X Automation Tools: 45 Experts Reveal Twitter Automation Tools
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Twitter Automation Tools: 45 Social Media Experts, Reveal X Automation Secrets.

Updated: Jun 7

What is Twitter automation?

Can I automate tweets on Elon’s X?

Hello, Simon Zaku here. I'm excited to recreate and re-publish this resource guide on X Automation tools for 2024, (formally Twitter automation tools and tactics) because it was the first ever blog post I ever published on this website domain, (simonzaku.com), when I first started this blog back in 2016.

simon zaku's tweet before he started his blog

I  emailed over 200 social media influencers in the social media marketing space to put in their contribution to this very expert round-up post, which simply asked for their best X automation tools and tactics that they used.

And at the time, it was “Twitter Automation”. Here is what the article looked like in 2017:

comments on twitter automation post by simon zaku

Now, if you follow my blog, https://simonzaku.com/blog/, you know that the expert roundup post turned out to be my most successful blog post published. It was also my first post.

Gaining over 1,000 social media shares within the first 7 days of going live.

x automation bots

twitter automation experts compiled by simon zaku in 2017

That's why I'm excited to re-publish it since we are no longer in 2016 and I am refurbishing my entire website.

You see, a lot has changed since 2016. As we all know, the social media network, Twitter is no longer called Twitter. It is called X today since the CEO Elon Musk acquired Twitter back in October, 2022. 

Thus this X automation tools post is a refurbished content that is even better.

And for the expert participation, I carefully went through and carefully selected only the ones that are still effective and can still be used or applied on the new X platform that was formerly Twitter.

To begin with, what is X automation? Or as we popularly know, what is Twitter Automation today?

What is Twitter Automation in 2024? (X Automation)

X (or Twitter) automation is simply the use of AI, bots, or other automated computer systems in order to send out automated tweets, automated DMs, or automated tweet replies on the X platform.

Twitter automation has been used for a very long time and there has been thousands of developers who have come up with Twitter tools that you can use to automate some of your X tasks, like tweets, comments, replies, DMS, etc. 

So what we'll be doing in this X automation tools and tactics resource is we're discussing the best X automation tools or X automation bots and tactics that you can use in 2024 and beyond. 

I'll also mention some of the top X automation tactics that are powerful to use right now, and some social media management tools you can use to automate your tweets on Elon's X platform.

Before any automation on any social media network, consider getting yourself familiar with the platform's automation rules and guidelines. 

Always ask yourself; what are the rules that your automation must follow?

This will protect your social media accounts from getting banned, locked, or disabled.

X Automation: X's Rules and Guidelines for Proper Twitter Automation of DMs, Tweets, etc.

There are a few rules, automation rules for X but here are some of the major ones.

The first is spamming. Elon Musk's X platform pays attention to spam activity and is quick to ban accounts who fail to adhere.

Next, automated accounts or bots may not automatically post trending topics or post the same content on multiple X accounts.

This is so because news and trending topics are meant to be shared on the go and not automated.

That's what X stands for. Your brand should too.

If you post duplicate content multiple times on your X account using an automated bot or an automated tool X account, you risk getting flagged or disabled. 

Another thing is misleading links. 

Musk's X says you may not post third party links that are misleading to the X community, or promote sensitive media, abusive behaviour, or automate confidential information without the proper authorization. 

Go through the complete resource on the X website to read the entire X Automation rules and guidelines to keep your X account safe. 

automation rules by X

x automation rules for today

This is especially important if you're a developer or work for a brand.

Now, the 45 social media marketing experts that share their best twitter automation secrets and tools.

X Automation: 45 Social Media Experts, Founders, & CEOs, Reveal their Automation Secrets and Tools.

Twitter automation isn’t just about tools.

It is about having the right systems, strategies and tactics that work together with automation tools to save you time.

