I Help B2B SaaS Companies Thrive with SEO: Work with Simon Zaku on Your B2B SaaS Journey
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I Help B2B SaaS Companies Thrive with SEO: Work with Simon Zaku on Your B2B SaaS Journey

I Help B2B SaaS Companies Thrive with SEO: Work with Simon Zaku on Your B2B SaaS Journey

Are you a great B2B SaaS startup?

Do you strongly believe your SaaS or startup idea can change the world?

I am inviting you to work with me on achieving this big dream.

Hi, my name is Simon Zaku, and I'm on a mission to help 10 startups, and businesses build brand influence through the power of search engine content.

Now, who am I?

Why should you consider working with Simon Zaku for your business website?

You see, I started this journey over a decade ago when I became interested in learning about blogging because my best friend, at the time, was making $60 every month from Google AdSense.

At that time, I started my entertainment blog, which I called zakxloaded.com.

In fact, I was able to get a throwback screenshot of what my first blog looked like years ago (below):

A screenshot of my first blog, zakxloaded.com (no longer active)
A screenshot of my first blog, zakxloaded.com (no longer active)

A screenshot of my first blog, zakxloaded.com (no longer active)2

A screenshot of my first blog, zakxloaded.com (no longer active)3

A screenshot of my first blog, zakxloaded.com (no longer active)4

A screenshot of my first blog, zakxloaded.com (no longer active)5

What I did there was basically copy and paste news content from lindaekgblog.com and then published it on my own blog. And as a result, I failed.

My blog, zakxloaded.com failed!

In 2013-2016, I was taking content from other sites and pasting it on my own site.

Fast forward 10+ years, after running and closing several websites, stores, and blogs, I now run a pretty successful growing community here on this very website.

I've helped 1000s of content marketers, SEOs, business owners, and digital marketing agencies through my content.

And I am most happy that:

  1. I've published a ton of blog content, which collectively has over 5 million views.

  2. I have built an email list of hundreds of amazing marketers, SEOs, and entrepreneurs just like you.

  3. I have been featured and quoted in some of the top marketing publications and blogs like Forbes, RescueaCEO, MarketingInsider, A1future, Pixelied, and many more.

  4. I've also been nominated for several industry-related awards like the Best Internet Marketing Blog in 2019 by InfinityBlogAwards.

  5. And most importantly, I've received so many amazing feedback from the people I have helped.

Wow, Simon! This is the best article I have ever read on Twitter and I have PAID good money to learn more about it. You gave this for free, I can’t wait to learn more from you and am subscribing to you today! I am going to start trying these steps one by one as I have time and I can’t wait to see the results.” - Amy Marohl, Neededinthehome.com

Working with Simon for around a year on our blog (The UniclixApp Blog) has really helped kickstart our content marketing efforts over at Uniclixapp.com. He’s written several blog articles that have collectively attracted exactly 1,506,400 unique visitors to our (b2b) company blog. One article alone (about twitter analytics) which he published, has attracted over 482,700 visitors (at the moment) to our website - I highly recommend Simon for start-ups and blogs” - Rinol Alaj, Founder, Uniclixapp.com.

"Simon, your perseverance is commendably inspiring! Overcoming the common pitfalls and remaining dedicated – that's entrepreneurial spirit. Looking forward to your e-book insights!" - Alex Belove, Founder, Belov Digital Agency.

"Great insights, Simon! Your approach to researching lucrative blog ideas is spot-on. Utilizing platforms like Quora, Google Keyword Planner, and engaging in online community forums is a fantastic strategy to understand your audience's needs. Connecting with your target customers and providing content based on their interests ensures not only high impressions but also meaningful engagement. Looking forward to the next steps and learning more from your expertise!" - Mr Sahil, SEO Expert.

The Types of Businesses and Websites I Work With?

Here's the thing...

Not all businesses or website owners are welcome to work directly with me!

