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Best Cartflows Alternatives: What Are the Best Alternatives to CartFlows WordPress Plugin?

Cartflows alternatives

What is Cartflows plugin?

Cartflows is one of the most popular sales funnel builder today. It is a free WordPress plugin that helps marketers and businesses to increase their conversions sales in order to maximize profits by building effective sales funnels.

CartFlows is a sales funnel builder that helps you turn your WordPress website into an automated selling machine that is fully optimized.

About CartFlows?

CartFlows was founded in 2018 and has over 82 feature updates with over 200,000 users. It also, it also has lots testimonials online.

Is there a free version of CartFlows?

Yes, there is absolutely a completely free version of CartFlows that offers you some of the basic features but then you can always go for the premium plans now which offers which is a three tier pricing. It is free to use for WordPress users and you can use basic features to help you design sales funnel.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS, as more than 40% of sites are built on the framework. WordPress is a great tool with several plugins, having thousands of features that are user-friendly and useful for both professionals and amateurs alike.

CartFlows Features?

Some of the most popular CartFlows features are:

  • The WordPress plugin the One Click Upsell,

  • The One click ordered bumps,

  • AB Split testing dynamic offers,

  • The checkout form layouts and,

  • Templates for almost everything.

CartFlows pricing?

The CartFlows software is very affordable and as easy to use. It offers three pricing tiers:

  • There's the CartFlows Starter which is originally $129 but goes for $79 per year.

  • The CartFlows Plus which is $149 per year and;

  • The CartFlows Pro which is $269 per year.

CartFlow offers a 14 day money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction with tons of five star reviews and two exactly 223,242 happy users.

Cartflows drawbacks, that would prompt you to seek some other alternatives:

· No A/B split testing

· Lacks an inbuilt affiliate system

· No membership

· There is no share funnel feature

· The analytics is basic and can be improved upon

CartFlows Alternatives; the Best Alternatives to CartFlows WordPress Plugin?

People often ask;

"what is the alternative to CartFlows plugin?"

"Is there a free version of CartFlows and all of that now?"

This review article goes through some of the best and easy to use CartFlows alternatives to consider.

This list contains some of the most powerful and affordable CartFlows alternatives today.

How does CartFlows help businesses generate sales and increase conversions?

Now with CartFlows, the basic idea is sales funnel building that increases your conversion rates. A sales funnel is a systematic journey that takes your visitor or someone who doesn't know about your business to become a customer or a client.

What is a Sales Funnel Builder?

Sales funnel is the automated system that takes your prospective customers on a marketing and sale journey. The top is the awareness point (with a greater number of persons) and narrowed down to the point of conversion (where you have the least number).

Sales funnels are indispensable for your business, especially for your online stores. And to have a profitable and high-converting business website, your customer journey should be seamless and without distractions that could cause customers to abandon their carts.

For example, the journey of a visitor or let's say the journey of a social media user to become a visitor on your website to joining your e-mail list and then buying something from you and then upsells, downsells and all of that. That whole process is called is Sales Funnel.

7 Powerful CartFlows Alternatives to Try Out Today:

Some of the questions you may be asking are;

Do I have other options aside from Cartflows?

What are the distinct features between Cartflows and these alternatives?

What are the disparities in prices?

Do I have to choose an alternative?

In this segment, I would proffer answers to those questions and give the best alternatives, and why you should consider them.

1. SamCart

This is the first alternative to Cartflows that we would consider. SamCart software is a drag-and-drop shopping platform that helps to increase your conversion rate and ultimately grow your busines profits.

SamCart is a CartFlows alternative
SamCart HomePage

SamCart is designed for both small to medium-sized businesses.

User experience is an important feature for any software, and SamCart just got it right.

It successfully streamlines the checkout experience for your customers or clients and helps them to seamlessly move down the sales funnel till they make purchases.

Features Of SamCart:

Checkout Templates

One of the greatest assets for online marketing is the checkout pages!

SamCart offers some sterling checkout templates that help you develop optimized pages and result in a conversion boost. You also have different options when it comes to carts position. It is either the carts are shown as pop-ups or embedded in the page, just choose the option that suits your business.


Metrics and analytics are indispensable for any profitable business. With SamCart, you to check different split-testing options, and ultimately grow your sales.

You can also choose to develop a brand-new test variation by clicking on the Advanced Setting tab in your account. The next thing you should do is to name the test variation and make some edits.

Discounts and Coupons

SamCart allows you to create and offer discounts or coupons to your customers, so they make more purchases as they get excited about acquiring more products.