Learn from these experts:

Before You Continue, Grab Your Free PDF DOWNLOAD: Grab Your Copy of the Automation Tools These Experts Use and Mentioned in this Resource!

1. Mary Fernandez

Create your tweets in bulk and schedule them in advance using a social media management tool! I use Buffer, but you could also use a tool like Meet Edgar that allows you to create evergreen X campaigns.

"Mary Fernandez founded Persuasion Nation; a website dedicated to course creators and bloggers. She has worked with 7- and 8-figure online businesses to double traffic and revenue"

2. Adam Connell

My number one tip is to switch to a tool that offers a unified social media inbox, as well as the option to mark individual (or all) messages as complete.

This means you can manage all of your accounts from a central page, and mark items as complete as you go. So you can stay organized and save time.

I started off using tools that are focused around social streams (e.g. Hootsuite). All of the jumping between streams was a big time drain. And if I didn’t get 100% up to date, I’d have to spend 10 minutes or so figuring out where I was up to. And it got even messier when switching between devices.

But with the right tool you can focus on doing more of what matters. Sendible is one of my favourites for this, but there are others on the market.

"Adam Connell is the founder of Blogging Wizard. He used to manage the content marketing efforts for brands earning well over 8 figures in annual revenue"

3. Ryan Biddulph

I hop on X for 20 minutes per session just to engage. Usually I only spend 1 session daily to retweet folks, to engage my retweeters and to like or engage other tweeters who publish interesting content.

Engagement is the backbone of any social media campaign. By spending 20 minutes daily chatting up my followers and meeting new folks I manage my time effectively and grow both the size and engagement of my following.

"Ryan Biddulph is a blogger behind Blogging From Paradise, author and world traveller who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, and Neil Patel Dot Com"

4. Zac Johnson

My favorite method for managing multiple social media profiles on X is to use a software like MeetEdgar, which allows me to schedule and rotate different content going to each of my accounts.

This works great for sending traffic to your old blog posts, while also making sure your X accounts are going live with new content all the time. Some people will only focus on sharing content during the peak hours of the day, but if this is the case, you are likely missing out on a ton of traffic throughout the day (specifically during peak hours in other countries).

So to answer the question again, I use social media schedulers to keep my accounts active and updated at all times.

"Zac Johnson is the founder of Blogging Tips. He is an Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Blogger, Super Affiliate by Day, and Super Hero at Night!"

5. Srish Agrawal

When using social media and X to promote our business and blog content, we first share the content through all of our own social platforms directly.

The next step in the process is to add such content into our social media scheduler so the posts don’t go stale or get lost over time. At the same time, we will also create a variation of social tweets and images, to make sure our followers aren’t seeing the same social updates time and time again.

For the most part, once a post goes live and we’ve created a variation of social updates, the process is pretty much automated. It’s just that beginning phase for each post that is more of a manual process.

"Srish is the founder of A1future and Infographic Design Team. He is also a branding and internet marketing expert"

6. Will Blunt

I have found that automation and delegation is fundamental to managing a Twitter profile effectively without spending hours stuck on the platform every day.

I pre-schedule Tweets with FlypChart, automate RSS feeds with Dlvr.it, automate evergreen content with Meet Edgar, and delegate social media management to people in my team.

This frees me up to engage with followers, answer questions and generally just be present for those high-impact moments on X.

"Will Blunt is the Founder of Blogger Sidekick and Managing Editor at both JeffBullas.com and Bluewire Media"

7. Katherine Sullivan

You make time for the things that are important to you. For me, connecting with my X community is incredibly important as I value their connection tremendously.

I set time in the morning 15-20 minutes max to write my tweets or write a few draft tweets to send out later in the day. Then I like all my mentions and respond back when necessary.

A little bit of time goes a long way!

"Kat is the founder of Marketing Solved. She is a Business, Marketing and Social Media expert and helps businesses get more leads"

8. Devesh Khanal

I try to keep Twitter more fun and raw than, say, a blog, or my LinkedIn.

