7-Day SEO Course: Rank a New Blog Post Page in 7 Days
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Free SEO Course/Challenge: Rank a New Blog Post Page in 7 Days (Join & Participate - Step by Step)

Heyooo guys. This is Simon Zaku, your favorite SEO specialist and content marketing consultant. And today, I'm super excited to share this iinteresting update with you guys. Something I have been working on for the past few weeks.

As you've noticed, I've not published anything this month yet. And that's because I've been working on this very amazing thing I am going to tell you about.

And I'm positive sure you're going to be interested in as well - a one of a kind SEO Course and 7-Day Challenge. So be sure to read through.

Welcome to the "Rank a Blog Post in 7 Days Free SEO Course/Challenge by Simon Taki Zaku.

Simon zakzakuseotraffic courseand challenge for 7 days free seo
My new website with low domain authority

Rank a Blog Post in 7 Days Free SEO Course/Challenge by Simon Taki Zaku

What is this SEO Course/SEO Challenge all about?

There are a lot of wrong information about ranking on search engine optimization.

There are a lot of fake experts who claim to know SEO but charge way too much for minimal results.

I created this website to help people like you, website owners like you, agency owners like you, businesses like you, to be able to really understand what it means to rank a website or a webpage on Google and how to go about it.

Now, you may be wondering, how long does it take to rank on Google?

A lot of people are asking these questions.

Is it even possible to rank on Google in a month?

Is it possible to start ranking on Google in two weeks? In three months?

How long does it take?

Most experts will tell you 'SEO takes time'.

Research backs it up that it takes a long time to rank on Google, especially with a new webesite. But this SEO Course/Challenge by Simon Taki Zaku (me:) is about to change everything.

My name is Simon Zaku from Taraba state, Nigeria. And I have never been out of the country (yet). I started blogging about 12 years ago now.

And I've created several blogs. I've worked with several websites, agencies and businesses to create blogs and run SEO for them.

This free 7 day course will change your perspective about ranking on Google (or search engines). I will show you it is really possible to rank on Google in 7-14 days.

I know a lot of experts say you need your domain authority to be high to do that, but I have dozens of articles I will be sharing in this course.

I'll be sharing a lot of secrets here that I've never shared anywhere. Most are not on the internet. So be sure to join this very course.

(I'll drop a sign up form below and where you can be able to register).

So if you're thinking;

do I need an old website,

do I need high domain authority to rank on Google, then this is for you.

I've been able to rank my blog posts on Google's page #1.

You can look at this very post and at the moment I was able to rank it on Google in days.

So if a 20-something year old Nigerian from Taraba state, (guessing you've probaby never heard of, haha), can rank a new website with low domain authority and outrank authority websites, then I know you can do it as well.

What's even more amazing?

If you join this course/challenge, you'll be getting an exclusive free offer I've never done before and I will probably never do it again.

Objective of this 7-Day Rank a Post Challenge by Simon Taki Zaku: By the end of this free course, you should be able to practically create a blog post on your website and get it to start appearing on google search within 14-28 days.

Why is this course different?

We are going to be practical. You're going to be creating this blog post if you already have a website. If you don't, I'll show you how to create one and start a blog.

By the end of this course, you should have published your post and then we would be waiting to see how long it would take to run.

So I want us to do this together. I want us to do this test/challenge together.

I will probably not be sharing, I will probably share a lot of secrets, a lot of secrets regarding search engine optimization and traffic.

But enough about me—let's talk about what you'll gain from this course. Here's a sneak peek at our agenda:

  1. Introduction to Rapid Ranking

  2. Dispelling SEO Myths

  3. Practical Strategies for Quick Results

  4. Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Optimizing a Blog Post

  5. Tracking Your Progress

  6. Exclusive Offer for Course Participants

  7. Q&A and Community Support

Whats even more interesting?

I'll be doing a giveaway worth $197. FOR FREE TO 3 PARTICIPANTS.

I'll be doing a giveaway for a free blog post. If you want me to personally write a blog post for you, I'll be giving three free blog posts to three people who register for this course.

Already pumped to be a part of this?

Here is how to join and participate:

How to Register for the Free SEO COURSE by Simon Taki Zaku in 10 Seconds

How to join and register for free?

Simply use the comments section below to signify your interest I joining me. I will personally reply to each comment and add you to the challenge group.


See you tomorrow :)

Simon Taki Zaku

Do you have any questions former? Feel free to reachme through [email protected].


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