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What is Business Blogging? Start a Blog for Your Business in 5 Steps

What is business blogging?

What are the types of business blogs?

This blog page aims to explain what business blogging is in the simplest form.

Why do businesses blog?

My name is Simon Taki Zaku, an SEO Consultant and owner of this blog, and I have been blogging for the past twelve years.

I started from a little space in Jalingo, Nigeria, to my hostel bunk in Osun state, creating blogs and then I transitioned into a freelance SEO writer.

I started writing for other blogs as a freelancer.

I worked with other businesses to create their own business blogs either to generate revenue, attract traffic, or convert leads.

Why does a business need a blog?

"Aren't blogs just for writers and authors?"

Your business, brand, NGO, company, or startup can build a community around a blog.

This could be videos, articles, or podcasts on your business business website.

Business blogging allows your target audience to learn from you, drop comments, and re-share your blogs on social media platforms.

Other reasons businesses blog may be to;

  • increase brand exposure,

  • generate quality leads for your agency, or, say, a real estate agents. With a blog, businesses are able to attract leads easily.

  • attract organic search traffic (buy-ready traffic)

Unlike just having a random website with just a few pages like;

  • the about page

  • contact us pages

  • a team's page

  • a store or product page and,

  • a few landing pages.

These pages alone can only rank for a few keywords on search engines. But as a business, you can create dozens, hundreds or even thousands of pages on your business domain and rank for as many organic keywords as you want.

Get the idea?

This very page you are reading is a blog page. I currently have 47 blog pages (or blog posts) which collectively rank for 507 Google search keywords at the time of writing.

Start a Blog for Your Business in 5 Steps

I probably won't rank for 500 keywords on Google alone if I only had a contact me, about me, and a hire me page.

Business Blogging: Definition and Why Businesses NEED Blogs

Business Blogging: Definition and Why Businesses NEED Blogs

To clearly understand what a business blog is, what is a blog?

A blog is an online forum where someone or a publisher or the author or known as the blogger publishes content mostly on a consistent basis.

This blog content varies from audio, text, articles, essays, PDFs, videos, (Vlogs, etc.

What is a business blog?

A business blog in simple terms is a blog that is run, and managed by a business, brand, corporation (corporate blogs) to achieve the business' goals. Blogs allow businesses and companies to post content in any niche and receive comments and shares from their target audience on the internet.

What are the types of blogs business run today?

A blog can be your business' traffic generating system.

A blog can be a lead generating system for your business.

A blog is where you share company ideas, behind-the-scenes moments, etc.

As a business, you can post educational videos, useful content, tutorials, or BTS clips for your target customers.

Other types of blogs businesses can create?

  • Educational blogs,

  • BTS blogs or Vlogs,

  • Help-center blogs,

  • Tech-review blogs,

  • How-to blogs,

  • Company blogs,

  • Startup blogs,

  • Travel blogs,

  • Product blogs,

  • Tutorial blogs,

  • Social media blogs, and more.

How do you start a blog for your business from scratch?

How to Start a Blog for Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

To start a blog for your business (also referred to as a Company blog), you need a website.

As a brand, it is advisable to have a website but you can start a blog for your business on free blogging CMS platforms like Medium, Quora, LinkedIn, or the free

The First Step to Run a Business Blog:

The first thing is to have a blog hosting service provider. I recommend Wix, WordPress, or Bluehost.

Here is a blog resource on the best web-hosting service providers to use.

Second Step to Run a Blog for Your Business:

The second step is to install your blog, (your new company blog), just like any blogger would do. So it is the same.

There is no difference installing a personal blog or a tech blog, company blog, business blogs, or any of that.

Simply install your blog. This should only take you a few minutes (depending on the CMS platform your website is hosted on).

Luckily, I have an easy, step by step blog page on how to create a blog. Use the link below to open the page on a new tab and continue reading this.

Third Step to Start a Business Blog:

After installing your blog, the next thing you want to do is to design a plan for your business blog.

You see, most people see blogging the wrong and old way.

Blogs are no longer just for people who write stories or publish poems.

Blogging is an extensive marketing channel (just like social media) and requires an actual written plan.

A plan that ties to your overall business goals and targets.

You must have goals, objectives and targets for your business blog.

Want to generate more sales for your business? Align your company blogging goals to those objectives.

Create a content calendar.

A content calendar will help your business stay on track, watch your success, remain on schedule and create consistent content.

Always remember that with blogging, you must be consistent. Think about it in the long run and plan ahead.

Start a Blog for Your Business Step 4:

The next thing is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website (your business blog in this case) to rank on search engines like Google, Bing, Pinterest, etc.

Get the idea?

I have a detailed guide that defines what search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is. The blog page also explains in simple terms how SEO can help you grow your business (in whatever niche you are in).

Search engine traffic is one of the best traffic sources to attract customers to any business.

Fifth Step to Create a Blog for Your Business:

The next step is to write or record and publish your first blog post.

Research your competitors and see the type of content or blogs they run.

Use Quora to search questions your target customers are searching.

Write and publish your first blog post. And do not forget to optimize for search engines.

If you're looking to go into blogging as a business, professionally, and you need a professional with enough experience, be sure to contact me anytime. And I will be so glad to review your business and if you're a great fit, then I will get back to you on how I can help you set up your first business blog and attract the traffic, leads, customers, and attention your business desires.

Have a great and productive day. And don't forget to follow my blog for exclusive updates.

Simon Taki Zaku,

Business Blogging: Definition and Why Businesses NEED Blogs
Business Blogging: Definition and Why Businesses NEED Blogs

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