If I find good articles I read, I schedule tweets for them, but I also make more controversial statements about my views on marketing, post screenshots of eCommerce product experiences that are good or bad that I run into. It keeps it more casual and fun.

I find that helps start more conversations with folks rather than just a huge buffer queue of articles.

"Devesh is the co-founder of Grow & Convert. He is one of the best content marketers I’ve ever known"

9. Terry McIntosh

My number one secret to managing my twitter while building a business is to use automation properly.

I have a service that helps me find the right people to follow. I have an auto DM that ENGAGES people (not puke all over them with stuff about me), and a tool that autoposts a variety of tweets from my blog, from memes, and from promos.

Crowdfire for the DM and Meetedgar for the automation.

"Terry is the Founder of Biz Coach Terry. He helps small business owners get more clients, make their businesses more predictable and do it all without losing their sanity"

10. Simon Cocking

Little and often. No need to tell the world what you had for breakfast either, just keep sharing useful, quality content, both yours and other peoples too, and ideally in an equal mix, no need to self promote all the time too.

If you schedule your tweets, or outsource your twitter marketing then you miss the opportunity to respond to opportunities, challenges and issues effectively.

We do have some tweets automated to be shared on a schedule, but we also use human oversight and intuition to monitor the account to get the best of both worlds.

It is a ‘social’ media platform, and if you push it all to automation or outsourcing you are losing the value of it.

Also remember that tweets don’t last for long and across the world people wake up at different times, so time your tweets accordingly.

"Simon is a Senior editor at IrishTechNews. He has founded three companies and two Coops"

11. Keith Keller

“X Management 101” Is all about the tools.

To manage Twitter successfully you must have the right tools, It’s simply impossible to keep up otherwise. There are THOUSANDS of Twitter tools out there now, here is my favorite.

BUFFER: I just love the simplicity of this tool. Great for scheduling your tweets super-fast!

"Keith Keller is the “Global Marketing Specialist” and now has clients around the world. He is also a popular speaker on the subject of Social Media (especially X)"

12. Carmen Lascu

My number 1 secret to managing my X profile is to allocate at least 30 minutes daily to check my account. I actively follow other users I am interested in, I follow back those who followed me, I engage with my followers and I curate content to add it to Buffer. I find using a scheduling tool because I can choose when I want my content to be shared to reach the audience I am looking for. 20% of the content I share on Twitter comes from my Social Media Blog and 80% from other sources. You can manage your business and your social media presence if you are organized and use tools that help you share content easily.

"Carmen is a social media expert and shares her social media expertise on her website’s blog. Carmen has been listed as one of the top social media influencers on Huffington Post"

13. Mark Schaefer

My advice on Twitter marketing is to not market on Twitter. People are sick of being marketed to. Nobody goes to twitter to see you sell stuff. Instead, have fun, add true value, connect in a human way and build trust in you and your content that will lead to increasing levels of engagement.

"Mark is the founder of BusinessesGROW.com. He is a keynote speaker, executive branding coach, marketing strategist and Podcaster"

14. Evan Carmichael

Look at X as a way to grow your business. When you prioritize it as a legitimate marketing channel to bring in leads instead of just something to have because everyone has it, that’s when business results start to happen.

"Evan Carmichael is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, speaker and business consultant. The social marketing expert runs a popular YouTube channel for entrepreneurial and motivational clips"

15. Dennis Seymour

For a tool, it has to be Buffer. Integrate different services to it and let that schedule content. I assigned a VA to go through the content too just to be sure it gets regularly screened. I also schedule some of my own content bi-weekly or monthly depending on the account.

For my personal account, I only look at notifications once every other day just to clear it off. It saves me time and I get to respond to those that have tweeted me.

I guess my strategy is to schedule relentlessly because X will suck you in, especially once you start rolling and start meaningful conversations with other people.

