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How to Publish a Blog Post in Wix

Hello my blog family. This is your favorite SEO consultant and specialist and content creation. And this page will show you the easy steps to publishing a new blog post in Wix.

This is my Wix dashboard (screenshot below) and it is the new Wix Studio, which is the updated version of Wix software.

This is a step by step video (watch the YouTube video here) tutorial blog post on how to publish a blog post in Wix.

In your Wix dashboard, you can get to see your analytics.

The first thing you want to do is to go to the 'blog' tab.

To do this, hover over the 'blog' tab to see the blog options.

The 'overview' tab shows performance and analytics of how your blog posts are doing currently.

This is what the blog overview looks like.

The 'post' tab is where you can create new blog posts, see your drafts, pending posts that require approval, blog categories, tags, manage writers and also see detailed analytics here.

Moving to the next step, you should go to the 'post' tab.

Here, we have;

The publish tab: which are the blog post that you have published live on your website.

The draft tab: blog post ideas you are working on but are not yet published live for visitors to see. So I have 66 drafts at the moment here. (This is why I'm inviting you to subscribe to my blog)

The pending tab: blog posts that are ready to be published but require approval from let's say, an editor or the owner of the blog or website.

The scheduled tab: here you see the blog posts that have been approved and have been scheduled to be published live.

The trash tab: whenever you delete any blog post either from the published tab, draft or pending, it comes to the trash tab.

To publish a blog post on Wix, hover to the top right hand corner and click on Create New Blog Post.

This loads to your Wix blog editor.

For creating content, what I do, is I mostly use Google Doc to write out the entire blog post and then copy and paste to my blog editor.

I don't usually write my blog posts directly in the Wix blog post editor because I could easily lose it due to network failure or lag or something like that. So I prefer to use Google Docs to write out all my content and copy and paste right in the Wix blog post editor.

How do you give out a backlink to other websites in the Wix blog post composer?

To link to any websites, simply highlight whatever keywords, key phrase, word, or character and over to the URL section and then you can put in target link you want.

With Wix, you can make your links no follow, that means Google or search engines will not be able to follow the target URL.

backlinks from wix blog composer

And if it's a sponsored URL (like affiliate), check the sponsored box and click save.

wix backlink simonzaku

On the left hand side, you can see the blog post settings, SEO, categories, tags and monetize.

Settings - you can add your featured image, publish dates. If you want to schedule, you can do that here. You can also select the writer that is publishing the particular blog post.

On the advanced tab, you can add blog post excerpts, and select related blog posts as well.

The SEO tab is one section I absolutely love because I am an SEO freak. The Wix SEO tab is Yoast SEO for WordPress.

This tab allows you to properly optimize every blog post for search engines and it works like heaven.

You can include your target keyword, optimize the entire article or blog post for search engine, add alt texts, SERP titles, and more.

The categories tab - you can create and assign specific categories for your blog posts which can help with SEO.

The tags tab help your readers find smaller niches within your blog categories.

The Wix blog post monetize tab allows Wix users to make money from individual blog posts.

What is one thing I love about the Wix Blog Post Editor?

wix blog post editor composer dashboard

I really like the new Wix SEO settings because I'm able to rank really quickly by using the SEO settings right here. Like I said, it just like Yoast plugin for WordPress users.

Next, you want to preview your blog post for final review (proofreading, proper formatting, unnecessary words, typos...).

When you're done you can either;

  • publish the blog post,

  • save as draft and continue later,

  • schedule the blog post,

  • post history,

  • duplicate the post or;

  • delete

wix blog post publish and draft options

To publish your final blog post on Wix, click the publish button at the top right hand corner of the Wix Blog Post Editor. And your blog post goes LIVE publish on your Wix website/blog.

Thank you so much for reading. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog forum and check to for comments.

Your favorite SEO guy,

Simon Taki Zaku

How to Publish a Blog Post in Wix Step by Step
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