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#1 SEO Agency: How I Am Building SimonWrites SEO Agency from Scratch

What is the best SEO agency near me?

SimonWrites SEO is near your business!

If your website or business is not generating at least 10,000 clicks from search engines monthly, you are leaving so much money on the table.

If you are generating anywhere around 10k to 50k organic, you can scale to 6 figures by leveraging pages you already have. Think millions as a business.

My name is Simon Taki Zaku and I want to introduce you to the my SEO agency, SimonWrites SEO, nearest to you - haha, we're remote!

What is SimonWrites SEO Agency?

On this page, I detail the story behind my SEO agency, SimonWrites SEO, how I got started, what sets this SEO Agency apart from others, and how you can apply to work with us (not open to all).

The Story Behind My SEO Agency

How did I get the idea to start the SimonWrites SEO Agency?

Sometime back, I landed 3 blog writing and marketing clients from this very blog. All within a month.

This immediately got me thinking about how important and relevant blogging and SEO writing are to online businesses, startups, and brands.

Most people today are aware of the importance of blogs & content marketing to their brands. Blogging is still one of the strongest forms of content marketing today.

I carefully thought about it and decided to START A UNIQUE BLOGGING AGENCY!

And since you are part of my community, I decided to let you know first.

What is SimonWrites SEO and What Do We Do for Our Clients?

SimonWrites SEO is an SEO agency I started that offers specialized on-page SEO services, blog writing, management, and keyword research to small and medium sized businesses, software startups, ecommerce websites, and organizations.

Who do we work with?

At SimonWrites SEO, my intention is to work with entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, b2b startups, and other digital agencies to research, write, publish & promote top-notch, search-engine-optimized blog posts and pages to grow organic reach and clicks.

Why is SimonWrites SEO the Number #1 SEO Agency?

What is the number #1 SEO Agency to hire?

In short terms, SimonWrites SEO is the best SEO company near you as we are a remote agency. And yes, I will be a little biased here but I'll prove why this SEO agency is different.

You see, to ensure, SimonWrites SEO does not get mixed in the pool of SEOs, I decided to switch things up and give our SEO clients what no other SEO agency can offer.

Here's what sets SimonWrites SEO apart from hundreds of other SEO agencies out there;

  • For this SEO agency, I want it to be known for and built on integrity and professionalism.

  • SimonWrites (or SimonSEO) is known for extensive research and conversational content that actually connects deeply with readers.

  • SimonWrites SEO will be built strongly around great relationships with our SEO clients. I actually do care about my clients business and (to an extent), personal life. My client's well-being in general is my top priority as an SEO consultant.

  • SimonWrites is known for in-depth research, quick search rankings, (strictly) white-hat SEO strategies, and detailed blogs that align with the client’s overall business goals, objectives, and customer needs.

At SimonWrites SEO, we not only handle your SEO, blog, or writing tasks but also do the necessary Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to grow your website, business or startup site to at least 10,000 monthly organic visitors within 1 to 3 months.

SEO and Content marketing are key to online success but there are loads of startups out there who either don't know how to go about it or are too busy handling other aspects of their businesses (product development, customers, etc).

How to Work With SimonWrites SEO Agency?

We are currently open to taking in 5 to 10 SEO clients before the year runs out.

How do you apply SEO services from SimonWrites SEO?

Before you apply, there are certain criteria we look for before working with our clients. Unlike other SEO agencies that take up clients in various niches, industries or market, we are different.

Here are what you should consider before applying to work with SimonWrites SEO:

  1. We only take on SEO clients within the B2B, tech/SaaS, and Ecommerce industries. Our expertise revolve around these markets hence limit our spots to these types of businesses.

  2. We offer one-off SEO projects and long-term or monthly retainer SEO projects as well. So if your business understand the longevity in SEO and want the long-term monthly retainer SEO package, you can apply (below). On the other hand, if you have a website and want a on-off SEO package, we are open to work with you as well.

  3. Finally, budgets: To ensure we are unique SEO agency and different, I designed our SEO packages differently and most value attached. Each business, website, or brand is different. So we tailor our services according to each client's unique SEO budget. But our SEO packages range between $800 to $4,500 monthly.

Do you think you are a right fit for us to make you our next SEO case study?

Jump on a call to find out.

How to Work with SimonWrites SEO

Here is how to work with SimonWrites SEO Agency:

  1. Fill out the survey form on this page (embedded below) or click here to fill it out. This form includes questions to allow us be sure you are a great fit to turn to our next SEO success.

  2. You will get an email with a copy of your form answers.

  3. Expect a call, text, and email from me within 24 hours to better understand your needs and how we can change your business through SEO.

My SEO team and I look forward to helping you hit your business goals, attract organic traffic, leads, and sales from our SEO efforts.

Are you interested in our SEO services but have other questions or need clarifications?

Know anyone looking for a result-focused SEO agency?

Feel free to share this post with them :) It will mean a lot to me (and the growing team).

Hoping to hear your thoughts, my SEO friends :)

Contact Email:

Have a productive day and talk to you soon,


Simon Taki Zaku

Founder: SimonWrites SEO Agency.


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lena john
lena john
Jun 06

Congratulations my guy simon. I wish you a successful journey with this new venture, SimonWrites SEO fam. More wins!


Aug 26, 2023

Thanks for reading ;)

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