"Dennis Seymour is the Co-Founder of LeapFroggr Inc. Dennis is a digital marketer, SaaS guy and a life-long entrepreneur"

16. Ian Cleary

I think it’s very important to use a good social media management tool and Agorapulse is excellent. One great feature is the ability to create draft responses that I can reuse over and over again. By using a good management tool you’ll save a lot of time, generate more engagement and build a bigger following.

For managing my second account I still use Agorapulse and it makes it easy to swap between accounts.

"Ian is the founder of Razorsocial. Razorsocial works with clients all around the world on marketing consultancy or training programs focused primarily on content marketing and relationship building"

17. Jason Acidre

I’ve always believed that there’s nothing more important than spending more time and effort on tasks and areas of the business that will put more money in the bank. And in our case, staying ahead through marketing is very vital for our business.

That’s why I’ve made sure “managing my X account” would be a part of my daily/weekly tasks. Same as to how I’ve included research and reading relevant content to our business as part of my responsibilities in ensuring our team will stay on top of our game. As you can easily set 15-30 minutes of your time per day to be spent in this area of business marketing.

I think the key is to first understand the value of this channel to your business. Like in my case, I see a lot of value in reading, sharing, and building relationships with other practitioners in our space. That’s why it’s easier for me to decide whether it’s really important or not.

"Jason is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Former Pro-Counter Strike Gamer. Jason started a personal blog, Kaiserthesage, to test experiments related to Online Marketing"

18. Dave Schneider

We have someone who does this exclusively and uses tools like Hootsuite, but the whole team has access to the business’s X profile so they can also jump in when needed. We regularly discuss our content strategy, so we’re all aware of the topics we should and shouldn’t cover. The formula is simple: post any new article up on the blog, and share anything else that’s relevant and interesting. The same relevant + interesting standard applies for following, unfollowing, and engaging with our audience.

"David Schneider cofounded NinjaOutreach. An all in one Prospecting and Outreach tool which was created to streamline the process of connecting with influencers"

19. Bryan Hutchinson

One of my favorite tools that saves me a ton of time is a WordPress plugin, Revive Old Post. It tweets out older evergreen content that might otherwise die if left unattended.

"Bryan Hutchinson is a writer whose work has been published in newspapers, national magazines, books, and on world famous blogs. He created Positive Writer for fellow writers to create work that matters"

20. Andy Crestodina

If you follow everyone back, your following will grow faster for sure. A lot of people use tools like ManageFlitter (no longer active) to unfollow people who don’t follow them back!

Organic reach in social platforms is low. Around 1%. So you need to share things over and over if you want them to be seen.

You can use Edgar to keep things in social rotation forever. It’s a paid tool, but it does wonders for your social traffic. Just make sure to watch the performance of those social posts. Go back and optimize them, drop the low performers and polish up the good ones.

Use images, special characters, mentions and hashtags. They’ll be shared automatically dozens of times so make those posts shine!

"Andy Crestodina is a cofounder of Orbit Media Studios, an award-winning web design company, which has completed more than 1,000 successful website projects"

21. Syed Balkhi

The best thing we have done for our twitter is to use Buffer as our scheduling app. I share our newly published articles, motivational quotes, as well as older popular articles from my blogs. A combination of these with some retweets work really well for growing engagement.

"Syed is an award-winning entrepreneur recognized as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by the United Nations. He founded companies like WPBeginner and OptinMonster"

22. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

The number one thing I do to help grow my brand on Twitter is that once a month I sit down on Hootsuite and schedule shares out for the whole month. I am still active on Twitter with real-time posting, but automating sharing my articles saves me a lot of time and helps to spread it out evenly throughout the day, week, and month. Plus, it helps me to better share other people’s content as well!

"Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents earns about six figures a MONTH with her blog and has been featured on top publications like Forbes"

23. Noah Kagan

I just have 1 person at each company run the social accounts. Simple.

