My Honest Godaddy Review (not what you think!)
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My Honest Godaddy Review (not what you think!)

Can GoDaddy host my website?

How trustworthy is GoDaddy?

Hello, my name is Simon Zaku and I run this SEO and digital marketing blog. Welcome to this detailed and honest GoDaddy review where I'll be going through the ins and outs of GoDaddy.

Godaddy Homepage Godaddy Review
Godaddy homepage

So if you are looking for one of the best web hosting companies or service providers and you are considering GoDaddy, then I am inviting you to go through this resource page

Godaddy support, reviews, pricing, cons and pros.

My Honest Godaddy Review - Simon T. Zaku

And I'll be doing this from a personal perspective, which is what is going to make this different.

I have been blogging for more than a decade now and the first premium site that I ever got was on GoDaddy and after a few years I had to move from GoDaddy (more on this story later).

But here is the thing, GoDaddy has made a lot of upgrades and updates which made me go back to the platform and now I mostly use GoDaddy or Wix for my websites.

What is Godaddy Used for?

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is an American company, a domain registrar and web hosting service provider that offers domain registration, websites hosting, email hosting, security, etc.

GoDaddy offers a reliable and affordable WordPress and woo-commerce hosting as well

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain web hosting companies in the world. This makes it one of the most trusted web hosting providers on the Internet

GoDaddy offers four different types of web hosting.

GoDaddy offers four different types of web hosting.

  1. Shared hosting,

  2. VPS hosting,

  3. Dedicated hosting and;

  4. WordPress hosting.

GoDaddy web hosting offers a 99.1% uptime reliability.

Years back, when I started with Godaddy, I had a couple of downtimes but like I mentioned Godaddy have fixed most of those issues and I still use them for my web hosting needs.

Godaddy domain offers?

Godaddy Domain Name Offers and Domain Services

With GoDaddy you can search for domains, register your domains and grab a co UK domain right now for €0.1. Which is relatively cheap.

Godaddy domain offers?

(If you want to try GoDaddy feel free to use my affiliate link and I'll be rewarded whenever you use my link to sign up for GoDaddy or purchase a domain, web hosting or email on Godaddy using this link here at no extra cost to you)

GoDaddy is trusted by over 20 million customers around the globe, which makes it one of the largest web hosting service providers today.

Here are some LIVE GoDaddy reviews on Trustpilots. (Has a 4.7/5 Star rating). This is from 97,000 plus reviews from users.

Here are some LIVE GoDaddy reviews on Trustpilots. (Has a 4.7/5 Star rating). This is from 97,000 plus reviews from users.

What are the features of GoDaddy?

Godaddy Features

GoDaddy has a vast number of features and I'm going through the most important ones:

GoDaddy features are categorized under;

  • domains,

  • websites and hosting,

  • email hosting, and;

  • marketing section.

Domain Section:

Domain Section:

Here are the features:

  • domain search tool,

  • domain transfer name,

  • domain auctions,

  • appraise domain name value,

  • generate domain names,

  • find a domain owner (WHOIS),

  • domain broker service.

Websites and Hosting:

Websites and Hosting:

  • website builder (free trial),

  • online store,

  • website design services,

  • web hosting,

  • WordPress hosting,

  • VPS hosting and more.

Godaddy Email Services:

  • you basically get yearly email hosting services.

you basically get yearly email hosting services.

The Godaddy Marketing Services:

The Godaddy Marketing Services:

  • digital marketing suite (free trial),

  • communication tools,

  • content and photo creator,

  • free logo maker,

  • SEO services as well.

So one thing I love about GoDaddy is that they're trying to bring the whole Internet hosting team in one place.

They want to be able to host your site, host your email, and help you with marketing, and SEO too. All on one platform.

GoDaddy Pricing:

GoDaddy Pricing:

How much does it cost to use GoDaddy?

GoDaddy offers four (4) pricing plans:

  1. Web hosting Economy - €3.99/month

  2. Web hosting Deluxe - €5.99/month

  3. Web hosting Ultimate - €7.49/month

  4. Web hosting Maximum - €10.99/month

Godaddy Web Hosting Economy, you get:

  • one website,

  • 10 databases,

  • 25 gig name storage,

  • shared ram,

  • free domain,

  • 2 Microsoft 365 mailboxes,

  • free ssl,

  • 30 day money back guarantee,

  • free WordPress migration too.