Over the years, I've evolved to develop a strong passion for software companies or SaaS in the B2B space. Since I've spent all my digital years in B2B, I love seeing B2B SaaS companies become million and multi-million dollar companies.

And as a result, I have worked with 12 satisfying SaaS startups and have learned a ton during this long period. Here are some of the brands I have done SEO and content for;

  1. UniclixApp (a social media management tool like Buffer, Hootsuite) - B2B

  2. A1future (a web-design, UX &UI digital agency) - B2B

  3. Pixelied (a social media design tool like Canva) - B2B

  4. Cyberbackpack.com (an B2C online store that sells Tesla-related accessories online) - B2C

  5. Pmstudycircle.com (PMP website helping Project Management Professional Pass the PMP Exam) - B2C

  6. Favfoundation.com (an NGO & Charitable Organization in the heart of Taraba) - NGO

Other businesses can follow the blog to learn exclusive organic strategies that I release every week.

What are my goals here?

Like I said, I love seeing crazy SAAS businesses thrive.

I love working with B2B startups, digital and SEO agencies.

I love helping businesses that help businesses grow online.

How do I do this?

I have a unique approach that I have tried, tested, and actually confirmed. I call this SEO blogging.

Here are my goals for this very website:

GOAL 1 - I want to work with at least 5 B2B startups within the next six to twelve months.

GOAL 2 - I want to help out of these five startups. I want to directly help three of these startups to hit 10,000 monthly organic traffic. Specifically traffic from Google and other major search engines like Bing.

Finally, (GOAL 3) - I want to be able to travel to out (Dubai in mind) for the 2024 Christmas/New Year celebrations; this has always been my dream, and I still hope and believe I will achieve this.

Do you truly believe your startup idea is crazy enough to change the world?

Is Your B2B SaaS Idea Ready to Change the World? Work with Simon Zaku for Explosive Organic Growth

What is your business or agency goal?

If you have a big dream, then I believe we can strongly work together and produce something amazing.

Amazing content. Amazing web-pages, and Amazing blog post pages for your brand.

But here's the thing...

if you don't think your dream is big enough to change the world, we probably shouldn't work together.

I respect YOU enough to save your time and save mine as well.

But if yes, then you can contact (or email) me. You can also find me active on LinkedIn, X, Pinterest, Google Profile, and YouTube as well.

Please keep in mind that I am no SaaS or startup growth hacker.

Instead, I have spent half of my life finding and researching organic strategies that will help new startups and SEO agencies to expand their influence, traffic and leads from search engines like Google.

Here are 2 major things I do:

  1. I teach these startups or SaaS companies on this very blog. (I hope to see that this blog will become the best SEO and B2B content blog on the Internet). You can read the blog here and subscribe for daily updates here.

  2. Secondly, I work directly with these startups and SEO agencies to implement these organic strategies for them. Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with Simon by clicking here.

So here's the thing, if you would like to learn a lot of actionable strategies that will help you and your website grow, then I teach every of my exclusive strategies on the blog here.

On the other hand, implementing most of these things require hands-on experience which you might not have.

I'm excited and open to schedule a call or meeting and speak with you (or your awesome team).

All you need to do is contact me using the contact form or any of my emails or social DMs or schedule a call directly using my calendly link here.

I'll definitely get back to you whether you are a great fit or not. As I reply to all emails.

Once more, this is not for every business. I have explained the typical and ideal business type I am comfortable working with, which are;

  1. B2B SaaS

  2. SEO agencies

  3. Digital marketing agencies

  4. PPC and Ad agencies

  5. Social media marketing agencies

I'll be going through all emails, and applications I get here. And if you're a perfect fit, I'll definitely get back to you with next steps to schedule and discuss better.

Talking to you has been my dream and doing this will help me achieve my goals and aspirations.

Here are 3 action steps:

Have a great day, and I'll see you inside.

Simon Taki Zaku,

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