"Noah Kagan is an American Internet entrepreneur and the founder of Sumo. He now runs a massive YouTube channel for Entrepreneurs"

24. Michael Babcock

Leverage tools to not spend all your time on twitter, but don’t forget to check in with those who your automation tools are finding to engage with you.

"Michael is the founder of Yourownpay. He is also a podcaster and coaches people how to handle the tech with Podcasts, YouTube videos, and digital e-courses"

25. Alfred Lua

My favorite strategy for Twitter is to use a scheduling tool like Buffer and schedule great content to go out consistently. This allows me to maintain a consistent presence on X without having to find and share content manually on a daily basis. More importantly, this gives me the time to engage with others on X and focus on other work.

"Alfred was a content crafter at Buffer and wrote for the blog with 1.4 million monthly visits. Visit Alfred’s website here"

26. Raelyn Tan

My number 1 secret to managing my X is to use the Revive Old Post plugin. It automatically tweets out my old blog posts at regular intervals. This helps to bring a steady stream of Twitter traffic to my old posts, and keeps my X account active without any additional effort from me.

"Raelyn is the founder of Raelyntan.com. She provides No-fluff tips for online entrepreneurs to build a profitable blog and business"

27. Suzi Whitford

I use a free automatic system through IFTTT to schedule all of my Twitter posts.

"Suzi Whitford is an Industrial Engineer and blogger. She blogs at Startamomblog.com"

28. Brian Jackson

I have spent many years playing around with X automation and different ways to grow my account. As I got busier and busier with my daily tasks, time management became more of an issue. I can thankfully say I have a great system in place which grows my Twitter by 600+ new followers a month and it is completely 100% automated. I tweet once in a while for fun, but I could now leave for vacation and my Twitter will keep on growing.

Here is my secret, and it’s not that hard. Anyone can do it. I utilize Quuu to share third-party content and then SmarterQueue to share my blog post’s evergreen content. By having a good ratio of third-party content + my content is a secret recipe for success.

These are two tools that save me hundreds of hours and generate a lot of great conversations. I now spend time responding to leads on X and no more time wasting time on sharing random content. I’ve made more business relationships on Twitter than any other social network.

"Brian has has a huge passion for WordPress and even develops premium plugins. Brian enjoys blogging, movies, bike rides, and flipping websites"

29. Jeff Bullas

You need to automate the sharing of your content on X as much as possible but not the conversations. If you don’t do that you will not get any meaningful work done. I use the Agorapulse tool to send out a tweet every 15 minutes to grow my targeted following.

"Jeff Bullas is a social media speaker, blogger and strategist and content marketing expert. He has been named by Forbes as Top 10 Social Media Influencer and his blog as #1 Global Business Blog"

30. Aaron Orendorff

My big secret is Quuu.co. Quuu is a hand-curated automation platform for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (although, I only use the Twitter side). Hand-curated means the Tweets they automatically send to my Buffer account are legit: high-quality, original, and pre-sorted according to the topics my audience and I care about. I also use Quuu Promote to get my own content into rotation. It’s been an absolutely game changer. The tools simplify my own sharing and have incredible reach and engagement through the promotions. It’s automation that feels human.

"Aaron is the founder of iconiContent. He has been featured in Forbes’ Top 25 Marketing Influencers"

31. Nirav Dave

To improve user engagement, having a posting schedule that is consistent is extremely important. Since out of sight is out of mind, to ensure that your readers don’t forget about your brand, publishing frequently is essential. Also, make sure to optimize your social sharing images as the recommended image size for each social channel differs.

For Twitter automation, I use a combination of tools such as;

Hootsuite: This is an amazing scheduling tool, especially for novice bloggers. It is easy to use and allows you to bulk schedule social media posts for varied streams.

Ritetag: This is a great tool that helps you to find the best and trending hashtags for text as well as images. You can download this for free as a chrome extension and it can be easily integrated with HootSuite and other tools.

