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How to Write Engaging Blog Articles: 3-Step Formula for Creating Actionable Blog Content Quickly!

Updated: May 21

How to Write Engaging Blog Articles: 3-Step Formula for Creating Actionable Blog Content Quickly!
How to Write Engaging Blog Articles: 3-Step Formula for Creating Actionable Blog Content Quickly!

How do you write engaging blog articles for your startup?

Startup content writing and blog promotion demand a ton of effort, time, and energy. Unfortunately, most startups do not have this luxury.

I mean, you’d rather put more time into developing your products than creating blog content.

But how can you create better blog content for your customers?

How to Write Engaging Blog Articles: My 3-Step Formula for Creating Actionable Blog Content Quickly!

How then do you write a good blog article?

There are three (3) steps I take to go from an empty paper to a full-written blog post that’s perfect for my client or my brand.

These are;

  1. Step 1: Brainstorming Random Content Ideas.

  2. Step 2: Detailed Keyword Research.

  3. Step 3: Write, Write, Write!

How to Write Engaging Blog Articles: 3-Step Formula for Creating Actionable Blog Content Quickly!

Step 1: Brainstorming Content Ideas for Your B2B Blogs.

The process of creating only the best content for your target audience depends on the ideas you can brainstorm.

This process is usually ignored by most company blogs I look up these days.

The sole purpose of this step is to primarily help you publish only the best possible blog posts that your potential customers want to consume every single time. 

Whenever I want to write a new blog post for my blogging clients over at SimonWrites Agency, I begin by spending 10-15 minutes juggling post ideas and putting them down. This could be in my notebook or my digital note keeper, Evernote.

Simon Taki Zaku
That's me :)

In some cases, we ask our clients to also send their ideas on what we could write about. This way, we have something the client wants and not just what we want.

This process requires you to think of both your products and target customers at the same time. You ask yourself questions like, 

“What does my customer look for on Google?”, 

“What does my target buyer want to solve?” and 

“What blog content can I write that will answer specifically what he’s looking out for and eventually get him to buy from us?”.

In a nutshell, you brainstorm, you brainstorm topic ideas that will;

  1. Attract potential buyers,

  2. Educate them and provide utmost value and;

  3. Get them excited about your products or services and eventually turn into paying customers.


Every content must take every potential buyer on a marketing journey.

To make this easier for me, when planning blog content for my content marketing clients, I use a strategy I call, the 3 Es of writing high-converting blog posts;

  1. Educate potential buyers.

  2. Educate them.

  3. Excite them to buy your products.

Here’s a practical example;

When working with one of my clients, Uniclix, we employed this strategy when developing new content ideas for the Uniclix blog.

SN: Uniclix App is a social media management tool for small businesses that helps with scheduling content curation and social media growth.

The goal is to get small businesses who were either looking for social media management tools online or were already using a tool but wanted an alternative that’s less expensive or easier to use.

A quick brainstorm would yield results like;

  • “MeetEdger Alternative You Should Try Today”.

  • “Free Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses in 2023”

  • “Best Hootsuite Alternative for Influencers and Small Businesses.

  • “X Steps to Become a Better Social Media Manager for Your Business”.

At this stage, you do not need to worry about how well your titles or headlines are. Just get the ideas out first.

In minutes, you would have brainstormed around 10 to 20 blog post ideas that follow the 3 Es of writing blog posts that attract buyers to your startup blog every single time.

Get it?

To make sure you’re following up, get a pen and paper and I want you to think of content ideas your target customer is searching for on Google and write it out.

Like seriously, do that right now!

Done it? Let me know in the comments section.

How to Write Engaging Blog Articles: 3-Step Formula for Creating Actionable Blog Content Quickly!

Step 2: Detailed Keyword Research.

I know you might be wondering why I don’t evaluate my content ideas at the first step before even going ahead to do keyword research. Well, I never recommend that!

I’ll tell you why…

I believe that’s where most companies get it wrong and fail at growing their brand blogs. This is so because most times, we try to think for our buyers.

This leads to a ton of assumptions hence you end up creating blog content your customers don’t want to read.

What you should do is use any keyword tool to find out what your potential buyers are searching for. By doing this, you can eliminate content ideas your audience is not interested in.

This is why I recommend every digital company to have at least a keyword research tool for their content writing and SEO purposes. Here, we use Ahrefs, when doing content planning and keyword research for our clients.

With proper keyword research, you evaluate your content ideas based on what your target customers are searching for online. This means you get to strike out what your audience doesn’t seem so interested in.

With our traditional method, you probably make wrong assumptions about your target buyers all the time.