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My February 2024 Recap: Goals, Blog Traffic, Clients $$$...

Updated: Mar 28

My February 2024 recap.

Hello everybody, your favorite SEO, Simon Zaku here. And for this blog update, I want to do something a little different.

I want to give you guys kind of a behind-the-scenes of what I've been working on; my 2024 goals, objectives and dreams for this year.

2023 was a pretty much slow year for me. I didn't go after my dreams, I was facing a lot of difficulties. I was going through school and other personal stuff. I had to take a break from work.

I took a break from for more than a year :(

Through 2022, 2023, I barely put in any effort to growing my brand, growing my clientele, my traffic, or even hosting a website. So most of the times, this very website, was down.

Now for 2024, I set some pretty much specific and SMART goals that I want to achieve.

  1. I want to help three to five startups, digital agencies, B2B websites, and SaaS grow get customers by attracting.

  2. Secondly, I want to create more than enough quality content around the SEO, blogging, and content marketing niche, and take my very blog to one of the best blogs to go-to for SEO and content marketing tips on the Internet.

  3. My longtime goal has been to travel out to my dream country, Dubai, to spend the 2024 Christmas and 2025 New Years.

How did I perform over the past three, four years in business?

I made a lot of mistakes. I was barely consistent. Starting, I didn't have or follow any blueprint, I didn't have a plan, and as a result, I made a lot of mistakes.

I was not creating consistent blog content.

I did not research or target keywords. I was not having any content calendar.

I didn't even put out enough content.

If you can check my website on Google Time Machine, you can see that the highest I ever had since 2019 on this website was around 12 to 15 blog posts (over 4 years).

What has changed in 2024?

This year, I am coming real heavy!

No excuses, no 'reasons', or stories!!

Just work, planning, execution, and most importantly, results!!!

This month alone, I have published 6 blog resources!

If you look at my blog section right now, you'd see that I have around 40 published blog posts published with 6 published this month which has been my highest ever.

There was never a time I had this much content on my website.

I'm proud of myself because even though I've not achieved the traffic results yet,which is growing slow but definitely steady. And that is what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about.

I want startups know that search engine optimization (SEO) is not a quick game.

Here is the block buster:

Watch me grow this very website/blog from zero to 10,000 organic traffic every single month.

No excuses or 'reasons'. I will implement effective SEO, SEM, and Content Marketing strategies and share every result with you guys.

Secondly, in 2024, I have gone strong on Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing search engine/social media platform and I've been always saying I want to, I want to.

I have been procrastinating my Pinterest strategy, but now I've laid down a Pinterest strategy on how to grow and attract traffic to my blog. And not just a plan, I have/am still executing.

I've designed so many Pinterest images and over the past years, I've never created as many Pinterest images as planned.

My game plan for this target?


Rather than focus on the results, especially in the beginning. I will focus on the process.

This means, instead of checking or expecting results every now and then, (checking Google Analytics, search console or analytics) to see whether you've performed or not.

My unique business and SEO approach?

You're just starting out, do not expect quick results from search engine optimization.

What will be new here?

I'll be keeping you guys updated at the end of every month on my traffic, my income (not so detailed as is personal), my organic search traffic, my social media growth and more at the end of every month.

This will allow me carry you all together on this very journey to growing my website and blog to 10,000 organic visitors every month.

I've made a list of several SEO keywords I'll be posting content around.

And I'll be posting a lot of content, possibly one to two posts every week.

What's another exciting thing I'm working on for 2024


Another thing I'm doing to achieve my goals this year and reach my target is I starting a YouTube channel for my blog.

This is something I'm super, super proud of because I've been saying I want to start a YouTube channel, but never did.

I now have my YouTube channel called SimonWrites Marketing, and I've even posted a couple of videos with more in my draft (all scheduled to be published).

So be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

I'll also be publishing lots of free stuff in my blog forum.

I encourage you reading this right now to subscribe to my blog forum by clicking this link and signing using your Google account.

Next thing I'll be doing is I'll be taking my email marketing approach more seriously. I'll be sending out and creating lots of free email content.

So whether you are a part of my blog forum or you join my email newsletter, you will get weekly exclusive updates on exclusive deals, marketing and SEO strategies, hidden hacks and updates around B2B content marketing, search engine optimization, and blog promotion.

How can you support?

Subscribe to my blog forum, read and share my blog posts everywhere.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and get me to 100 subscribers.

Comment on my blogs (your amazing comments keep me going :)

Most importantly, email me, let's know more about you.

Looking for an SEO specialist in blog creation? Contact me.

Thank you so, so much for reading this and I love you and take care.


  1. Publish 5 Blog Guides

  2. 5 Free PDFs to Forum Members

  3. At least 2 Email Newsletters

  4. Hit 65 Clicks from Google and 6k impression in 30 days

  5. Rank for 450 SEO keywords.

Have a productive day,

Simon Taki Zaku

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Gracie Yasol
Gracie Yasol
2 days ago

Wow nice

Replying to

Thank you, Gracie. I really appreciate your comment and for reading my blogs. It means alot and do not forget to subscribe :) - Simon Taki Zaku

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