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Blog Ebook: How I Build Relationships & Collaborate with Other Influential Bloggers!

Updated: May 18

Read this and learn how I started collaborating and building meaningful relationships with expert and influential bloggers in my space.

I still remember the very day I was thinking about publishing an expert round-up post as my very first blog post on my new blog.

Blog Strategies: How I Build Relationships & Collaborate with Other Influential Bloggers!

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I was very much confused.

Well, I was scared no one would read my blogs!

What if I publish a blog post that gets 0 traffic?

What if I publish a blog post no one likes or cares about?

I don’t know if you get that deep feeling too but anytime I’m publishing a blog post I get a little irk' no one would see it.

My name is Simon Zaku and when I started my blog, I simply felt no one was going to share my article.

Why the heck would anyone care about any creepy b2b post a Nigerian publishes?

These were the thoughts newbie-me had to deal with when I was gearing up to start publishing blog posts after starting the blog.

My first blog article which terrified me has done well over 3,000 social media shares (missing Twitter shares), brought in 100s of email subscribers and tens of thousands of visitors too.

Building Relationships with Influential Bloggers: How to Become Friends with Popular Bloggers with ONE Strategy

After publishing the post on my new blog, I remember tweeting it out a few times and sharing it on Facebook and LinkedIn too then I closed my laptop computer and I slept (it was around 2 am in the night).

I woke up the next morning and refreshed my post. ZERO shares, ZERO comments, and about 10 visits.

I expected it so I started reaching out to all the popular/influential bloggers that were in -the blog post with the link to the post asking them to share it if they liked it.

Guess what?

Within 7 days, the post was already at 1,000 social shares with 1,000s of visits.

That’s crazy because I was new and had no prior experience.

Now, what helped me achieve this result? ‘Influencers’ AKA popular bloggers…

I leveraged my network and promoted the blog post as hell!

Without the influencers, I literally would be stuck at ZERO shares, ZERO comments, and ZERO traffic.

Now, if you have tried emailing influential bloggers, you should know it is certainly not easy and most times, they do not reply!

Some who reply even send “harsh” replies begging me to get off their inbox.

Nonetheless, I was still able to get a strategy for getting these busy folks to open my emails, reply to them and also build long-term relationships with them.

I still reach out to some of these influencers today anytime I publish a new article and most of them still happily share it with me. Everything all boils down to the one secret strategy that I used…

I have never seen, read, or watched it anywhere on the internet yet and that is exactly what is packed in my book, How to Become Friends with Popular Bloggers (as a new blogger).


  1. How I easily get on any influencer’s radar [no matter how popular or busy he or she might be].

  2. Actionable strategies that I used to make popular bloggers notice my new blog [with one post].

  3. How I began exchanging emails back and forth with 15 popular bloggers in less than a week [with just 1 secret strategy].

  4. How I got some of the most influential bloggers and marketers on the internet to share my first blog post.

  5. The strategy led to over 1,000 social shares on my FIRST blog post [on this very blog] in less than a week of publishing.

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“Today I want to talk about how to succeed when you’re starting out and nothing seems to be working. Blogging celebrity Jon Morrow failed miserably with his first blog. And his second. Finally he decided to quit blogging altogether. But before taking down his blog he asked a successful blogger to do a post mortem on his site. He wanted to know where he went wrong. The answer came back and it was very simple: “You tried to do it on your own, and that’s not how blogging works”. This is a lesson that my friend Simon Zaku also learnt. He tried and failed with three different blogs before discovering the secret sauce that’s finally put him on the fast track to blogging success. In his book ‘How I become friends with 100+ popular bloggers in One year‘, Simon describes exactly how he did it. Simon’s technique works. I can vouch for it because it’s the technique I used in my first year of blogging. But Simon has a twist on it. It’s a kind of multiplier effect that allows him to leverage the technique and get exponential growth (I wish I’d known this tip back then). I first met Simon when he invited me to participate in an expert roundup. I checked out his website and one thing that struck me was the number of shares on his blog posts. This guy was a relative newcomer but his blog posts had hundreds of social media shares. One of his posts had 3K shares! I wanted to know how he did it. So I read Simon’s book and I recommend you do the same. If you’re struggling with your blog, if you’ve run out of ideas and you just want to get your blog off the ground, read Simon’s book: ‘How I become friends with 100+ popular bloggers in One year’.”
- Rob Powell, founder of

Blog Strategies: How I Build Relationships with Influential Bloggers!

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See you in the community, BUDDY! Simon ZAKU.