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Buy 100% Human-Written Blog Post Articles (Hand-Written by SEO Consultant, Simon Taki Zaku)

Can I hire someone to write my blog posts?

How much does it cost to get a blog post written?

How much does a 500 word blog post cost?

This blog page answers all related questions. And after the article,you can pre order blog posts immediately in minutes.

Did you know you can pre order and buy a blog post that is search engine optimized (SEO), long form or short form, for your specific business type, niche, and target customers written by Simon Taki Zaku?

Buy 100% Human-Written Blog Post Articles (Hand-Written by SEO Consultant, Simon Taki Zaku)

Oh, Yes, I am Simon Taki Zaku, an SEO Consultant and Specialist in Blog writing for 12 years now.

As an SEO professional with a decade's hands-on blogging and SEO experience, I sell bespoke and pre-written blog post articles to websites, blogs, and businesses.

What is the blog article turnout rate?

Depending on the type of blog post you order from me (Simon), the turnout rate is 24 to 72 hours to deliver your unique SEO or pre written blog articles (that is 0% AI generated and 100% written by Simon Taki Zaku).

This is so because, I want to personally ensure the quality of blog articles I write for businesses who trust to work with the Simon Taki Zaku brand :)

  1. B2B & B2C businesses looking to create and build a strong online SEO presence while growing a community around their brand through blog content.

  2. Software startups (SAAS) looking to grow users and customers through business (startup) blogging.

  3. Bloggers looking to build a deep connection with their audience but do not have enough time to write those compelling blog post articles.

  4. NGOs looking to generate build a community blog of fans, partners, and supporters.

Do you happen to fall into any of these sections?

This page allows (YOU) businesses, website owners, eCommerce stores, bloggers, and digital agencies to order bespoke blog posts that fit their ideal brand and hit your business goals and objectives.

And with this, you do not have to worry about making long-term SEO contracts. You only order blog posts from me whenever you need them.

You see, I personally research and write on every single topic for my blogging clients whenever you (YES YOU) make your order on this page and buy a blog post.

Every blog post you are buying here (from is 100% unique and super engaging.

What makes blog posts from different from the pool of writers out there?

Why Should I Buy Blog Articles from Simon Taki Zaku of

Unlike with blogging or content writing agencies where you may have to sign deals or long contracts, this is a done-for-you-blog-writing-service by Simon Taki Zaku.

(YES, I write each word in all my clients work by myself - no AI of Chatgpt articles here)

And most importantly, my ability to write your blogs in your specific brand voice.

I will deeply research your brand, business, customers, market, and write each article with precision, clarity and most importantly, in your brand voice. This is one thing 99% of blog post articles you buy on the internet today all sound and feel the same.

I write content that connects. That's triggers emotions.

Articles that foster relationships for your business or website.

I strongly believe each blog post article should have a strong human feel.

If you read an article written by me (Simon Taki Zaku), and can find another similar article that sounds or feel the same, then I did not write it.

What do my readers say about my blog post articles?

simon zakus seo and writing testiimonial from clients1
Fahad Usmani's comment on my SEO blog writing services

simon zakus seo and writing testiimonial from joe mayer
Testimonial comment from Joe Mayer

testimonial on simon zakus writing blog by Raween

Testimonial from Kele Campbell on Simon Zaku's blog post
Testimonial from Kele Campbell on Simon Zaku's blog post

Testimonial on Simon Zaku's blog post

And dozens more!

When you order pre-written blog post articles here, you do not just get a blog post article in a document file like every writer, or agency does; with Simon Taki Zaku's bespoke blog articles, you get;

  • an entire blog page article, guide, post, targeting your desired SEO (search engine) keywords.

  • the reason (data, stats) as to why your website should be targeting those SEO keywords.

  • a blog post article that has focuses on ONE objective (this could be to attract traffic, convert leads, create buzz, or generate your sales directly)

  • even though, I charge with word-count, every blog post you order on will cover the entire topic (keyword cluster) and NOT just a single SEO keyword.

