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AI vs Writers: Why Expert Writers Will Prevail Over AI

Updated: Jun 7

Will AI replace freelance writers?

Will ChatGPT replace freelance writers?

AI vs Freelance Writers: 12 Factual Reasons Writers Will Prevail Over AI in 2024

Should you hire a freelance writer in 2024 or use an AI writing tool?

A few hours before publishing this article about AI Vs Freelance Writers, I got this email from a popular AI writing brand:


Will AI Replace Freelance Writers? 12 Ways Freelance Writers Outshine CHATGPT

It says;

"What if you could have your content writer?

- A content writer that comes without the headache of management. A content writer who can write tirelessly.

- A content writer who can create fluent English, high-authority content. A content writer who can write 100% search-engine-friendly content.

- A content writer who can write content in seconds for you. INTRODUCING..."

But the question remains; is that tool even possible?

Is ChatGPT AI taking over the jobs of freelance writers or not?

Are you debating hiring a freelancer writer or plan to go into freelance writing?

For this blog article, I have a long list of factual reasons why you should hire a freelance writer over any AI writing tool or assistant out there.

Don't get me wrong - ChatGPT is an amazing AI tool but is not taking over the jobs of expert freelance writers and I'll show you why.

As a business owner, you are often focused on product development, sales, and other customer-related tasks.

These tasks are often time-demanding. Hence, you might not have enough time to craft intriguing articles consistently.

Here's why going for an expert freelance writer will always be the better choice for your startup.

AI Vs Freelance Writers: Exploring Where AI Falls Short in Writing

Here are some of the top reasons AI writing tools or ChatGPT can never take the jobs of professional freelance SEO writers.

Let's get into it:

1. You Access to the Best Real Life Work-Experiences from Freelance Writers

When hiring a freelance writer, you have access to the best writers on the internet.

Most freelance writers have worked on tons of past projects in specific industries. Or have probably worked on similar tasks to yours.

Especially professionals in a specific writing niche. Like B2B or B2C, eCommerce, Cryptocurrency, etc.

Come to think of it this way;

Working for several clients in the same niche is different from working for a single company as an employee.

The diversity allows you to garner more ideas to their knowledge base.

An experienced freelance writer knows exactly what is right for your business. They must've worked in a similar business environment.

Side Note: Are you looking to hire a freelance blog writer for your business?

I'm inviting you to work with me. You can learn more here and send me an email via simonzakucom at Gmail dot com to see if you are a great fit for my blog writing services.


2. Your Content Will Convert Higher If Researched and Written by an Expert Freelance Writer

Each article you produce should act as a funnel for your business.

It should take readers on a journey. A marketing journey.

It should take visitors through your lead magnets or newsletter and then possibly customers or clients.

The purpose of creating content and blogs is to generate more leads and increase conversion.

Freelance writers and copywriters are masters in the art of persuasion, and it takes experts to craft words that convert.

An AI writing tool wouldn't know about your customers, what they want, your products, and exactly how to persuade them to buy.

And that's exactly what content marketing is all about - getting your ideal target audience to sign up or purchase from you.

3. An Experienced Writer Can Design a Defined Email Marketing Strategy for You

Emails are part of content marketing.

It's one of the biggest sources of revenue for most digital companies today.

Emails have gone beyond the regular things, such as the all-text they used to be.

You need an expert in email marketing to get an excellent job done and, more so, to bring the desired plan out.

Email subscriptions are needed to grow your small business. Subscribers receive more information about new products and are kept up-to-date about the services that you offer.

An experienced writer will ensure you write high-converting emails as well.

For example, if you work with my blog writing agency, we take care of your blog content PLUS generate well-written email newsletters planned & written for your customers and sent by you.

You can contact me via email to see if you're a good fit for us.

4. Flexibility to Work Whenever

This is one of the central benefits of hiring a freelance writer over using an AI writing assistant on an in-house team.

Most in-house professionals would focus on their tasks strictly during official work hours, and might not have to attend to any task over the weekends.

The focus of a freelance writer is to meet the needs and surpass the expectations of the employer or agency they are working for.

Hence, we can work flexibly and within tight schedules and deadlines.

I could choose to assign a task to a freelance writer I have worked with before even during 'non-working' hours with additional tips.

5. You Get Well-Researched, Detailed (or Long Form) Blog Content

Different strategies work for various businesses, but long-form content is just a bang in accelerating your ranking on search engines.

The days of 200-600-word articles that would encourage the whole wide web to celebrate you are long gone.