Click to Tweet Plugin: Make it easier for your readers to share your content by installing the Click to tweet plugin. This plugin is a popular tool used by many and can help drive more traffic to your site.

"Nirav Dave specializes in all things Web Design & WordPress Development. He breathes WordPress and Loves to read anything and everything about this exceptional CMS"

32. Vladimir Gendelman

Tools like Hootsuite are very convenient for scheduling evergreen tweets throughout the day so that you only need to set aside a specific, contiguous block of time for updating Twitter. It makes for a much more productive use of time than sporadically checking your feed and tweeting throughout the day.

"Vladimir is the Founder of Company Folders and Printwand. He is an entrepreneur and thought leader in the print design industry"

33. Harsh Agrawal

Out of sight is out of mind” is one thing everyone should keep in mind when planning for social media marketing. For me, Twitter is all about connecting with my fans and readers. 

At the same time, it’s a means for me to stay connected with my friends, mentors, and inspirations. 

Here are 2 super fast strategies I follow for X automation that you could copy today.

1. Pick a social media posting tool like Social Pilot, AgoraPulse or similar. Schedule posts in advance and make sure to check your analytics once in a while (quarterly is fine) and republish the most engaging one. 

2. Follow only a few people: By saving yourself from information overload, you can find more time to do meaningful stuff. This is why it's better to let go of inactive, auto-pilot, link-spam and similar other X profiles.

"Harsh Agrawal is an award-winning blogger who is endorsed by brands like Google, SEMRush, and IBM for his work over at ShoutMeLoud"

34. Sam Hurley

After experiencing being on the very edge of Social Media insanity not so long ago, this is a highly relevant topic!

My #1 tip? Block your time.

That means turning notifications off and NOT responding as and when tweets come through — or checking Twitter notifications multiple times each day. This isn’t conducive to productivity or growth!

Sam is the founder of Optim Eyez. He holds a fluent understanding of Digital Marketing and went From ‘Nobody’ to #1 Marketing Influencer in 15 Months (Without a Website). 

35. Samantha Kelly

The secret is to have a great team around you so they can cover for you when you are out and about. You need to be always online in case of a query etc. I also have google alerts set up so that if there is anything relevant to the account I am managing I can tweet that out also. It’s not all about me, it's important to share others’ content also.

Tools to help:

Contentcal is one of my favorites and I love DesignWizard for making graphics. Tweetbeam is great for events and for hashtag curating on the day. Also Tweetbinder for tracking the reach of a particular hashtag.

"Samantha Kelly is the founder of Tweetinggoddess and WomensInspireNetwork. She’s a social media strategist (especially X) and teaches brands how to tweet the right way."

36. Madalyn Sklar

My #1 secret Twitter tip is being consistent. The one thing I found that separates the high profile users on Twitter from everyone else is consistency.

If you want to stand out, get on X every day and connect. Engage with your community. This strategy works well for all your social sites but especially on X. By taking the time to tweet at least a few times each day, you will increase your visibility dramatically.

Even if you spend 10-15 minutes a day. Doing so regularly each day holds more weight than spending an hour once a week. The tools I use for this are Hootsuite, Buffer and Social Jukebox.

"Madalyn is a renowned social media marketing expert. She is the founder of the (then) amazing twitter chat for social media marketers, #TwitterSmarter."

37. Evgeniy Garkaviy

I manage just over a dozen X profiles, plus my own personal twitter page. For clients’ twitter profiles, I use Hootsuite. One great productivity tip, especially if you post to X and Instagram is to compose your tweet, add a square photo and you have a tweet that is also Instagram compatible. One important thing to remember when posting on X and Instagram is that you should limit the number of hashtags between 2 or 3, but on Instagram, you may add 10 or more hashtags.

