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How I Got 100 Blog Subscribers from a Blog Post

How to get 100 blog subscribers?

This post shows how one blog post attracted over 100 blog subscribers to this very blog with no ads or budgets.

Do you want to be able to generate leads or email list subscribers for your business from your blog posts? Use my step-by-step process to build an email list for your blogging business.

I reveal how I hit my first 100 email list subscribers using this very blog tactic using the Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin.

And don't worry, the short strategy I discuss can be used by any opt in form tool.

How to Convert Traffic into Blog Subscribers

What's this lead generation strategy called?

A typical example of a thrive leads optin form I designed in minutes
A typical example of a thrive leads content upgrade form I designed in minutes

Heard of Content Upgrades?

What is a content upgrade?

A content upgrade is an exclusive bonus content resource, lead magnet, freebie, or giveaway that complements a free content.

My first blog post was an expert round-up post that attracted thousands of visitors to my website.

The post has now converted about 200 into blog subscribers which is great for a new website!

How do you create or design a content upgrade for your blogs?

Creating a content upgrade or a freebie can be challenging because most times, we do not know what to offer - this blog post will help you create irresistible offers for your website blog visitors.

What is a Content Upgrade?

What is a content upgrade pdf for a blog post?

A Content Upgrade is a bonus material that people can get access to in exchange for a piece of information like name, email address, phone number, etc. Unlike traditional lead magnets, content upgrades are unique to specific blog content that people are already reading on your blog.

You simply offer your readers specific additional and exclusive value to the blog content your visitors are reading on your website in exchange for their subscription to your list.

Here’s a great example of a typical CONTENT UPGRADE on my blog:

Or this one.

get blog subscribers

Here are 2 main steps to create the perfect CONTENT UPGRADE for your websites and blogs:

How to Create a Content Upgrade for a Blog Post:

  1. Come up with an irresistible offer your target customers can't say no to,

  2. Creating a conversion-focused opt-in for your UPGRADE (I use Thrive Leads to design all my lead opt-in forms. Click here to try it.

Step 1: Coming Up with An Irresistible Opt-in Offer

To come up with a content upgrade your readers will love, you need an offer that directly ties in with each specific blog content.

This must be an offer that adds value to the original blog post or video content.

Something that will make your website visitors say;

“this content is awesome and if I don’t get this free offer, I'll miss out”.

Step 2: Creating a Conversion-Focused Opt-In for Your Content Upgrade

The first opt-in form I created for my content upgrade didn’t convert well because I was just starting.

And as a result, I reached out to Kasey Luck, an Email Marketing Expert, for help and she gave me a few tips that boosted my conversion rate that’ll be sharing with you.

Kasey replied within a few hours with some tips for me…

The 2 tips she gave were:

  1. Show an image of the downloadable PDF (content upgrade).

  2. 2-step sign-ups perform better than 1-step.

I immediately implemented these and helped me convert about 200 website visitors to blog subscribers.

I used a free tool called Rapidology (no longer active) to design and create my content upgrade opt-in forms.

Rapidology was a great tool but as time went on, I invested in something even better.

I got the Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin!

What is the Thrive Leads Plugin?

Thrive Leads is a premium WordPress plugin by Thrive Themes that lets users create conversion-focused opt-in forms for their blogs or websites.

Here's how to set up the Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin on your WordPress and create your first opt-in form for your CONTENT UPGRADE.

Getting Started with the Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads by Thrive Themes
Thrive Leads by Thrive Themes

Here’s how to get started with Thrive Leads today (Step by Step):

Step 1: Purchase the Thrive Leads License through the Thrive website. (Affiliate link).

Step 2: Download and install the thrive themes and thrive leads plugin on your WordPress website.

The download link will be given to you immediately after your successful license purchase.

Step 3: Activate your unique license from the installed plugin.

After activating your thrive leads plugin, the next thing is to begin creating your opt-in forms. But before that, you first need to get familiar with the thrive leads dashboard.

This took me a few days but here's everything you need to know.

Getting Started with the Thrive Leads Dashboard

How to get started with the Thrive Leads plugin today?

If you are completely new to thrive leads, the dashboard may seem confusing but is easy and what you need to know are all the terms on the dashboard;

Lead Groups: Lead groups are a thrive leads feature that allows you to create different types of forms (slide-in, pop-up…) with the same display rules. 

This means a particular set of opt-in forms have the same display settings.

Lead Shortcodes: Shortcodes are embeddable codes that you can use to display opt-in forms on any given webpage or blog. With shortcodes, you can display forms at any point in your blog articles.

This could be after ‘Introduction’, immediately after every ‘Bullet Point’, or before your ‘Conclusion’.

Hope this helps :)


Simon Taki Zaku

Founder: SimonWrites Agency

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