Sounds too good to be true?

Here is how it works:

  1. You tell me about yourself, your business, website, team, goals, and aspirations (through email, call, or my social DMs).

  2. Send me your personal SEO keywords list or blog post title(s) ideas for pre-written articles. If you do not have any list yet, each blog post order on includes a free and detailed SEO keyword research.

  3. For buyers who do not have any SEO keywords lists, the FREE list I will provide will have detailed reasons with data, statistics, and a reasonable logic for writing on each SEO keyword or topic in the list I provide you.

  4. I write a complete, and 100% HUMAN-WRITTEN Blog Post article with 24 to 72 hours. Since I will advise on what topics to write, most blogs I write are evergreen and will stand the test of time, and numerous search engine updates (as I DO NOT EMPLOY ANY BLACK-HAT SEO OR WRITING TRICKS).

  5. Each blog post article you order here comes with a FREE "FAQ SECTION" that allow me to find the most frequently asked question around your desired blog post topic, and answer each, to be added to the article.

So looking at this from an investment perspective, buying blog post articles here on is a no-brainer and definitely worth it - that is what I ensure.

And please this is NOT for you if you are looking for AI-written or AI-generated blog post. (You can easily use ChatGPT-generated blogs if that's what you are looking for)

But with this order page (the Simon Taki Zaku brand), I write every word myself. I research about you, your business, customers, clients, goals, and even your team. To better create and write what your customers or audience needs.

Not just a piece of document with boring articles that may only attract a few clicks. You get a blog post article that generates business for you.

You get it written by someone (me) who actually cares about the post-publish stage of your blogs.

Here, I am as concerned about what happens to your complete blog post article after you publish it on your domain, as I am about writing the article itself.

I'd follow you up, suggest updates and make improvements to your published blog post for long-term return on investment, and organic traffic.

I ENSURE every single blog post you order from me is top notch, and exactly what your business or website needs.

YOUR satisfaction is paramount. While my rates are higher, I prioritize quality and effectiveness. Here's what you get:

  • An SEO-optimized article targeting specific keywords relevant to your business.

  • Comprehensive keyword research, ensuring your content targets lucrative markets.

  • Flexible word count options, ranging from as low as 500 to 5000 words.

  • Three rounds of revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.

You'll receive more than just a blog article - you'll get an entire page designed to drive traffic and conversions.

How to Place Your Order:

Ready to Elevate Your Online Presence with Customized Blog Content? Here's How to Buy Blog Post Articles Here:

  1. Click the link provided to visit the payment page.

  2. Complete the secure payment process using your preferred method.

  3. Upon payment confirmation, I'll reach out within hours to discuss the specifics of your order.

  4. Sit back and relax as I conduct research, write your article, and deliver it within 24 to 72 hours.

  5. Review the content, request any revisions, and once satisfied, publish it on your website or preferred platform.

Upgrade Option:

Want to take your content to the next level?

Consider adding a video component to your blog post. Whether it's a product review, tutorial, or explainer video, I've got you covered.

The Simon Taki Zaku Blog Article Order Page

Are you ready to experience the difference that personalized, SEO-optimized content can make for your business?

Place your blog post article order now, let's elevate your online presence together.

Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to me at or through the contact forms on my website.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you!

RATE: $0.20 Per Word. (you will be charged the equivalent of your total $$ in Nigerian Naira @ $1 Per N1,500 - $100 = NGN 150,000).

Watch me here (and subscribe to my YouTube channel):

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Buy 100% Human-Written Blog Post Articles (Hand-Written by SEO Consultant, Simon Taki Zaku)2
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lena john
lena john
Jun 06

My personal review: Simon really has a unique conversational writing that is suitable for personal brands. Dont believe me, read his blog, my friends :) - John Lenaphee


If you have any questions please feel free to ask here and I will answer and reply every comment - Simon Taki Zaku

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