"Evgeniy is the founder of Temi. He is an SEO consultant. He is also an online marketing strategist at Hopespring"

38. John Nunez

I wouldn’t consider this a secret but I think it would be “focus”. Like with many other social platforms, It’s very easy to lose yourself in the myriad of things you can do.

What I do is set up specific TweetDeck streams for each day of the week. For example, let’s say Monday is “outreach” day. That means that on Monday, the only thing I’ll do is reach out to people and promote my content.

That way I can get more things done and avoid wasting my time on the platform.

"John is the founder of JohnImSecrets where he shares exclusive Inbound Marketing Tips, Techniques and Guides"

39. Kasey Luck

My secret to managing Twitter has been an amazing automation tool called MassPlanner – it allows you to schedule tons of tweets and set up auto following, retweeting, auto mentions and a lot more for a very cheap subscription price. Unfortunately, they no longer accept new members, so the next company that can offer all those features at a competitive price is going to be big!

I also used the tool called Audiense to create audiences for auto-following and auto mentioning, which was an amazing boost to my X strategy.

"Bold & Zesty is run by Kasey Luck. Kasey has worked for the world’s fastest growing venture fund in the world, 500 Startups"

40. Aaron Sylvan

I have a few very carefully curated lists of people who REALLY post great stuff. My browser has shortcuts I can click to directly open my “growth hackers” list or my “futurists” list, for instance. This way, 5 minutes/day is enough for me to find some cool stuff, RT exciting content, and answer any DMs. Every month or so I queue a bunch of posts over time in hootsuite, so I don’t have to stress about keeping my feed fresh. This means I always have good stuff in my timeline, with no lapses. And then whenever I’m at a great event, I tweet a bunch with its hashtag – pretty much 100% chance that a social media manager will amplify my signal.

"Aaron is a business & tech consultant. He’s built multiple funded software companies, launched dozens of products, managed 7-figure budgets, closed 6-figure sales to Fortune 500s, and served as CEO, CTO, and advisor to Angel and VC investors"

41. Shane Barker

I try to be as active as possible to keep my Twitter audience engaged and grow my brand on the platform. While this can be a bit challenging, tools like Quuu and Buffer have been super useful in saving time.

Quuu provides me with content suggestions in relevant categories. This saves me a lot of time in figuring out which posts I should share with my audience.

Buffer helps me schedule posts to be tweeted out at the right time when my audience is most likely to be active. I can also use it to monitor the performance of my tweets. In between the scheduled tweets, I still tweet out personally to further improve engagement.

"Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, product launches, sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions"

42. Chris Makara

For me, the best way to save time on X is by automating repetitive tasks. And one of the best ways to manage your brand on X is through social media scheduling.

Sure, it’s no secret that a large majority of Twitter users schedule their tweets. But for me, my secret is to automatically recycle my evergreen updates. It’s one thing to manually schedule the same thing over again and again. But I like to take it one step deeper and re-use my updates. No need to manually schedule the same thing again and again. Just schedule it once and have it recycled automatically for me.

I currently do this with a tool I developed that will automatically recycle your social media content on Buffer. Saves me countless hours each month.

"Chris is a digital and social media marketing expert. He is the founder of Bulkly, a social media automation tool for individuals and small businesses"

43. John Paul Aguiar

For me, I like to be active when growing my X following. Plus I like to do it manually, to guarantee I get Targeted and Active followers, since for me, it is about the quality of my followers that I care about and NOT the numbers.

To grow a Twitter following quickly and correctly, you need to start with being active, sharing quality helpful and targeted content on a regular basis. Be available to reply to comments and answer questions.

Added to that you want to be active and follow 200 people a day and monitor your results.”

"John is an Expert Blogging Entrepreneur and Marketer. He helps bloggers build successful blogging businesses through Coaching, Consulting, Tips, Tricks and Tools"

44. Rebekah Radice

When it comes to online marketing, X offers a short and sweet way to get your message out. But finding a balance between growth and management can be a challenge. I use the native Twitter app to quickly scroll through my notifications, see what I missed while I was gone, and respond to mentions.