Using the feature is not complicated, as you need to send the client to the page, with the coupon’s description and the type of discount (possibly a percentage off or a flat-rate discount).

Email Marketing

This feature distinguishes SamCart from several other sales funnel builders. The software has the shopping cart seamlessly integrated with an autoresponder for the email marketing strategy.

With this email marketing methodology, you can automatically add all your customers to your email list each time they buy.

Adding customers to the email marketing list ensures they don’t miss any product updates, and you build a solid relationship with them.

SamCart works with some email marketing companies such as Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Drip, Maropost, GetResponse, iContact, and ConverKit.

Smart Pixel Tracking

This is another feature of SamCart that I would like so much. This feature allows you to easily track the direction of sales and the strategies you deployed, and their results.

Free or Paid Trial Offers

With SamCart you get to increase the number of clients purchasing your product through the paid trials. So, as an online business owner or even when you are just starting your online company, free trials would be perfect for your clients.

Customer Support

We realize the need for support when we are stuck in operation as we navigate through software or application. You don’t want to imagine not having someone to put you through the problem you are facing.

You can quickly reach SamCart’s support via email, live chat service, the peer-to-peer support system on Facebook, then the assistance center. Their customer support workers provide swift and accurate responses particularly when you have technical concerns.

Compared to Cartflows where you have to schedule a meeting, you can reach SamCart’s customer support easily.

There is also a robust resource library on SamCart, where you get to read several posts and how-to videos that would ultimately help you navigate through the software by yourself.

SamCart Pricing

SamCart’s has different pricing plans that are pocket-friendly particularly for startups and small of businesses. It offers a 14-day free trial with 30 days money-back warranty.

The most expensive of SamCart’s plan is $199 a month and has features such as endless item uploads, access to template library, white-labeled, and access to affiliate center. It is more budget-friendly when compared with Cartflows.

Pros of SamCart

· User-friendly interface gives users a seamless experience

· Creating coupons are easy with SamCart

· Training resources to up user skills

· The drag and drop feature make the site easy to navigate

· Money-back guarantee when users are not satisfied

Cons SamCart

· Supports PayPal and Stripe alone

· The monthly pricing option is quite high

2. ThriveCart

ThriveCart is not just another alternative to Cartflows but a well-deserving competitor.

ThriveCart is a CartFlows alternative
ThriveCart Homepage

This software would help you as an eCommerce business owner to create optimized checking-out pages. With this tool, you get to increase conversions at the checking-out stage with intuitively designed checkout templates of your sales funnel.

ThriveCart is also an eCommerce marketing tool that helps business owners in accepting payments from customers for all products purchased, whether they are physical, virtual, or subscription-based products.

In comparison to Cartflows, I would highlight some of the distinct features of ThriveCart and how it improves on some of the drawbacks of the former.

Features of ThriveCart:

It provides templates for check out pages

This tool comes with four pre-built optimized, and intuitively designed templates for checkouts; you can also select and customize them to suit your brand. They are few but top-notch, and you can add your elements to them.

With these templates, you can achieve goals such as templates for single-step checkout, double-step checkout, popup checkout, and embeddable checkouts.

Also, the templates work seamlessly on all devices and improve customer experience.

ThriveCart accepts multiple methods of payments

Here is another distinguishing feature of ThriveCart; it is excellently integrated and accepts payments from the highest number of payment associations. It is well integrated with Stripe, PayPal,, and the only tool integrated with Apple Pay. Therefore, you have a higher conversion from mobile users.

A/B testing feature

Testing and anything relating to metrics would be pivotal to you as a marketer or online business owner. And this tool provides a robust testing feature that allows you to do split testing to the segments for your different products and services. You can use it to test your products and get the highest performance.

Discounts and Coupons

ThriveCart has a segment called ThriveCart management and creating. With this feature, you can make coupon codes for your customers to encourage purchases and there are discount codes also. Ultimately, this feature is meant to drive sales.

Affiliated Management System

Here is another important feature that is not found on Cartflows. With this tool, you can manage affiliates of other products, and it is an interesting feature with several functionalities.

The era of experiencing difficulty in managing and tracking your affiliates is eroded with this software.

ThriveCart Pricing

Now, let’s compare the pricing of the different software and see which would be preferred.

ThriveCart’s pricing system is different from most software in the market.

Here is the reason:

You only make one-time payments for this software and you don’t have to make yearly or monthly subscriptions like other products.

