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Attract Backlinks: How I Get Backlinks for Free From Other Websites (w/o Outreach)

Do you want to attract quality SEO backlinks without sending outreach emails?

This website ( has over 600 backlinks at the time of writing this blog piece and about 200 of those are DO-FOLLOW backlinks. And I have never done any backlink outreach campaign for this website!

At the time of writing, I have NEVER sent or done any email outreach for backlinks for my website,

Not to cancel backlink outreach (actually effective), I'd rather use this hidden-in-plain-sight-backlink-secret.

I do ONE SIMPLE thing and my backlinks and backlink profile grow automatically by attracting natural backlinks without having to send 100s of outreach emails for backlinks or paying spammy websites for backlinks.

This is your favorite SEO and content marketing guy, Simon Zaku and this week I want to talk about a very important and popular topic, backlinks.

Every website owner wants backlinks. Every startup, agency, every organization, every company wants more backlinks. But how do you actually get backlinks?

How do the top guys get backlinks to their websites?

backlink profile for on ubbersuggest

Without backlinks, you will have a low domain profile and may not attract organic enough traffic (super important).

domain rating

This is a known approach and a good number of SEOs shy from it.

I say this because there are lots of websites paying huge sums for backlinks.

Do you also pay for backlinks? Let me know know in the comments below :)

Why I Don't Pay for Backlinks (my horrible story buying backlinks)

Let me tell you a story of how purchasing Backlinks made me lose my traffic from 1000s to zero after a Google penalty.

Sometime in 2020, I came across an ad on Facebook.

What this ad promised was website owners could buy cheap backlinks that are targeted to your brand.

You can create different backlink campaigns for different pages with this backlink software.

I bought the software, started and launched several campaigns. And got a few (horrible) backlinks.

None of the backlinks were from trusted sites. Most of these backlinks were from bots, AI websites, spam websites. They were mostly hurtful black-hat SEO backlinks.

After some time, Google really hit my website bad and then I lost my search traffic, I lost my organic traffic, my traffic went low and for that reason I had to shut down this very website.

I relaunched this website sometime in July, 2023.

And for this reason, my website's SPAM score was affected (still working to get it back low).

simonzaku's spam score

How about paid guest posts for backlinks?

I still get lots of emails from people offering paid backlinks at different rates from different websites in different niches.

paid backlinks are bad says simon taki zaku

purchasing backlinks are harmful

This also can be very harmful to your website and you should not buy or purchase backlinks that aren't natural.

Search engines like Google are strict on paying for backlinks from harmful sites. Google frowns at purchasing backlinks, especially when they're spammy.

Sometime in 2021, I tried paying for backlinks for this website from a bot app and for that reason, I lost my site to a huge Google update around 2021-2022.

So what is this hidden-in-plain-sight backlink-attracting strategy?

how i attract quality seo backlinks

How to Attract Backlinks to Your Website without Sending Outreach Mails

Blogging (or Vlog) Content!

And YES, every brand should keep and run a blog.

Think about it; rather than pay thousands of dollars for a backlink, this is a natural approach to attract backlinks.

The easiest way to attract backlinks is by creating exceptionally good content consistently.

I know you've probably heard this countless times, but for the umpteenth time, yes, create blog or video content consistently.

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on spammy backlinks from random websites, why not invest into content marketing?

  • create content,

  • create blog content,

  • create a company blog,

  • create an educational blog,

  • create a startup blog.

Just create content for your company, brand, and business, so that search engines (with billions of Users) will be able to crawl your business website with fresh and useful content.

Not just any content, exceptional content.

Tell your brand stories in blogs or vlogs.

"Exceptional content" may not necessarily mean the best content but it does stand out from the crowd. It is unique and different from other content.

When you publish good content consistently, people see them.

Here is an example:

This is a blog post I published on this website about X automation (then Twitter automation), has gained over backlinks from websites and brands in the marketing space.

That very blog post has been one of the fastest growing pages on this very website and has also attracted backlinks naturally from social media influencers and several websites as well.

And likewise tons of other blog content I publish on my websites.

If you want to be able to attract quality backlinks and not have to email people or find backlinks or pay for backlinks, then you should be able to create content that deserves to be linked to.

Speaker and SEO Strategist, Davor Bomestar, said it in this LinkedIn post!

10 Content Types that Attract Quality Backlinks FAST!

In your industry, what is a subject or topic you can publish a research on?

Researches and studies are linked to a lot of times.

What is one industry research you can do and then publish in form of a blog?

Infographics are backlink-magnets too.

For the X automation blog post or blog page, what I did was, I created something people want to refer to.

I created a resource. A Twitter marketing resource.

I created something niche and industry experts want to link to. People want to be affiliated with good stuff; good content.

If you're able to create these types of content, you should be able to get backlinks for free without having to pay.

And these are natural backlinks from people who actually think they should link to your website. I've gotten thousands of emails from people linking to me without even me knowing them.

So blogging is a free and effective backlink strategy.

You should create content as a SaaS, agency or NGO. This will help you attract natural backlinks without having to pay or send outreach emails which usually take a lot of time, money and even energy.

Craft out a blogging strategy to publish content that attracts backlinks naturally.

Here is a list of the top ten content types that attract backlinks:

  1. Infographics.

  2. Expert roundups.

  3. A List of Tools (Complete)

  4. Casestudies

  5. YouTube research videos

  6. Cheat sheets

  7. Statistics and reports

  8. Controversial blogs

  9. How-to Guides

  10. Surveys

Spend time creating content on your website that attracts backlinks without paying for spam websites or sending outreach emails for backlinks.

What do you think about blogging as a backlink strategy? (Please drop a comment so we know, this helped :)

You can contact me anytime for these services and I'll get back to you. Thank you and have a productive day.

Simon Taki Zaku brand,

SEO Consultant and Specialist in Business Blogging

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22 de mar.

Thank you Simon

I’ve paid huge sums to get back links too and sometime I also got hit sometime in 2016. Lost my organic traffic.

Do not try to trick search engines, be genuine and create good people want.

Subscribed to your blog Simon

  • Joshua

Simon Taki Zaku
Simon Taki Zaku
23 de mar.
Respondendo a

Glad this helped, thanks for the comment, Joshua :)

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