You must provide absolute value.

When I am talking about long-form content, I mean something above a 2k to 3k-word article.

6. Increased SEO Traffic

If you create and promote exceptional content, search engines will reward you.

SEO revolves around high-quality content writing and promotion.

However, not every piece of content would rank well on Google, and pumping out ‘good’ content is not enough.

You need an expert in SEO writing for your content to be visible on Google.

You might know what your audience needs, but you might not know about search engine optimization strategies.

There is the need to insert related keywords that raise higher search results while avoiding keyword stuffing.

7. You Get Access to Extra Services and Additional Skills

Freelance writers have worked with several clients and agencies, which has forced them to develop some other relevant skills.

Some of the skills they have might not be relevant to you at the inception, but in the future, you could come to utilize those skills

From my experience in the freelance industry, any freelancer would be thrilled to offer the best they can even within a low budget, as that is the source of their livelihood.

Also, they are often quick to offer their other skills, when there is a need for them, as they want to remain relevant to their employer.

Aside from writing, freelance writers could also offer services such as virtual assistance, customer services, and general clerical services.

8. Your Website Attracts Way More Quality Backlinks

A good freelance writer would know how to get more backlinks by implementing strategies that have worked for several other clients.

“Backlinks”, meaning sites that link to your site, are one of the most important factors to rank high on Google.

When you get backlinks from credible and authoritative websites, you set your business for increased traffic.

Building ‘quality’ backlinks to your website is tasking and time-consuming.

A good freelance writer would know how to get more backlinks by implementing strategies that have worked for several past clients.

9. Access to their Influential Leverage - an AI assistant has no profile

Excellent freelance writers are authorities in their industries and many run their blogs and websites which are linked to other authorities in different industries.

As a small business owner, you could leverage the influence of your freelance writer to grow your business.

Often, freelance writers could have worked for big companies, gotten several recommendations and testimonials, and would be well known on social media.

For example, as a content manager at UniclixApp, my author bio was always attached to every blog I wrote. This helped create a closer bond between the readers the team and me.

10. Experienced Content Writers are Great Social Media Copywriters, Managers and Marketers

Freelance writers get their jobs through different social channels, and they are often in the strait of pleasing their clients.

Most freelance writers have superb social media marketing skills as they must market themselves always.  

Freelance writers often have more than writing skills, and you never could tell how helpful those skills could be.

The need to reach out to new clients dive deeper into the market, and most times handle social media accounts for different clients further pushing freelance writers to develop their internet marketing skills.

This knowledge and experience would be helpful for a small business.

On the other hand, an AI writing assistant is just a writing tool.

11. Beyond Freelancing Partners, You Build Real Human Connections

Building connections with the right people is a powerful marketing skill.

Meeting freelance writers who are authorities in their different niches, could be of tremendous help to you and grow from being business partners to building bridges of connection.

Employing staff with this niche expertise could be expensive, particularly when you do not require those services often, but still have to pay to keep them.

12) Freelance Writers Help Build Your Website's Brand Personality

Here is another point that you should consider for hiring a freelance writer.

Freelance writers could be content managers also, and they could build their brands and personalities on social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social apps.

Simon Taki Zaku AI vs Freelance Writers: 12 Factual Reasons Writers Will Prevail Over AI in 2024

You could leverage their online profile and build your brand.

How to Hire & Manage Freelance Writers

Small business owners who are just starting want to expand their teams. That would be abnormal if you are not interested in promoting your brand or building your business.

You would ask yourself;

How do I manage freelance writers?

We might not be in the same geographical location, so how do I bridge the time difference?

How would the work culture in his/her country affect our task?

Here's how to manage freelance writers.

Tips on How to Manage Freelance Writers:

Effective communication: Once you have hired your writer, the next step is building the communication gap, or else the work will be done haphazardly.

In addition, you could employ a communication channel such as Slack.

This tool would help you send all the necessary information, both major and minor corrections, and images when needed.

You should get feedback within intervals: There should not be extended periods of silence between you and your writers, there should be room for consistent feedback on work progress at intervals.

Sign a written (and signed) contract: Very important before you begin work.

Now listen;

Do you need an experienced SEO blog writer or marketer for your startup, agency, or personal brand? Let's talk!

If you are by any chance looking to hire someone to write content for you, feel free to contact me to get me and my amazing team to see how we work with you and help your startup.

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Thank you for reading and see you again :)

Simon Zaku

Founder, SimonWrites Agency,

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