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08 Powerful Blog Promotion Strategies for Your Next Blog Post

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

How do you drive traffic to your blog?

Read this guide and learn 8 super actionable blog promotion strategies for your next blog post.

I'm Simon Zaku and this blog post reveals the strategies I use to get loads of traffic and social shares to my website,, through blog posts.

Without wasting much time, let's begin!

08 Actionable Blog Promotion Strategies for Bloggers

08 Actionable Blog Promotion Strategies for Bloggers

08 Actionable Blog Promotion Strategies for Bloggers

Here are my top-secret strategies for generating traffic to your blog:

1. Publish An Expert Roundup Post (my first roundup did 20k visits).

If you follow my blog, then you know I'm a big fan of expert roundups, especially as a new blogger or content creator.

With just a single expert roundup post, I was able to kick-start my new blog (this very blog) to tens of thousands of page views and shares within my first 2 months.

My first expert roundup generated over 1,000 social shares within its first seven days of going live.

Blog roundup posts have proven to be effective in generating tons of traffic social media shares and web traffic too.

Here are the three main steps to publishing your first expert roundup post.

- Coming up with your idea.

- Finding popular bloggers to participate.

- Marketing or promoting the published post.

To publish a mind-blowing roundup, you need to think outside the box and come up with a topic or headline idea no one has touched.

When I say a topic that's not been touched, I mean there's barely any roundup post about it.

This would get social media influencers more interested in participating.

The strategies reveal how anyone could come up with potential round-up ideas in about 5 minutes even if you're a complete beginner [yes, trust me].

I go deep into this topic in this article:

2. Mention and/or Quote Industry Influencers Within Your Blog Articles (and let them know when it's LIVE).

When starting with your blogs, you can link to certain niche influencers in your articles within your blog niche.

This is an effective strategy I use often.

Link to their content, find their contact details and email them to check it out.

There's a high chance they will check your links and if they like it, they share your blog post links with their followers.

It's one of the fastest ways I've gotten social media influencers to tweet my posts.

If you don't want to link to influencers [which is not a good idea], you can also quote them (as experts or thought leaders) within your blog posts.

Every influencer loves to be quoted as a thought leader because it brings respect and builds trust.

Most experts will be happy to share your blog post links if you reach out.

3. Publish Detailed Blog Posts (Not Necessarily Lengthy).

With blogging, it can take time to put out long-form content every time.

Detailed blog content keeps your readers engaged. Avoid fluffy content if you want to get 1000s of traffic or 100s of social media shares.

Go detailed whenever you need to go detailed. And cut stories short when you have to.

4. Publish Listicles (very powerful in generating search traffic).

Listicles are articles [or content] written in the form of lists. For instance, “12 ways to make money” or “101 tools to get more traffic”.

I find listicles easier to create than generic ultimate guides. Before I write, I put down the list of all the items I would discuss in the post.

This way, I have a list to follow and I tend to find that a little easy. Also, list articles tend to perform better.

Want to learn how to write better blog posts that convert? Check this article:

5. Use Sticky Share Buttons.

Have you read an article and wanted to share but had to scroll up or down to get the share button?

Yes, that happens to me often.

You see, using sticky share buttons will save your readers the stress of scrolling up or down before sharing your articles. You can use sticky buttons on desktop and/or mobile versions.

If you're reading this blog article on mobile, you may notice a beautiful, responsive button stuck at the button of the page as you scroll.

For desktop viewers, the sticky social share buttons are usually on the left or right side of the page.

6. Create High-Converting Pinterest Images.

I started this blog without a Pinterest account.

Even though I wished I started leveraging Pinterest from day 1, I don't regret it.

Pinterest is a thing now and you wouldn't want to miss out.

pinterest for traffic simon zaku

In fact, since starting Pinterest and creating Pinterest images for my blog posts, I've seen a rise in social shares.

Also, Pinterest has become one of my most shared social buttons on recent blog posts.

7. Avoid Clumsy Content.

Have you clicked on a link from Google just to land on a page and see something like this?

clumsy blog content simonzaku


Spread out your content to keep your readers engaged as they read. The more engaged your readers are, the more shares and SEO rankings you'll get.

Try to keep your paragraphs between 2-3 sentences and ensure lots of empty spaces within your content.

good looking good article simonzaku

8. Send an Email Newsletter to Your Email List.

Your email list should be your number #1 priority as a blogger or content creator. Most beginner bloggers tend to forget this; I did too when I was just starting.

Your email subscribers are usually your biggest fans.

Whenever I publish a new blog article on my website I send an email with a long excerpt from the blog post with a link to continue reading at the end.

I also urge my subscribers to share the post after reading it.

Here's the thing:

To be able to drive traffic and shares from your email, you need to grow it first.

Without an email list with 100s or 1000s of subscribers, you would not be able to drive traffic and shares.

Smart bloggers know that to grow their email list effectively, you need a conversion-focused list-building tool.

Now, there are several list-building tools you can use to create great opt-in forms on your blog but I always use and recommend Thrive Leads.

With Thrive Leads, you can create effective sign-up forms like Popups, Embed forms, Screen Filler, Ribbon, Slide-In, and more.

In fact with Thrive Leads, I was able to more than triple my sign-up conversion rate on this blog in less than 2 weeks.

Here are the different types of forms I can create using Thrive Leads:

- In-Content forms,

- Lightbox,

- Post Footer,

- Ribbon,

- Screen Filler,

- Scroll Mat,

- Slide-Ins, and;

- Widget Forms

thrive leads simonzakuu

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Simon Taki Zaku.

That is Simon Zaku

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