3:

Would you love to grow an online community around your startup, agency, brand blog, or website where your exact target audience and potential clients or customoers come to learn every single day?

Have you answered yes to all or any of the three questions?

Then my service-as-a-pack writing service is definitely for you! And I decided to call this service the SIMONWRITES Agency!

Click Here to Apply for My Services through the "Purchase Articles" page and be sure to include details on your specific project(s).

What is SIMONWRITES Agency and how can you work with me to work on your startup's SEO and content marketing efforts?

Simon T. Zaku

My name is Simon Taki Zaku and I'm the founder of SIMONWRITES Agency.

Simon (Taki) Zaku Official Google Business Profile
Simon (Taki) Zaku Official Google Business Profile

This done-for-you service pack allows digital agencies and startups to carry out all your content writing and marketing tasks effectively.


I am inviting you to work with me by filling out this little questionnaire below.

I'll look into your business or startup and get back to you with the next details on if your business is a great fit for us. Then we discuss a clear strategy better on call or via email!

Here are FOUR Main Ways I Will Help Your Business:

Here are the different ways I can help your startup:

Content Task #1:

I'll write and publish well-researched SEO blog articles weekly. Each article must be detailed & engaging enough to attract & keep your ideal target customers or clients.

Each article will have at least 2,000 to 5,000 words (depending on article type, goal, and objectives...).

Content Task #2:

I'll create a unique blog promotion strategy to reach as many targeted people as possible.

We'll be using effective lead-generation strategies weekly to attract email subscribers to grow your email list with your specific target customers or clients.

Content Task #3:

Write engaging newsletter emails, email courses, or sales emails for your website.

Want to apply with us and find out if your agency or startup is a good fit for our done-for-you service pack? Use the form or questionnaire to apply right now.

Simon Zaku SEO & Content Marketing Specialist

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