All you need is 5 minutes: go to “Home,” to see new tweets – find 1-2 your audience would find relevant and retweet, then go to notifications and scroll – respond to 2-3 that comment or respond to one of your tweets, now look at who retweeted – click through to 5 and follow who’s relevant. Now keep it going.

The key to success is in the conversation!

"Rebekah is the founder and CMO at RadiantLa. She is also an Entrepreneur, Author and speaker"

45. Robbie Richards

Set up a list with the top influencers or publications in your industry. Each morning spend about 5-10 minutes browsing the content curated from the hand picked accounts on that list. Anything that is trending, actionable or generally provides value to your community, add it to an automated sending tool like Buffer.

Also, don’t be afraid to regularly recycle your best evergreen content. Always mention people/publications as you share, and make sure to respond to positive interactions to start building relationships you can draw on in the future for things like co-marketing, guest posts, roundups or even links.

"Robbie is a Digital Marketing Strategist and blogger at RobbieRichards.com. He has generated over 1,000,000 page views with just 28 blog posts"

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Finally, what are some powerful X automation tactics or strategies or systems that you can use today?

5 Simple X Automation Bots for Musk's X in 2024

These are some popular X automations used on the Internet.

There are more automated X automation systems besides these that users can use, but these are the popular ones most X users can use.

The first is to automatically change your Twitter profile picture whenever you update your Facebook photos.

X Automation Bot 1: Automatically Change Your Twitter Profile Picture When You Update Your Facebook Profile Photo - Great for Brands

You can automatically change your Twitter profile picture when you update your Facebook photo.

A lot of social media users use the same profile picture across several social media networks.

This simple system automatically updates your X profile picture when you change or update your Facebook profile photo.

This can save you time to log into several social media accounts to do the same thing.

X Automation Bot 2: Automatically Post on Your X Account Whenever You Start Streaming on Twitch - Great for Streamers on Various Platforms

Automatically post on X when you start streaming on Twitch.

This is popular among Twitch users, especially as Twitch is a booming platform in 2024 today. So what this system does is it automatically posts on your X account whenever you go live on Twitch.

X Automation Bot 3: RSS to X - Popular Among Bloggers and Content Creators

Whenever there is an update to your RSS, it automatically posts to your X account. This is especially important for bloggers and people who create content on their website or YouTube channels.

That brings us to the next X automation tactic.

X Automation Bot 4: YouTube Video to Your X Account - Great Twitter Automation System for YouTubers

If you create content, especially video content, then you want to post to your X or Twitter account.

This is especially popular among youtubers and what this does is whenever you upload a new video to your YouTube channel, this free tool automatically posts it to your X account.

So how do you set up all of these systems?

How can I set up X automation bots on IFTTT?

It is simple. I use a tool called ifttt which is a free tool that allows you to connect different tools or API connections together to save time.

Here is how to automatically change your X profile picture whenever you update your Facebook photo.

Head over to IFTTT and create a free account. Or simply click here to visit the official IFTTT for X automation page.

iftt x automation twitter automation
x automation on ifttt by simon zaku

Or just go to IFTTT do com and click on the Connect button.

This will allow you to log in or create an account. You can do this with your Apple, Facebook, or Google account.

After you log in, connect your X account and link your Facebook as well.

Click the Connect button and then you can use the paid account which goes for $2.92 per month or $3.49 per month (if you go for the monthly plan).

[Remember you can also try it for free]

5 of My Personal Favorite Twitter Automation Tools for Brands and Businesses in 2024

PDF DOWNLOAD: Grab Your Free Copy of the Automation Tools These Experts Use and Mentioned in this Resource!

What Are Your Favorite X Automation Tools for 2024?

What is your favorite twitter automation bot or AI tool?

Why do you use it?

Comment below, I respond to every comment.

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