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Best Social Media Scheduler: How I Automate 100 Social Media Posts in 30 Minutes! (1000s of ideas!!)

What is the best social media scheduler today?

Best Social Media Scheduler: How I Automate 100 Social Media Posts in 30 Minutes! (1000s of ideas!!)
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Hello everybody, Simon Zaku here. Thank you so much for watching this video/blog post.

So prior to this blog post that I have been working on, which is a social media management and scheduling experiment where I schedule a number of social media posts using a social media scheduler and automation tool that I use and recommend.

For effective social media scheduling, I have been using buffer for more than 5 years as at the time of writing this post.

Buffer, which is a social media scheduling tool, is a free and premium social media scheduling and automation tool that I use for my personal accounts and clients profiles.

social media schedling app
What social media scheduler do you recommend?

I just wanted to use this video/blog post to give you a thorough walkthrough on how I schedule every of my social media posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, X, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile all at one, using Buffer.

This is how to schedule 100 social media content using Buffer for free.

How I Use the Best Social Media Scheduler (my hidden content strategy)

What makes this post even more interesting?

I will reveal to you my unique strategy to generating 100s of social media posts and content ideas for all of my social media accounts in minutes without AI.

(You can incorporate AI if you wish to - like Billie Gene said something like; AI won't take over humans, humans who know how to leverage AI, will take over humans)

So without wasting time, let's get into it.

This is my buffer dashboard. You can see all of the social media channels that I am connected with.

  1. I have the SimonWrites agency LinkedIn page,

  2. My personal LinkedIn,

  3. M X (Twitter) account,

  4. Facebook,

  5. My YouTube channel,

  6. Pinterest and;

  7. Google profile.

So I have a couple of accounts and as you can see, I'm on the trial version just to test this social media automation or scheduling experiment.

This is the way that I schedule my social media posts to LinkedIn and all of my social media accounts that generates pretty good engagements, likes, clicks and shares.

What you do is after creating your buffer account.

(when you use my links, I'll be getting a special bonus and rewards at no extra cost to you - use my links as I only recommend tools I use and validate :)

You will be taken to the publishing dashboard which basically shows you all the content you have scheduled. So let's click on the LinkedIn profile.

Here is how to create a post using buffer:

Click on the create post and then you can see all the social media profiles that you have connected on your buffer account.

I really love buffer because it is really easy to use as you can see. So now here is the real secret.

This is how I easily generate my content ideas.

What I do is I go to my blog. For those of you who don't know my blog, I run an SEO blog. I run a content marketing blog and B2B blog.

So what I do is I go through my blog and then I open up a couple of blog posts.

These are three blog posts, three of the most recent blog posts on my blog and extract value texts for social accounts.

With this, I don't have to just keep on thinking about new ideas every single time. That takes a lot of time.

Why not just repurpose my blog content to my social media profiles?

I simply copy, let's say an intro. I then come back to Buffer and paste.

In Buffer, we have the tags section.

Now, these are tags or sort of categories.

For every social media content or post I am creating, I ensure I add a tag to help me categorize every social media post I publish.

So for example, let us schedule a social media post for "promoting my blog URL" tag in Buffer.

Basically, for my social media strategy, what I do is I categorize every social media content into posts that promote my blogs, posts that promote my SEO services, posts that drive engagement, posts that ask questions and all of that.

This way, I'm able to track my social media analytics easily.

I can easily tell what is generating the most clicks, shares, or engagements.

What's one thing I love about Buffer?

I can easily create Twitter threads directly from my Buffer dashboard. So I can cut out, edit, and then sort of use the pointing finger (smiley) to show its a thread.

You can try it out for free for 14 days and you can also post a comment, like, and don't forget to let me know what you think about this how=to post, guys.

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