For every regular shopping and checks out page feature, you make a one-time payment of $495, while for premium features, you make a payment of $690.

Also, ThriveCart provides you a money-back guarantee for 30 pay, so no need to worry if you are not comfortable with their features you can always get your money back.

On the other hand, Cartflows provide a free trial to create your initial sales funnel, although you won’t access some features. Then, you would need to upgrade your plan to $299 yearly for the software.

Customer Support

Getting stuck while navigating through software and without anyone to respond to your questions at customer support could be worrisome. It is an experience you don’t need to have; hence, you should consider customer support.

For ThriveCart, they have their community for their users where you can get speedy and exact answers. Their Facebook communities are also helpful and growing. However, if you need a one-on-one conversation, you would book a ticket and wait for 24 hours to get a response.

For Cartflows, their Facebook community helps provide necessary assistance also. They have a robust resource and knowledge base, and you could get helpful answers. However, if you need to speak to their customer support, you would also propose a ticket.

Pros of ThriveCart

· ThriveCart’s page building framework is modern and leading

· The A/B testing is top-notch and distinct

· Profitable affiliate programs for vendors

· Clients enjoy different payment modes

· Bump offers increases sales

· Well-integrated email platforms

· Premium customer support

· The check-out option is efficiently integrated with WordPress

Cons of ThriveCart

· There is no free trial on ThriveCart

· The templates could seem limited at times

· No feature for instant support like live chat option

3. Groovesell

This is sales funnel cart is integrated with GrooveFunnels and comes with a great pricing plan. You need a Groovesell account particularly as it is still free.

Groovesell  is cartflows alternative

With Groovesell, you can create premium checkout pages with upsells, cross-sells, and custom offerings.

There have been several questions why this amazing tool could be available for free.

People often ask – Is Groovesell legit?

The answer is affirmative because it is part of a reliable digital marketing company ‘GrooveFunnels’.

Here are some of the outstanding features of Groovesell:

Groovesell Features:

Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps

An order bump is when you offer some other products for a lower price to your customers when they purchase. With Groovesell, you can offer service yourself, and you do not need prior experience to implement them.

When your customers make a purchase, you can still offer them other products that could be helpful. You do not limit these features to products alone, but your subscriptions equally.

You can also upsell or cross-sell other related products.

For you as a business owner, upselling and down selling allows you to introduce more products to your customers; thereby adding value to your business.

Reporting and Analytics

In comparison to Cartflows, Groovesell is also preferred because of the analytics and reporting feature. This software provides robust but easy to access and understand analytics.

The pattern of the analytics is such that you can see information that is related to every transaction made. You access successful and failed transactions, the average sale for a period, and you could customize it to provide some other information you may need.

With analytics and reporting, you are thorough about your business and able to make data-driven decisions. You can understand the market direction and ultimately help your business to grow.

Cart Abandonment Follow Up

In digital marketing, cart abandonment follow-up is an important technique to reach out to clients that have made orders but left the products in their carts, and those who clicked on the buy button, but never completed them.

With Groovesell, you can track and reach those in this category via emails and remind them to complete their transactions. This process ensures you don’t leave money on the table.

Affiliate Software

Cartflows does not offer an affiliate feature. However, with Groovesell, you can add an affiliate program to some of your selected products.

You get to decide the commission, and apart from that, you provide your affiliates with some of the needed materials and tools. By doing this, you would be marketing your product more and making more profit.

Unlimited Checkout/Shopping Cart Pages

This software allows you to create several checkouts and shopping cart pages, and can customize the templates to suit your needs.

Some other cool features of Groovesell is the ability to embed checkout forms, create coupons, provide discounts, and add widgets.

What's even more interesting about Groovesell?

The proof widget.

This notification is present at either the top, bottom, or corner of the page. The proof widget displays that a user has bought a product he/she is browsing through or when the user signs up for membership. All in real-time.

Groovesell Pricing:

Surprisingly, Groovesell is free for now, and when you sign up, you also get access to Groovepages and GrooveAffiliate.

Customer Support

With Groovesell, you get access to premium customer support. There is a robust knowledge base for this software that you can check through to solve your problems.

If you still need further information about the product, there is an advanced AI video search engine that contains visual images and step-by-step guides on solving the common problems you encounter.

However, if you need to speak with the customer representative, you reach them via email or live chat.

Pros of Groovesell

· Everyone can get it without any charge

· It is an all-inclusive digital platform for eCommerce and marketing people

· It is good for new entrants in online marketing

Cons of Groovesell

· They would charge users at some point

· There are several feature that are stll in beta, so there could be changes in its features soon.