Godaddy Web Hosting Deluxe (€3.99), you get:

  • 10 websites,

  • 25 databases,

  • 50 gig nvme storage,

  • shared RAM,

  • free domain,

  • 3 Microsoft 365 mailboxes,

  • free unlimited SSL for all your websites,

  • 30 day money-back guarantee,

  • free WordPress migration

Godaddy Web Hosting Ultimate (€5.99 per month), you get:

  • 25 websites,

  • 50 databases,

  • 75 gig nvme storage,

  • shared RAM,

  • free domain,

  • 5 Microsoft mailboxes,

  • free unlimited SSL for all your websites,

  • 30 day money-back guarantee,

  • free WordPress migration tool

Godaddy Web Hosting Maximum (€7.49 per month), you get:

  • 50 websites,

  • 100 databases,

  • 100 gig nvme storage,

  • shared ram,

  • free domain,

  • 5 Microsoft 365 mailboxes,

  • free unlimited SSL for all 50 websites,

  • 30 day money-back guarantee,

  • free WordPress migration.

Now with the Email Hosting on GoDaddy at the moment you can save 62% on your professional emails to help build your brand.

Now with the Email Hosting on GoDaddy at the moment you can save 62% on your professional emails to help build your brand.

This starts at $2.99 per month for the Microsoft 365 email essentials, you get:

  • 10 gig email storage,

The Microsoft 365 email PLUS is $3.99 per user per month and you get:

  • 50 gig email storage

Microsoft 365 online business essentials plan ($7.99 per month per user), you get:

  • 60 gig email storage.

Now, what are the best alternatives to GoDaddy?

Top Godaddy Alternatives to Consider:

  1. Hostinger

  2. Wix

  3. Bluehost

Pros and Cons of GoDaddy

Pros of GoDaddy:

  • it offers a swift dashboard,

  • a swift hosting dashboard for your emails and your website.

  • free domain,

  • free SSL as well,

  • servers located in several locations in the US, the Netherlands, Singapore, Europe, Asia and more.

  • it offers a very fast and actually one of the most reliable server performance,

  • offers 24 hours, 7 days support,

  • fast WordPress setup

  • 30-day money back guarantee.

What are the cons of using GoDaddy?

  • GoDaddy is a little bit more expensive than some of the web hosting platforms that I use but it offers great features that match up to the pricing.

  • Slow customer support. I made mention of me leaving GoDaddy years back, and it was because I could not reach the customer support. It takes a time to reach Godaddy customer support at the time.

  • Security costs are so expensive. Unlike hosting providers like Hostgator, Godaddy is a bit expensive when it comes to security features and tools.

  • The cheapest plan on GoDaddy gets a free ssl only for a year. Unlike sites like Wix or Hostinger or Hostgator, you get free ssl even for the cheapest plan forever.

How do you get started with GoDaddy?

Getting started with GoDaddy is very easy.

(I recommend my affiliate link where I get a bonus from Godaddy whenever you use my unique link to sign up with GoDaddy at no extra cost for you).

GoDaddy WordPress starter templates:

You can design your website faster using the starter website templates. This is something I love because with the WordPress website builder in the WordPress admin panel, GoDaddy has a process ready. Users can design websites super fast.

Finally, what are the frequently asked questions around GoDaddy hosting?

Frequently Asked Questions Around "Godaddy".

How much is GoDaddy hosting per month?

GoDaddy hosting packages ranges depending on the type of plan you want. They offer email hosting, website hosting, WordPress hosting and more. But basically, it goes from $5.99 to as much as $24.99 per month depending on the type of Godaddy hosting plan you want.

Is GoDaddy any good for hosting now?

Absolutely yes. GoDaddy is one of the biggest web hosting platforms today with tons and tons of five star reviews. Godaddy offers great services and features for web hosting, cpanel management, server performance, speedy websites and even excellent uptime. So yes, GoDaddy is good for hosting.

Is GoDaddy free to use now?

At the moment GoDaddy does not offer any free trial period or free plan. So you have to make use of the four GoDaddy plans that I mentioned above.

Which is better, WordPress or GoDaddy?

Which is better GoDaddy or WordPress? For me, there is no competition between WordPress and GoDaddy. Yes, you can start a site solely on WordPress or GoDaddy, but here's the thing with GoDaddy - you can also install your WordPress. So I don't see any need for comparing the two. With GoDaddy you get more features, you can host your email and all of that. But WordPress you are limited to choose WordPress features.

Is GoDaddy better than Bluehost?

Both GoDaddy and Bluehost are reliable and are top web hosting companies on the Internet today. Both offer pretty much same services. But if I were to pick, I'll go for Bluehost. But if you're looking for a cheaper option, then GoDaddy is the option for you.

Does GoDaddy use WordPress?

Yes. You can install WordPress using GoDaddy Cpanel and one thing I love is it offers daily backups and also 24/7 customer support. They also offer a one-click option for you to install WordPress. With GoDaddy, you can install WordPress in less than five minutes.

Is WordPress free with GoDaddy?

No, is free. But if you want to run a premium WordPress on GoDaddy, you have to pay for a GoDaddy WordPress hosting plan by clicking here and then you can design your WordPress using its one click WordPress startup feature.

What are your honest thoughts about Godaddy?

Let me know below :)

Need any specific reviews? Let me know in the comments section below.

Simon Taki Zaku

SEO Specialist and Blog Writer

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