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Simon Taki Zaku's 2024 Africa Forbes Under 30 Summit Invitation

Hello guys, Simon Zaku here, your favorite SEO consultant and specialist in blog and content writing for businesses. This blog post sort of just came in and I didn't plan on making a post like this (but I can't hold my excitement, I had to post).

This is me sharing a big win, something I have always dreamed about.

forbes simon zaku

I say this is a success point and achievement for me especially coming from Jalingo, Taraba, Nigeria. With no guide whatsoever to a FORBES INVITATION?

Forbes Invitation to Simon Taki Zaku for the 2024 Forbes Under 30 Summit in Botswana
Forbes Invitation to Simon Taki Zaku for the 2024 Forbes Under 30 Summit in Botswana

I see this as a dream come true and I had to share this with you guys.

To share my gratitude and show my journey from a Nigerian teen born and raised in Jalingo, Taraba state, to Forbes Under 30 Summit in 2024.

This is in respect of my profession as a consultant in digital marketing who specializes in SEO.

Getting a Mail from Forbes (a Dream Come True for a Taraba Boy with 0 Experience)

I got this LinkedIn in-mail from the official Forbes account. The mail read that my professional experience was reviewed by the audience and community marketing team over at Forbes. And they are specifically inviting me to attend the 2024 Forbes Under 30 Summit Africa, which is holding in Botswana on May 5 to 8.

Are you certain I am not in a dream?

One day, I'll write for Forbes Teet by Simon

Haha, this might not feel like much to a lot but for me? For Simon?

The quiet kid from Donga Road who always is on the computer?

It's a huge win for a person at Forbes to see my professional experience as worth reviewing. And after reviewing, decided I was worth the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

That's a huge win for me. A huge win for the Simon Taki Zaku brand.

And I thank God, the journey, and process for this invitation.

For lots of sleepless nights, misunderstandings with family, arguments, and more, this is more than a dream come true.

If you've been following my works for the past 6, 7, or 8 years, you must have seen that Forbes has always been something I looked up to.

Forbes is a publication I grew up hearing even here in Nigeria.

Though I never really had or held a physical copy of any Forbes magazine (not sure it's in Nigeria, or my location), I always looked up to Forbes as that credible, trusted magazine I could always rely on.

Coming from Nigeria, Forbes wasn't really a popular physical magazine, but the name Forbes has had its popularity as a credible source for information.

I remember having arguments with my friends about the richest musicians, the richest hip hop artists, the richest politicians, and all of that. And what we always do is we look up Google for the Forbes list because we knew Forbes is that one magazine you can almost always trust.

I can not count the number of times I've searched:

"Forbes richest list 202"

"Who is the richest black man according to Forbes"

"Richest rappers Forbes list"

So I always wanted to have something to do with Forbes. I always wanted to write for Forbes. In fact, I was able to dig up an old tweet I made sometime in 2022 about me wanting to write for Forbes.

I've always had the dream to be on Forbes one day, either featured or as a writer on Forbes. And then waking up to this around 02:00 a.m here in Nigeria was really mind blowing.

I was literally looking at the mail and I had to constantly cross check the profile I got the in-mail from to be sure I wasn't getting scammed (or from a fake page). And wow, all I can say is, wow, thank God.

And I'm thankful to you my blog and YouTube subscribers and anyone that made this possible.

I'm thankful to the Forbes team, I'm thankful to the Audience and Community Marketing Team that reviewed my profile, my experience and saw me fit to attend the 2024 Forbes Under 30 Summit in Botswana.

So I'm really, really glad and this is a huge milestone for me. This is a dream come true.

And this just reminds me that consistency is the key.

Few years back, I wanted to have something to do with Forbes. And now, without even sending any writer application or anything, I get a mail from Forbes inviting me for a summit. So this is a huge win for us.

Now, am I looking forward to attending the 2024 Forbes Under 30 Summit holding in Botswana?

Hell yes. I will do all I can to attend this summit.

I've always wanted to travel out for work-related events. I want to be able to connect with like minded entrepreneurs here in Africa and beyond.

I want to meet innovative people from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, cultures, and ideas. So definitely this is an exclusive opportunity.

I'll also keep you guys updated here on the blog and the YouTube channel on how the 2024 Africa Forbes Under 30 Summit goes. And share with you guys my experience.

So thank you so much for the support and don't forget to follow the blog, my LinkedIn profile (Simon Taki Zaku) and on my YouTube channel (SimonWrites Agency) for all updates.

Have a productive day,

Simon Taki Zaku

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