4. FunnelKit (formarly WooFunnels)

WooFunnels comes as a great alternative to Cartflows in building high converting sales and lead generation funnels. This software is a choice funnel builder for WooCommerce, without a doubt.


As a WooCommerce store owner, WooFunnels would undoubtedly be a great alternative to Cartflows for a broad product range.

Here's why;

WooFunnel’s Rule Engine can specify checkout offers based on the items in the cart and specify upsell offers based on the items purchased. Hence, WooFunnels will help attract more leads and optimize your store.

Features of WooCommerce:

A/B Testing

Data analysis is indispensable in online marketing, and as a forward-thinking business owner. WooFunnels can split test all the pages of your sales funnel.

Beyond split testing your sales pages, you should also test the checkout pages or upsell pages to get the highest performance in real-time.

When you get the metrics of your sales funnel, you can make data-driven decisions to drive your sales upwards. However, Cartflows does not provide this feature.

With this test feature, you can check the pages against one another (rotating them at 50/50) and find the most converting cart page.

Email Marketing Automation

If you are an online business owner, then you need to have a minimum of six touchpoints to convert a lead into a customer. You can achieve this by sending emails to your leads and potential customers.

However, you cannot send the same email to every customer, and you also cannot leave other important tasks and keep sending emails to subscribers individualy. Thus, automating the email process would be the game-changer for your business as the automated system brilliantly complements the sales funnel.

WooFunnel’s developers understand the need for automated emailing; hence, have their email tool ‘Actionetics’.

This tool sends targeted emails to individuals at different stages of the sales funnel, and ultimately results in higher conversion rates.

Cart Abandonment

Once you install and activate the WooFunnels plugin on your WordPress site, you can enable the automation setup to capture abandoned carts, called Autonami. It captures the emails of leads as soon as they enter the checkout page.

However, some of the leads would not decide to buy your products or services immediately. Hence, reaching out to users that abandon their carts would ultimately lead to greater conversion and more revenue for your business.

WooFunnels Pricing Plans

There are three different pricing plans for WooFunnels:

· The Starter Pack which is $199 annually, you have can use the A/B testing, access to the upsells and downsells, and highly optimized checkouts, then you can track abandoned carts.

· The next is the Growth Pack, and you pay $299 per annum, which allows you to deploy your preferred funnels to 25 various sites and have access to their professional support persons.

· Lastly, the Scale Pack. This pricing plan costs $499 and comes with the automation option, plus the lightweight CRM that boosts your sales overall.

Pros of WooFunnels

· 1-click import of conversion-optimized sales funnel

· Seamless integration with the favorite page builders

· Cart abandonment features

· Written with clean, well-documented, object-oriented code

· Excellent customer support

Cons of WooFunnels

· You have to sign up for a $499/year plan for the Autonami feature

· Installing a suite of plugins like WooCommerce could negatively impact the speed of your website

· You have to maintain and update your site because it is WordPress based

5. ClickFunnels

This sales funnel design tool is regarded as the pioneer of the online sales funnel as it was launched in 2014, and since then, has maintained its outstanding features.


If you are not a techie and don’t want to write any line of code before you build a effective, high-converting sales funnel in minutes, then you have come to the right place.

With a few clicks, you would be able to create an optimized sales funnel like a pro.

I often describe ClickFunnels as an all-in-one tool, as you can customize your pages, send and receive emails, and do so much more.

Here are some of the distinct features of ClickFunnels:

Features of ClickFunnels:

Single drag-and-drop builder

This is one distinct feature of ClickFunnels. You can create professional-looking pages within minutes without writing any line of code.

As an online business owner with this feature, you can create highly converting pages yourself in no time. This feature is distinct and not available on Cartflows.

Pre-built customizable templates

ClickFunnels comes with sterling pre-built templates designed for different business requirements, and I am certain it would fit your business needs. However, these templates can still be modified to fit your needs.

Also, you could make web-pages from scratch with the drag-and-drop editor tool.

Affiliate management software (Backpack)

The backpack feature on ClickFunnels allows you to have your affiliate program on any funnel that you develop.

Backpack handles tasks such as setting up the affiliate pages, affiliate IDs, tracking pixels, and adding custom code to every page. With this feature, you also create and customize the commission plan and add different types of affiliates.

This is one feature that distincts ClickFunnels from Cartflows.

A/B split testing

Here is another great feature that is not available on Cartflows unfortunately. You can find this A/B testing feature inside the ClickFunnels dashboard, and use it to get detailed analytics of all your sales funnel.

With this feature, you would not waste time and money on the least performant elements of your pages.

Once, the test is complete, you would see the results in detailed percentage form. Thus, you can make confident decisions that would drive your business to the next level.

Email marketing automation

The ClickFunnels email messenger feature allows you not to get the emails of users alone, but you can create email broadcasts similar to other email automation software.

With this feature, you do not need to integrate a third-party tool to send out emails to your subscribers.

Multiple Payment Gateways Integration

ClickFunnels provides multiple payment processing services to collect payments from your clients. Some of the payment gateways that ClickFunnels integrates well with are PayPal, Stripe, Recurly, NMI, Keap, Easy Pay Direct, and several other payment gateways.


This software has the automation feature which gives it more advantage over the Cartflows.

With this automation feature, you can target customers and interact with them based on specific criteria. You simply program the entire process, and leads can be adequately guided down your sales funnel successfully.

Pros of ClickFunnels

· The software is premium with numerous functionalities

· It has the drag and drops builder facility

· It offers a great selection of integrations such as API integration

· An all-in-one tool, efficient and cost-effective

Cons of ClickFunnels

· One major issue might be the high cost

· The software experiences errors too often

· It keeps changing constantly and customers have to keep relearning

6. OptimizePress

The next alternative to Cartflows that we would be talking is OptimizePress.


This software has been around for some years, and it helps users create sales funnels with more ease in WordPress.

This tool is a page builder, and you can use it to develop top-notch and comprehensive sales funnels that would generate more conversions and boost your business revenue.

Features of OptimizePress:

Pre-built Templates

With OptimizePress, you do not need to worry about creating beautiful and high-converting pages. There are pre-built templates that you can also modify to suit your business needs.

With the pages and funnels that you create, you would expand your subscriber base, deliver relevant content, and up your sales.

A/B testing tool

This software is preferred to Cartflows again because of the detailed analysis it provides.

An analysis is at the center of any business that must grow because, with them, you can make brilliant decisions that would drive sales.

Payment gateways with several payment plans

OptimizePress provides several payment gateways to receive payments from your users seamlessly. Some of the payment gateways include PayPal, Stripe, Keap, and several others.

OptimizePress Pricing Plans

There are three different pricing plans for OptimizePress:

· The Essential plan costs $99 per year and you can access a page building forum and create an unlimited number of pages but on a single site.

· The Business plan costs $149 for a year, you can access 250 customizable templates, and offers users unlimited leads.

· The Suite plan is the most expensive and costs $199 for a year and can be used for 20 sites, access OptimizeCheckouts, and OptimizeLeads.

Pros of OptimizePress

· More than 340 templates available for creating pages swiftly

· Great user experience and easy to use

· Great integration with other services e.g mailers

· Robust function for creating membership sites

Cons of OptimizePress

· Lacks innovations

· Customer support is not at the best

7. Thrive Membership

Here is the last alternative to Cartflows: Thrive Membership which is included in the Thrive Suite.

Thrive Membership

Thrive Suite is an all-inclusive toolbox, which can up your business massively.

As a user of Thrive Membership, you get access to all Thrive’s plugins, themes, dashboard, and you can customize some other themes to suit your need. With this tool, you can efficiently manage all your offers and services.

Thrive Membership Pricing

The pricing plan of Thrive Membership sounds too good to be true.

You have to pay $99 annually, and it is the lowest price you can get by any sales funnel builder in the market, but because the price is low does not mean quality has been sacrificed.

With this price, you get to access all the plugins available with Thrive and its theme builder.

Pros of Thrive Membership

· Access to webinars and videos to increase user’s knowledge

· Members are guaranteed access to use any updates and themes

· There are no additional charges

· Purchases can be made individually

· The learning curve is not complex

Cons of Thrive Membership

· The support system does not allow customers to categorize their requests

· It might not be the best option

Finally, CartFlows Alternatives that Are Free:

What are some cheaper or even free alternatives to CartFlows? Here are my top picks.

Free CartFlows Alternatives (free trial versions included):

  1. Kajabi

  2. Groovesell

  3. SamCart

  4. ClickFunnels

I have thoroughly analyzed the different alternatives to Cartflows as relating to a sales funnel builder. And selecting the best cart platform for your business is a decision that should be taken seriously.

You must ensure your alternative to Cartflows has the necessary features, such as analytics, affiliate programs, and other features not contained in Cartflows.

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